Meteorite Mod

The Meteorite Mod adds five new spawner items to the game which can be used to create meteorite craters. Each spawner item will spawn a unique crater consisting of one of the four following elements: normal (nothing special about it), fire, ice, weird or melon.

In the future the creator might consider to add random spawning locations for the craters as well as different loot.

Creator: Andr3w246


Meteorite Spawner Item IDs

  • Normal Meteorite Spawner (500)
  • Fire Meteorite Spawner (501)
  • Ice Meteorite Spawner (502)
  • Weird Meteorite Spawner (503)
  • Melon Meteorite Spawner (504)

How to get the spawner items?

The items will be automatically added to your inventory if you are in creative mode. If you want to get the items in survival mode you will have to use the Too Many Items mod to get them.

Meteorite Block IDs

  • Meteorite Chunk (23)
  • Fire Meteorite Chunk (25)
  • Ice Meteorite Cunk (28)
  • Weird Meteorite Cunk (33)
  • Melon Meteorite Chunk (34)

Meteorites In Action

Normal Meteorite


Fire Meteorite


Ice Meteorite meteorite4

Weird Meteorite meteorite5

Melon Meteoritemeteorite6download

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12 Responses

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  1. Killernoir says:


  2. MineBlade2Slash says:

    So Awesome!

  3. HELLFIRE says:

    Cool But…?? Sorry

  4. Happygamer96 says:

    Hey how do I download and put my world on this set

  5. Max says:

    Can someone help me I’m using a school I pad

    I can use Dropbox but I don’t know how to get the mods onto Minecraft

  6. iiKiddo says:

    Works great, but does it work with the Jurassic world mod?

  7. josh12345 says:

    It looks really cool and I want to get it ps is it free

    • Editor says:

      All things on our fan created website are 100% free. All you need is the Minecraft Pocket Edition app and you are good to go. Happy Minecrafting! 😉

  8. josh12345 says:

    Does it work for kindle fire hd? If you know please respond

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