Published on June 01, 2023 (Updated on August 11, 2023)

Military Equipment Weapon Pack | A Milsim Weapons Guns and Tools Compatible Addon (Survival Friendly)

Welcome XLite's Military Equipment, this Equipment's addon is designed to be used along side any Guns addon to give you a more enhanced experience for your survival worlds and map makers

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-Added The Military Equipment Station

-Added Militant Scrap (can be crafted and used to exchange for Military Equipment in the Military Equipment Station)

-Added Razor Wire

-Added Cluster Smoke Grenades

-Added C4

-Added C4 Remote Detonator


Removed Crafting Recipes (all equipment can now be found in the Military Equipment Station)

Cluster Grenades and Thermites will now stick to Players and Entities when thrown at them

Thermites will now deal 4 Burn damage (Previously this was 3)

Thermite Burn Time was Reduced by 1 Second (now 10 Seconds)

Thermite Particles now follow the Thermite Model

Fixed an issue where the Claymore Entity would still exist after an Active Claymore was destroyed

Updated the Death Message for the Fragmentation Grenade


Supported Minecraft versions

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Great addon i use this in a friend survival woeld
Can I translate your work into Chinese? Our players like it very much. I will mark the original author and the link of this page and promise not to make any profit!I sincerely hope you can agree, thank you very much!
If you want to translate, please provide a .lang file for the creator to update, rather than reposting it in another forum and creating your own link as a download, please respect the work of the creator
Maybe add a gas mask to prevent damage from mustard gas?
Good models are awesome and it's fun
I think guns can be cool to.
it's an addon for any gun mod
read the description
Trแบงn Phฦฐฦกng nam June 01, 2023 at 10:44 am
Turret ?