The Mimic Addon (Adjustment Update)

Brave Adventurer, I  must warn you before you venture into a cavern. Hidden in the dark, disguised as a container of riches, it sits silently and unmoving. It waits for you to get closer until it is too late. It’s jagged teeth sinks into your leg and disables you from escaping its hunger. The Mimic.

Hello there! Have you ever played one of those RPG Dungeon games and come across a chest that you think has loot in it but once you come close it opens its mouth and attacks? Yeah. That’s a mimic. 



To spawn a Mimic simply look in the creative inventory or summon it using the command: /summon rpg:mimic

In survival they will naturally spawn in your world inside of dark caves.

A mimic LOOKS like a regular chest but of course it isn’t. Incase you didn’t know. The Mimic is the one at the very centre of those chests and doesn’t merge with the others to create a large chest like a normal one would. 

Once you get close enough. It will attack you and follow you. It’s bite causes slowness and deals 4 hearts! So be careful.

It has 30 health (15 hearts) and when killed, it might drop Emeralds, Iron Ingot, Gold and a few random items like Cobblestone and Gunpowder.

Art by me btw and NO that is not my MC skin. I call him…”Test guy” 

Large Mimic

More teeth, more ferocity. 

To spawn a Large Mimic simply look in the creative inventory or summon it using the command: /summon rpg:mimic _large

In survival they will naturally spawn in your world inside of dark caves.

As usual. It looks EXACTLY like a large chest but again. IT BITES.

They now attack villagers!  and the Large Mimic EATS THROUGH BLOCKS. (stone, andesite, diorite, granite)

When bitten, it causes blindness and deals 6 hearts. of damage! It has 46 heatlh(23 hearts) so it is VERY BEEFY. The reward for killing is almost the same as the smaller mimic BUT it has Diamonds!!

Ender Mimic

Resembles the Enderman when it attacks. Since you know. Ender Mimic.

To spawn a Ender Mimic simply look in the creative inventory or summon it using the command: /summon rpg:mimic_ender

In survival they will naturally spawn in your world in The End.

As per usual it LOOKS like a regular Ender Chest. It behaves like a regular Mimic and loves to bite villagers. Health is the same as the normal Mimic. This one drops Obsidian, Shulker Shells and of course Ender Pearls.

Also one commenter asked me to make ender mimic spawn in end cities. No idea how to do that yet but will try to figure it out soon.  Also also a user named Red Fan suggested I make it immune to explosions so….IT IS.

Almost forgot to mention. IT TELEPORTS.

Barrel Mimic

A mimic that slithers on land but swims in the water!

Do NOT go into water. It moves faster in water and when it bites you it causes poison!

To spawn a Barrel Mimic simply look in the creative inventory or summon it using the command: /summon rpg:mimic_barrel

It spawns in beaches and when killed it drops sand, sea grass and on rare occasions maybe even an emerald or a TREASURE MAP!. Has the same health as the regular mimic and same attack damage

This was the first update that was completely from the commenters. Suggested by: Navneeth2007, Stick Boy. Thank you guys!

Art by me btw and NO that is not my MC skin. I call him…”Test guy” 

Golem Mimic

This  mimic type is the most dangerous so far! It has the power to take away HALF your hearts! Also this Mimic cannot be detected by the Iron Golem making it invisible to the only entity that you can run to for protection. It doesn’t attack villagers so it can easily blend into a village. It’s only food? YOU

As you can see. There’s almost zero difference between the two.

To spawn a Golem Mimic simply look in the creative inventory or summon it using the command: /summon rpg:mimic_golem

Take note that Golem Mimics don’t spawn naturally. (This was intentional)

Undetectable. Powerful. Will swallow you whole. When killed it has the potential to drop Iron, Bones, some Diamonds and maybe a few Emeralds.

This is another update that was completely from the commenters. Suggested by: M.M.16 player. Thank you!

Art by me btw and NO that is not my MC skin. I call him…”Test guy” 

Future Plans For An Update:

1. Shulker Mimic

(Suggested by: Luz10noch0_The_Enderm4n, NeonGreenGamer5)

2. Luggage Pet

(Suggested by: _Pandore_)

3. Cactus Mimic

(Suggested by: Eyebags)

4. Melon Mimic

(Suggested by: ΧΞϚ´)

5. Furnace Mimic

(Suggested on Discord by: Cold72)

If you have any requests, questions or just want to chat  since I might not always check the comment section just talk to me through the following social media links.

I also made a YouTube channel for showcases, project updates, project trailers and some art related content.

Social Media Links:

Click me to go to my YouTube Channel!

Click me for my TWITTER

Eyebags#1004 (You can’t click me but here’s my Discord}

HUGE thanks to the commenters for their ideas. If YOU want to suggest an idea just leave it in the comment section or contact me through my media links!


-This addon will be part of a really HUGE RPG addon I am planning.
-Along with the mimics will be over 120+ new creatures and mobs. 10+ new BOSSES.
-15+ New Armors and weapons
-Over 30+ to 50+ unique structures!
-Over 100+ new ores, items and blocks!
-So stay tuned for that. To see updates on that project follow me on Twitter link is up above and if you don’t then it’s fine. You’re gonna miss out tho.


1. Do not republish this addon as your own or modify it’s contents without my consent.

2. If you want to use this addon in other works including but not limited to videos and maps. Please give credit to the creator (me)

3. As said in rule 2 when giving credit. Please link to this MCPEDL page and not the direct mediafire link. Thanks.

Changelog View more

Large Mimic Tweaks

-Lowered the damage of the Large mimic from 6 hearts to 4.5

-Lowered attack reach from 2 blocks to 0.5

-Reduced Blindness effect from 4 seconds to 3

-Reduced Movement Speed of the Large Mimic from 0.35 to 0.20

Barrel Mimic Tweaks

-Replaced Nausea effect with Poison every time a player gets attacked by a Barrel Mimic

-Increased Swimming Speed for the Barrel Mimic

-Increased Spawn Rate of the Barrel Mimics under the Ocean and also allowed them to

possibly spawn in Rivers.

-Barrel Mimics now drop Treasure Maps!

Ender Mimic Tweak

-Reduced Ender Mimic movement speed from 0.45 to 0.35 

Golem Mimic Tweak

-Slightly lowered the Golem Mimic speed from 0.30 to 0.28

Overall Tweaks

-All Mimics (except the Golem) now attack cows, sheep, chickens and pigs.

-Decreased the spawn rate of Large, Ender and Regular Mimic

-ALL Mimics now have increased loot drops. Diamonds are now obtainable through

killing a mimic. The drop rate is higher the more difficult a Mimic type is to be killed.

(Golem Mimics and Large Mimics drop more diamonds than a regular Mimic)

-Added the Golem Mimic

-Made Ender Mimics immune to explosions (Thanks to Red Fan's comment!)

-Made Large Mimic unable to eat stone cuz he eats too much.

-Edited the other info on the Mimics

-Removed Golem Mimic as the highest ranking update and replaced it with the Shulker Mimic

-Added the Furnace Mimic onto the planned update list

-Made Ender Mimics resistant to knockback

-Slowed Down the movement speed of Barrel Mimics on land

-Added the Golem Mimic

-Made Ender Mimics immune to explosions (Thanks to Red Fan's comment!)

-Made Large Mimic unable to eat stone cuz he eats too much.

-Added media links (YouTube, Twitter, Discord)

-Modified Installation Instructions

-Edited the rules

-Added more color for some reason

-Removed YouTube link

-Added art because I just wanted to.

-Modified the title and changed it overall since I forgot to the first time I uploaded

-Added my YouTube Channel Link. :D

Added a new Mimic variant called a "Barrel Mimic". 

Removed Old Links

Modified the links again since I remember only adding 2 links but it shows 4 to 5.

Modified The Links So They Actually Direct To The File Specified On Their Titles

Now  Added  the  Ender Mimic  to  the  addon will update it  again soon. 

Removed Admin Verification Links From The Bottom Of The Page

Added the Large Mimic

Added a MCADDON Link

Modified the behaviours of the Mimic so they attack villagers

Modified the Mimic model to better resemble a regular chest.

Changed the third sentence from "spawn Skeleton Creeper to Mimic"

Updated the first link and removed the requirement of activation of push notifications.


For Linkvertise simply wait 10 seconds and tap the black download button. Tap the view articles button and just wait for another 10 seconds before closing the window, after that. You're all set!

1. Unzip the zipped file. There should be two folders inside the main folder. "mimicB" and "mimicR"

2. "mimicB" is the Behaviour Pack while "mimicR" is the Resource Pack. Make sure to put them in their respectful folders inside Minecraft.

For a better guide on this, there is a guide for it in the "Installation Guides" tab on MCPEDL's home page for Android,Windows 10 and IOS.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. NickGamerMCPEDL says:

    can you add crafting table mimic becouse my friend like crafting i want to troll him

  2. Yivan says:

    This is so cool that this has been documented on the wiki

  3. I suggest mimic villagers a variant of the villagers that is a species of mimic I got this idea from the mimic golem and there could even be mimic villages that have slight differences to the houses so it’s not too hard to tell apart from a village but it’s also very hard to tell apart and instead of having normal villagers in there and normal golems there would be mimic golems and mimic villagers

  4. Limade says:

    You should make the mimic golem spawn in abandoned villages if possible

  5. Hyemz says:

    I thought that the mime golem could do more damage to the normal iron golem. It could kill him and heal his life slowly. Thus he would be able to appear naturally and impersonate the golem of the village. Good luck. Good addon

  6. Hyemz says:

    I share an idea of ​​mine, the iron golem mimic can appear in the prisons of the pillager. He could be peaceful for a few seconds and pretend to be a normal golem. To later surprise the player with a scare. (Good idea to add variety of sounds) Good luck with the addon.

  7. XxSharePlayz says:

    Can you pls add villager mimic it spawn in villages and it will not kill the villager only the player pls pls pls

  8. Idk Man That Golem Is Looking Kinda Sus

  9. The Iron Golem mimic kinda have the same vibe as “The thing” from among us (The impostor kill)

  10. Junto com o mimic ender chest, poderia ter o mimic shulker box (apesar do shulker já parecer um mimic)

  11. Rustcarton90290 says:

    Yay! I got the 100th comment!

  12. Rustcarton90290 says:

    I have a suggestion! Add a pile of barrels mimic! It could like like the demogordon from stranger things!

  13. WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS COMMENT, IS USELESS lol. Steve? Steve mimic? Villager mimic? Your pet wolf turned into a mimic? YOU ARE A MIMIC? XD

  14. JackxJason says:

    I like this addon pls in future updates:
    Add diamond ore mimic
    Also iron ore, gold ore, emerald ore, redstone ore and lapis lazuli ore.
    Add wolf mimic
    Also add cat mimic

    Super i like this addon??

  15. Haydencraft2008 says:

    I hope you read my request and credit me ?

  16. Haydencraft2008 says:

    If you accept my request will you credit me please ????

  17. Haydencraft2008 says:

    Good Addon Eyebags(I like your avatar so hilarious ?) could you please add sound to the mimics also can you make them be more like a block kinda like how a shulker is? I hope you could consider doing this nice addon

  18. Ender_Philip says:

    Well at least we know that the iron golem is the impostor

  19. _Pandore_ says:

    Realy great add-on !
    i have one suggestion :

    Possibility to have an very rare drop like Mimic’s heart with the posibility to craft the Luggage pet ?

  20. Dragonimator says:

    Truely epic! i use it with another addon which adds dungeons, i was like wow this is a lot of loot in a custom dungeon than 3 mimic revealed themselves and killed me.I love how mimics work how they meant to be but i have a suggestion they sometimes spawn in weak shadows too like a bit decrease the spawn rate.



  22. xXSuperZapXx says:

    One thing: could you add a separate addon to make the golem one spawn naturally? it would be great

    • Eyebags says:

      I’m kinda debating on that since it’s already unnatural for two golems in one village so you would instantly know one of them is a Mimic which lessens the surprise. On the other hand making them creative mode specific or only available with cheats makes it unfair since other mimics spawn naturally.

  23. GibbsX says:

    You should make really valuable and rare chests spawn in caves so sometimes it is a mimic sometimes it isnt

  24. Xx69_Florin_69xX says:

    The iron golem reminds me of an impostor

  25. Jayve_G says:

    Great addon i have and idea can u guys blend my idea in the next update?do a enderman mimic but the enderman mimic cant not teleport cant not get angry when players look at him but moves fast really really nice addon!

  26. JackxJason says:

    I suggest to your future plans is mimic beacon and mimic diamond?

  27. zizzyzizzy says:

    Very well done, but has a couple of issues:

    1. The strike range for the mimics is too far. They should have to get closer before being able to hit you, since they don’t have any weapons. With a sword I can hit them at the same time they can hit me. Their attack is very powerful, so this is completely unbalanced.

    2. There is a problem with the golem. Turn on debugging and you’ll see the error message about variable.attack_animation_tick

  28. BENDY G7MER DL says:

    . There’s one imposter golem among us
    . ???????????

  29. ΧΞϚ´ says:

    I like the new update but add mimic tree and mimic watermelon and mimic pumpkin. Imagine a fake watermelon, pumpkin and a fake tree in survival. Bruh ? Imagine you are hungry and you want some food you are slowy dying becauae of hungryness. But instead you eat the food. The food eats you. Watermelon/pumpkin attacks you with more hungry effects. Imagine you want some wood. And when you start hitting the tree, the tree hits you back. And kill you.

  30. Fries says:

    How about the villager mimic?

  31. Bryan36 says:

    Good Addon !
    And I Think The Golem Mimic
    Is An Impostor Like In The Game
    Among-Us !

  32. MapMaker MC says:

    Can you add a block mimic like a iron ore

  33. AkemiOkami says:

    Awesome addon btw, keep the good work up :3

  34. McHaunty says:

    I have a few ideas. 1: maybe make normal chests spawn in caves, that way you wouldn’t be able to know if it was a mimic or not. 2: Make mimics attack other mobs, like animals, and basic hostile mobs like skeletons and zombies, etc. 3: Give the mimics more loot. Or make the drops more common, to make it worth killing them.

    • Eyebags says:

      Normal Chests DO spawn in caves. I don’t want mimics to attack other hostile mobs since they are hostile mobs themselves. But I WILL make em attack certain animals and make drops more common. Thanks 😀

  35. Fire Gamerz YT says:

    Hey I’m fire gamerz YT from discord I just wanna tell that this addon is super awesome I pranked 3 friends with it lol good job bro:)????????

  36. SKELETON32237 says:



    The other link generator pages the other mod creators use, work so much easier. Just calling a spade a spade.


  37. Doodoo123 says:

    Beta only? Or 1.16? The Mimics are invisible but still kill me lol

    • Eyebags says:

      Haven’t tested it on other versions beside beta so I think it’s exclusive only for beta.

      Though I did encounter a bug that has the same description as you. There’s a bug where the resource pack doesn’t apply to a world. Happened to me multiple times during debugs and testing for new updates on my add-ons. The way I fix it is by leaving minecraft for a few minutes then creating a new world then making sure to apply both packs. If that doesn’t fix it then I dont know what will.

  38. Red Fan says:

    Could you make the enderchest mimic immune to explosion damage since regular enderchests are immune to explosion damage as well as buff it’s health to 20 hearts since it’s made out of obsidian. Also please buff the large mimics health to 25 hearts for no particular reason other than the fact that rounded numbers are cool. Thanks!

  39. Stick Boy says:

    Ok, I just wanted to say, isn’t a Shulker Mimic kinda redundant? Like, there’s literally a mob in vanilla called the Shulker, It itself is basically a mimic, idk just feels weird to have a Shulker which already mimics a Shulker box but then we have this new Mimic which isn’t a Shulker, it’s pretty weird, also, do you have a discord by any chance?

  40. Eggstorm says:

    Put it for Mediafire

  41. LordPapuMX says:

    Seems like both links are broken:(

  42. Really good! But can you add a shulker mimic that teleports to you when you get too close? Once it teleports to you, it should open it’s mouth and shooy shulker projectiles at you. If you get too close while it’s shooting at you, it should bite you, and cause slowness level 255 for 3 seconds and strength level 1 for 5 seconds. It should have different health levels, depending on the color.

  43. SirSinisterSquid says:

    Also, if you could add custom sounds to them, that would be awesome

  44. SirSinisterSquid says:

    For some reason when I extract this addon it gives me the previous version instead. (I don’t have the ender mimic update) Not sure if it’s happening to anyone else

  45. Hislad says:

    Can I modify the contents of this addon? For personal use, (I wanna try to modify it to drop a custom item from another mod) I will not reupload it as my own.

  46. Add mimic Shulker Boxes (yeah, i know normal Shulkers can replace that but they open and close and it’s very easy to diferenciate betwen both)

  47. M.M.16 player says:

    My ideas for next update :
    1_ mimic golem boss
    2_ mimics should stole our items when we died

  48. Stick Boy says:

    I know people have already suggested the ender chest, but I have a suggestion for it:

    •Make it spawn in end ships/cities
    •It can teleport
    •When it attacks you it has a chance of creating dragon breath

    Now for my next suggestion, a Barrel Mimic? An idea I have is that it’s mouth would be like a Mongolian worm or something like that, and it would spawn in Witch Huts, Shipwrecks, and Swamps.

    Overall, very good addon, can’t wait to see where this goes!

    • Eyebags says:

      I have already made the Ender Mimic, it spawns in the End BUT I agree it should spawn in End ships and cities rather than just everywhere. Good Idea!

      I already onceptualized the barrel mimic and it’s mogolia worm mouth with teeth arranged in a circular manner. As for where it spawns I planned it on beaches and shipwrecks since it can swim but GOOD IDEA NONETHELESS.

  49. Navneeth2007 says:

    Can you add double chest, ender chest (and probably barrel?) version of the mimic? (barrel one is optional)

  50. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you make a mcaddon file ?
    I can’t use zip file

  51. iFebag says:

    I like it but can u make double chest version?

  52. CubeMaster says:

    Reminded me Pixel dungeons mimic! good

  53. M.M.16 player says:

    General kenobi !
    Good addon!

  54. Insanity Sans says:

    If this addon gets an update make the mimic attacks villagers

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