Mind Your Foot! [Minigame]

Mind Your Foot! is a minigame where you really have to mind your step. Blocks will be pulled away by pistons every few seconds and you have to make sure you don’t stand on the wrong blocks because then you will fall down into burning lava and nobody can possibly find a bath of lava enjoyable. It’s a really simple but fun minigame which can be played either by one single player or by multiple players.

Creator: TerrySze

How to play?

Select a difficulty: easy, medium or hard. Basically it changes the speed of the piston blocks. You can reset a game here by pressing the reset button.


Then turn around and walk to the colored wool blocks and stand on them.


Move away from the wool blocks which correspond with the lit up redstone lamps. 1-2 seconds after those redstone lamps light up their corresponding wool blocks will be pulled away with pistons.


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16 Responses

4.25 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Bjorne says:

    It will be well appreciated if you add McWorld file! The map looks great! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Cool map!

  3. LUCKY_BLOCK_17 says:

    Upload this map in .McWorld

  4. I can only download .mcworld

  5. Can you make it .mcworld plz

  6. Xxsultanixx Ali says:

    Can you realese.mcworld pls

  7. CoolYammy16 says:

    I love the new update for Minecraft pe it’s so amazing!!!

  8. kcirtap5002 says:

    Can u add pls a McWorld file? i can only open with that.

    • Therix says:

      For me i can only use zip files mcworlds are kinda buggy for me as well as mcpack they wont let themselves open up with mcpe!

  9. ParkChanSol says:

    Can I share this to my blog?
    Very Goooooood!

  10. NickolasCreeperGamer says:

    I loved this map and I’m posting it on my channel soon, check it out!

  11. DeathCop4000 says:

    I hope mcpe 0.16.0 never gets released . Btw great map

  12. Diamonking567 says:

    Nice map!

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