Mine-NameTagBoss Addon

This is an addon which implements eight different bosses in-game and all of them can be summoned by using name tags. Even though all of the bosses are incredibly dangerous, it’s actually quite lucrative to fight them since they drop some amazing loot which you would otherwise have to work several days in Minecraft to obtain.

Creator: MicoLets_MC, Twitter Account

How to spawn a boss?

Use an anvil to rename a name tag. In this case, I am going to showcase the creeper boss. To spawn it I will need to get a name tag named “Nuke”. It costs one experience point to get the name tag. (It’s free if you are in creative mode.)

Use the name tag on a creeper to transform the creeper into a boss. In this case, it transformed into a huge version of itself.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the creeper with the name tag and press the button to name it
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the creeper with the name tag to rename it

All of the bosses are hostile. The only way that you are can be safe from them attacking you is to keep them boxed in a cage.

All of the bosses drop extremely valuable items. Usually the drops include things such as diamonds and gold ingots.

All Bosses

Here is a list of all the bosses which you can spawn. It works exactly the same as I explained above except that you will need to get a different name tag for each mob.

  • Zombie
    • Name tag: Giant
    • Health: 125 hearts
    • Attack
      • Damage: 12
      • Causes 10 seconds of blindness
    • Zombies no longer burn in daylight (includes normal zombies)
    • Drops: 25 emeralds, 30 gold ingots, 35 diamonds, 30 iron ingots, 1 name tag
  • Husk
    • Name tag: Giant
    • Health: 100 hearts
    • Attack damage: 10
    • Drops: 20 emeralds, 25 gold ingots, 30 diamonds, 25 iron ingots, 1 name tag
  • Creeper
    • Name tag: Nuke
    • Health: 75 hearts
    • Attack
      • Causes a huge explosion (5 second timer)
    • Drops: 20 emeralds, 25 gold ingots, 30 diamonds, 25 iron ingots, 1 name tag
  • Zombie Pigman
    • Name tag: Knight
    • Health: 115 hearts
    • Attack
      • Damage: 15
      • Causes 20 seconds of slowness
    • Equipped with a diamond sword and a chestplate
    • Drops: 20 emeralds, 25 gold ingot, 30 diamonds, 25 iron ingots, 1 name tag
  • Stray
    • Name tag: Straygic
    • Health: 115 hearts
    • Shoots 15 small fireballs very quickly
    • Ability to teleport
    • Drops: 15 emeralds, 20 gold ingots, 25 diamonds, 20 iron ingots, 1 name tag
  • Chicken
    • Name tag: Eggboss
    • Health: 60 hearts
    • Shoots 10 eggs very quickly
    • Tiny, hard to kill them
    • Drops: 25 emeralds, 30 gold ingots, 35 diamonds, 30 iron ingots, 1 name tag
  • Cow
    • Name tag: Toro
    • Health: 50 hearts
    • Attack damage: 15
    • Runs fast once they’ve spotted you
    • They also attack mooshrooms (color red makes them furious)
    • Drops: 15 emeralds, 20 gold ingots, 25 diamonds, 20 iron ingots, 1 name tag
  • Pig
    • Name tag: Pigzilla
    • Health: 150 hearts
    • Attack damage: 12
    • Sometimes they won’t attack (it’s a bug)
    • Drops: 64 porkchops
  • Ocelot
    • Name tag: Cheetah
    • Health: 75 hearts
    • Attack damage: 15
    • Sneaky at first, then it jumps you
    • Drops: 15 emeralds, 20 gold ingots, 25 diamonds, 20 iron ingots, 1 name tag


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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  1. doantuducthanh says:

    Simple but hella cool.Thx for making this

  2. Zack Taylor says:

    looks good but i cant download it

  3. Skinnyseven says:


    insert ability here

  4. Tazmoe says:

    Holy Carp… thats a lot of loot!

  5. paritos says:

    Please i need the tag thing I have Minecraft

  6. Daniel says:

    Este addon é muito legal

  7. Mitchel says:

    can you add a silverfish boss and it’s name will be megafish

  8. TACO THURSDAY! says:

    I have five giant kitties because I made them bosses, then tamed them. 🐈🐈🐈🐈😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  9. Giovani says:

    Me gusta

  10. TUNDRA says:

    Realy Aswome Addon BTW
    If u want a giant cat Rename ur Tamed ocelot to Cheetah and he will not hostile

  11. Jarod Quintana says:

    How do I put this in my world?

  12. Steve says:

    I love minecraft

  13. Steve says:

    Night is old

  14. raiyan says:

    it’s a good game

  15. YOUR NAN says:

    I love this addon plus I finally have an excuse for having name tags and it’s great to have more “Bosses”

  16. SuperMetro says:

    I defeated every boss, they were all too easy, may you add one for skeletons, and Horses.

  17. IDEA PERSON says:

    IDEA With Squid Name it Kraken And you know the rest

  18. Anonymous says:

    Very cool actually! But can you fix the zombie pigman?

  19. DarkEnderKnight says:

    I got this glitch where Pigzilla was deformed. anyone agree?

  20. DarkEnderKnight says:

    The Pigzilla was lagging our
    And stuck in a tree…

  21. Anonymous says:

    That’s amazing OMG

  22. LOL says:

    Cool!!!!make a more bosses please.

  23. [ MC ] MR_ZKRTMZ ThailandZ says:

    Please create Animal,Villager,Other Can Defeat Player

  24. Dubull_N says:

    Why the pigmen AND the stray dies not work ? Car you fix it and add new mobs ? VERY Good addon ! Good work !

  25. Firco7 says:

    Very Funny

  26. This is a bug says:

    The Knight (zombie pigman) doesn’t work

  27. I love the devil 666 says:

    Meep meep

  28. Jaka says:

    Lol if you do the Giant name tag on a baby zombie the head is tiny but the body Is huge lol

  29. Corbenader 22 says:

    Is it possible to do this but instead of mobs it would re-texture an item example:rename a diamond sword to “Diamond Scythe”it would change the texture into a scythe?if so MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE

  30. FACT MAN says:

    Guys you don’t just put giant IT WONT work the g has to be this G

  31. Closeingderaert says:

    the stray and the pigman dos not work can you fix it? 😀

  32. Azmi says:

    What happen if the name of the mob not same as you post?

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