Mine-Rocket Add-on

This is one of the best-looking spacecrafts which you will find for Minecraft Pocket Edition. The design is kind of similar to that of Falcon 9 which is a rocket manufactured by SpaceX (though not a replica). Even though it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever reach the moon (in Minecraft) you can always try!

Creator: MicoLets_MC, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Place down the rocket on the ground by using a blaze spawn egg. (You can also find them naturally spawning in the Nether.)

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the rocket and press Ride to enter the rocket
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the rocket to ride it

Right now it’s limited to just one person. Before setting off for space don’t forget to put on the astronaut space suit which replaces the chainmail armor.

Throw some rocket fuel (Bottle o’ Enchanting) at the rocket to launch! If you really wanna go in-character for the launch then have this video play in background.

Use a joystick (carrot on a stick) to control the direction of the rocket.

OK, you can’t really go to the moon so you will just have to pretend that part for now. Perhaps someone could make an adventure map for that in the future. “The Moon Landing” – that would be pretty cool! I’ve already suggested it to a few people so hopefully we’ll see someone executing on it.

The rocket is reusable which means it can land on the ground and be used for another launch.


  1. Download .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

Other Downloads:

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68 Responses

3.5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. togoldor says:

    can you go to space?

  2. VirusTech says:

    What the hell does that mean? like I can figure out myself i’m not lazy

  3. Pizza says:

    Ok so guys if you are having trouble on windows 10 with launching the rocket I did this: use a dispenser, bottle of enchanting, tick delay and rocket its that simple

  4. niemw says:

    Can’t use fuel while inside the rocket on Win10. It works when I am outside. Am I doing anything wrong?

  5. Gabor says:


    Not work in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition.
    Can you help me?

  6. Timwath says:

    For some reason, you now can’t use the fuel on the rocket unless you are outside of it, so it lifts off without without you. Please fix this.

  7. Joshua london says:

    I need the behavior packa NAD all I hot is the resource pack because that’s all it had . please put the behaviour pack please

  8. Rajas says:

    It is very badddDdddddd!!!!!
    Please fix

  9. Rajas says:

    It is getting worst in my as the real blaze in the form of rocket is moving here and there and when I long press it doesn’t evn happen.this sucks please fix this.😡😡😡😡

  10. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    P.S.I sometimes speak in Polish

  11. Dawson Chapin says:

    How do you ride it

  12. thecoolfox9 says:

    How do you go up can you even

  13. Kaden says:

    I can’t get in it without the rocket going without me! >:(

  14. AgheeraAkela says:

    Wow!Cool addon!

  15. Vysair says:

    Lol so i was right it does looks almost exactly like Falcon 9, the revolutionary transportation of the future

  16. Nick says:

    I downloaded the addon but when I spawned the rocket only the texture changed I couldn’t ride it or anything-Help?

  17. UNYMoments says:

    What is the link of the map “The Moon Landing”?

  18. Thomas Levey says:

    This doesn’t work at all

  19. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Lol haha the video link was to a NASA spacecraft launching good work

  20. GhostCesare says:

    Can you make a design like the one on the PC mod Spacecraft? With same textures.

  21. Ayman says:

    This looks cool but the download looks weird because there is only one link

  22. Anonymous says:

    I really want to use this, but the behaviour pack is missing dependencies, is there anything I need to install along with this?

    • excelsiorkelvin says:

      From my experiences although I’m not Editor I’ve tried it even without the dependencies it works fine so don’t worry

  23. Phantom 75 says:

    I always wanted this! Thank you

  24. shennan says:

    Hello, I’m from a Chinese MC platform.Could authorize us to translate and post your resources on our platform?

  25. AJCrafters says:

    wow i like it…
    does the rocket can be like a plane? please reply
    i wanna built rocket station
    thx for your creation

  26. Egor says:

    Can you make train Addon please

  27. KidBobsWorld says:

    Great add-on I use this on the moon map with my sister and it was pretty fun. Could you make the Apollo 13?
    That would be amazing

  28. Nisinoodles says:

    First one to comment!

  29. Jirachi likes apples says:

    There’s a new way to download addons? It says download .mcaddon… well that’s amazing

  30. Dr. Trayaurus says:

    There’s a rocket in my pocket!

  31. AustinGamers says:

    Dude how to landed it

  32. TheVotor says:

    It’s ok :/

  33. Sky says:

    Wow how did you build that can you let me know when you build the map

  34. Magio says:

    Awesome addon dude can’t wait for maybe a moon !

  35. Minecraftdog767 says:

    This looks cool! But to be honest I prefer separate downloads for mcpack rather than mcaddon… Can you please add that editor?

  36. Danica May says:

    I won’t get out until I reach the moon in Minecraft

  37. Therix says:

    Is it only for 1.0.4?

  38. Ironmanbro says:

    Why can’t we have multiple people in a vehicle has it not been added

  39. Segundo says:

    What Mob does it replace?.

  40. Ironmanbro says:

    Hopefully sometime in the future well be able to have multiple people in a vehicle

  41. COOL_PIE says:

    Yay its done p.s is there a site for terraria mods?

  42. COOL_PIE says:

    Dis looks… AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    This is a great mod

  44. Someone says:

    This is so cool I do wish we could go to the moon (and the sun for trolling) but this is pretty cool

  45. Eagle says:

    Best Addon I have seen so far! 🙂

  46. Maurice says:

    Its really Nice bit you cant steering

  47. _Laurrr_ says:

    Did this map just get uploaded to MCPEDL? Cuz i was just here 2 minutes ago and this wasent here 😂

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