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Published on January 26, 2017 (Updated on January 29, 2017)

Mine-Tanks Add-on

Fight the monsters in Minecraft with modern tanks. This addon includes two tanks and both of them function the same way. The difference is simply that they have different camouflage which are designed for two separate environments. It's really a must-have for anyone who want to upgrade their way of transport in Minecraft to something more modern!

Creator: MicoLets_MC, Twitter Account
Updated: 29 January, 2017 (read changelog)

How does the tank work?

To find a tank you will either need to find a stray or wither skeleton or preferably spawn one by using a spawn egg.

  • Wither Skeleton = Green Tank
  • Stray = Pastel Tank

You can drive the tank and shoot explosive missiles at mobs or anything else which you would like to totally destruct.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the tank and press Drive to drive it. Hold an ender pearl to control it
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the tank and then hold an ender pearl to control it

While sitting in the tank you can throw missiles (also known as ender pearls) at your opponents. After being thrown it will take 1-2 seconds for the missile to explode.

If you ever find yourself in a desert then make sure to use the pastel tank as it is better camouflaged.

You don't necessarily have to drive a tank in order to shoot the missiles (ender pearls).

Armor & Weapons

Some of the weapons, such as bow and arrows, have been turned into weapons of modern technology. And to top it off you can also wear a camouflaged armor.

  • Bow = Sniper Rifle (AWP)
  • Arrows = Bullets
  • Experience Bottles = Throwable Knives
  • Chainmail Armor = Camouflage Armor
  • Ender Pearls = Missiles


Version 2:

  • Bow = Sniper Rifle (AWP), custom sound
  • Arrows = Bullets
  • Experience Bottles = Throwable Knives
  • Chainmail Armor = Camouflage Armor
  • New PvP Maze Map


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

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4 / 5 (3 votes)
The tank didn't work
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I want an enter pearl
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This is cool it's the best addon i can finally drive a tank in mcpe ?
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I love it but i need giuded missles.
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I know once I had this add-on and once the tanks were hostile. I need to know how I did that for a map I'm making, because I forgot how.
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Only apply the resource pack and not the behaviours.
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we've just go this but can't figure out how to get inside and drive it - on PE edition on iPad...can anyone help?
Many thanks
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This add-on is SICK! I made a video on it if anyone wants to check it out!
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Love it. Can u add more guns though? Thx
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Hey Can you make a mine guns Addon snowball AS a pistol egg as a machine gun bottle of enchantmen Should eb a ak-47 What do you Think?
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awesome and perfectly working!!!
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can someone make a map for a vampire or a monster like a haunted mansion? cuz i have the zombie add-on which i like to use it for a vampire based thing but i wish i had a haunted mansion to download for my roleplays and it would be great if it was .mcworld
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Hey man nice addon but there's one thing I noticed, while I'm riding the tank I can get damaged by mobs and other factors, the point of the tank is to "tank" damage and attack so if you could patch that in the future, other than that I love it!
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You know,addons had many limitations.
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Dude I was wondering for your next mod, if you could re texture the boats like in the small boats mod, since there are different boat wood types, it would be easy to make several ships using just one download

Ide love to see some sailing ships like a sloop, hoy, barque, schooner, punt, etc

I hope you take this into consideration
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If the creator is reading this update herobrine and notch addon
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How about a World War II addon. That must have uniforms, guns, tanks, and aircraft. This is a great addon, I just had an idea. Keep up The good work!
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How can I make addons like this?
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