Mine-Trucks Add-on

The Mine-Trucks Add-on adds three different colored trucks to the game. All of the trucks look very blocky and “Minecrafty”. Right now their only use is for driving. But hopefully some more features will be added in the upcoming future. Either way, it’s a pretty useful addon in case you are looking for new ways of transportation in Minecraft.

Creator: MicoLets_MC, Twitter Account

How to use a truck?

The trucks replace three hostile mobs in Minecraft. This means that if you need to make sure that the game difficulty is set to normal because otherwise they won’t spawn. You can either spawn them using spawn eggs in creative mode or try to find them in survival mode.

  • Blue Truck = Skeleton
  • Orange Truck = Wither Skeleton
  • Purple Truck = Stray

Even though it’s a fairly large vehicle it only has seats for one player at a time.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the truck and press Drive
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the truck to drive

You can control the vehicle using a carrot on a stick. Press on the ground with the carrot on a stick to boost the speed of the vehicle.

Right now it’s quite limited and doesn’t offer any extra features except for driving. Let’s hope he will add storage and some other features in the future.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

58 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. Finn says:

    Does this mod work on Xbox or no? Also what version does it work on?

    • NoJoTo says:

      Although I am unsure as to if this addon even works anymore, (it’s around 2 years old,) you should be able to play it on Xbox if you join a world that has the addon installed.

  2. xSK8Z00x says:

    Only works in Normal mode? Are you sure? Not even Hard or Easy?

  3. BlackyShiro says:

    Good Addon Il rate it 4/5 keep it up bro!

  4. Killer says:

    How to use it?

  5. Francisc01456 says:

    Can you make a addon that brings trains replaces all mobs?

  6. excelsiorkelvin says:

    Good but The creator is getting lazier because he didn’t change the spawn eggs so you know which ones are the trucks and same for the carrot on a stick so I rate it 2.5/5 because the creator was so lazy

  7. YOURLOCALYTP M8 says:

    Huh.. looks like it’s compatible with the Orange aventador addon/tiger tank addon!

  8. wws says:

    make a bus addon

  9. Noah says:

    Cool addons

  10. Dave300 says:

    Make a plane addon please.

  11. Johnson says:

    How can you edit the model and entities’ texture? I found no way on the Internet(most of them seems are for android). I’m using an iOS.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Could you please consider making a furniture addon? I’ve been looking for one since the BEGINNING OF TIME and you seem like a really great and active mod-maker. Thanks!

  13. Coolness106 says:


  14. Eman says:

    Someone please make a helicopter Addon the replaces some of the flying mobs

    • BlackyShiro says:

      Ghasts?,Wither,Dragon? I will vote for dragon Cause I know they exist or not I know they exist cause the scientist actually find fossils

  15. Valdemarsiig says:

    Hey You i have an idea mine blockhunt addon also make The mobs look like a block so you Can drink invisble potion and when be a block 🙂

  16. Mike says:

    Can you make boats or ships addon please

  17. Mike says:

    Can you make boats or ships addon

  18. Minecraft Player says:

    When will mods be released for the iOS version? It’s only addons. It’s become a bit boring now. Only reason I come to this website is coz of the maps.

  19. Mojang says:

    It is sooooo awesomely awesome

  20. Heya_It_Chris says:

    (Taking a Guess) if the seat is a horse or Minecart replace with sideways boat for two seater (or make mcaddon)

  21. IceFireBear says:

    Dude can you teach me how to set models?

  22. Some dude says:

    Don’t mind me, just waiting for Gona to kinda make a better version of this.

  23. RealYukioGMPKYT says:

    NicoLets Add Some More-Cars Or Mine-More

  24. Eman says:

    Cool add-on🚚🚚🚚🤘🏻🤘🏻😄😄😄😄👍

  25. StoneSquire says:

    what is the map?

  26. Jack Veney says:

    What map was used in the showcase of this?

  27. Steve says:

    What is the map you used???

  28. Wwowweee says:

    Be prepared gona will copy this and make it look better

  29. PandaBro says:

    Its not him/her (the owner of MCPEDL, dont know gender) that makes them, he/she downloads and uploads but i belive that she or him has made some

  30. Nisinoodle says:

    Could you make a cool life tester pack were the iron helmet is sunglasses and the iron chest plate is a leather jacket and the iron sword is a knife and the boots are UGGs so it could be a really cool addon

  31. PM3.0 says:

    The trucks move by themselves I can’t ride them

    • BlackyShiro says:

      You can only place 3 Behavior packs but Unlimited resource packs an but are you sure you put the truck behavior addon And the resource pack? you have to Rearange the Behavior packs because some of the textures will glitch out well if this didn’t work try to redownload them.

  32. BuggyPig says:

    Can u make a submarine addon and make it replace the squid

  33. QualityMemes says:

    Can someone make a detailed one that is really detailed like the tank addon and the keep addon?

  34. minehome123 says:

    can you make a undertale addon

  35. Valdemarsiig says:

    But maybe not 8 people maybe one

  36. Basdogamer370 says:

    What’s the map in the last picture

  37. Blackdragon2 says:

    Make a bus or a train!!! It would be nice

  38. maisong says:

    Is the map being used Deep Ocean City? If it is, that is my favorite map. I love to test out lots of add-ons and texture packs.

  39. Valdemarsiig says:

    Yeah Good idea make a bus addon

  40. Nothing says:

    When the will u make a whole mod not like addon like crazy craft or like twighlight forest something like that ….

  41. Stormfives says:

    Wow, that would be cool

  42. Frostbyte3YT says:

    Amused me! But can someone make a command block addon that works just fine?

  43. Raphaelninja says:


  44. YouTubeDashie says:

    Make A Car and That Car Can Sit By 4 Player

  45. minehome123 says:

    make a bus addon that there can sit like 8 peaple for realms or something

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