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Published on March 06, 2017 (Updated on March 06, 2017)

Mine-Wagon Add-on

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could you please make one that you can sit in, so another player can pull you that would be so sick. Thanks!
I can't find the wagon
yea i have the same problem
You could just use minecart with chest but if you have no rails, the you will need this addon!
Mobs are hostile to my wagon plz fix!!!!!!!11 ?
The lead wasn't working for me I tried everything it said but it didn't
Its cool but i need more please!!!!
How do you find it? My son bought it and can't find it or figure out where it is??
What do you mean? Everything on this website for free! You don't need to buy anything.
I love this
What about a UFO that u can fly
For me it's a creeper...AS THE MINE WAGON!
Can u plz make a Yellow one to
I tried to get it and it is still goin
For me it doesn't work