Mine York City

The City of Mine York, Designed for Minecraft.

One of the oldest Minecraft worlds still maintained by the creator, Mine York has evolved with the game. Ever since it’s creation in 2011 on a 256×256 seed, the city continues to amaze players of a New York based map imagined by a New York based builder built specifically to fit the scale of Minecraft.

This is an update, version 11.0.0, with a plethora of new features.

Nether Island and Lapis Island are now a single island and constitute it’s own borough, called The Nether.

A new borough now exists, named Kings, which is based off of Queens.

The Nether (borough) is rebuilt, especially the area formerly known as Lapis Island. The previous buildings no longer exist save for the school.

The Fence Gate Bridge connecting the former Lapis Island and Ender Island has been destroyed to accommodate a new highway that connects The Nether, Minehattan, Ender Island, Notch City and Blocker via the Nether-Blockstone Bridge.

The Nether-Blockstone Bridge has been rebuilt, now based on the real life Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.

The JackFrost Bridge, which connects Uptown Minehattan to Notch City, has been rebuilt. It is now based on the George Washington Bridge.

A new bridge, the AntVenom-Narrows Bridge, now connects Blocker and Ender Island south of Minehattan, based on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

A new bridge, the Kingsboro Bridge, now connects Blocker and Kings, situated above the tunnel (that was previously a road to nowhere). This bridge is based on the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge.

A new highway tunnel has been constructed, stretching from the Nether-Blockstone Bridge in The Nether, crossing Minehattan and eventually making it’s way to Kings.

JFR International Airport in Blocker has been destroyed. In it’s place is a new airport (which continues the JFR name, now officially lengthened to Jack F. Redstone International Airport, fictional of course) that is larger, more organized, and bears a striking resemblance to Terminal 4 at JFK in Queens. This airport has been moved from Blocker to Kings. New highways facilitate transportation.

A new central business district has been constructed in Blocker taking the place of the former airport. This effectively expands Downtown Blocker tremendously, making it much closer to modern Downtown Brooklyn.

McDonald’s Center in Downtown Brooklyn has been closed in preparation for renovation to be more accessible and realistic.

A new central business district has been constructed in Kings, named Small Island City. This is based off of Long Island City in Queens.

The MYC Subway system has closed in preparation for a complete reconstruction. Two stations and tunnels with the proposed designs are available for public viewing in Blocker.

The railway station in Notch City has been replaced with a new transportation center.

The historical district of Crawford on the outer rim of Notch City has been made according to the history of Mine York; as such, here are highly simplistic structures reminiscent of the first few versions of Mine York.

The Rochelle Gabriel Subsidized Housing Complex has been constructed north of Mine York, a trio of identical modern apartment buildings.

The City of Blockstone is being constructed north of The Nether where the Six Craft Amusement Park once stood.

Six Craft Amusement Park has been moved to a location closer to Enderdelphia (not complete).

Highways have been demolished and moved in Blocker to allow for new buildings and neighborhoods.

Minehattan has been given a new hospital complex; the MineYork-Presbyterian Hospital, affiliated with Bergensten University and MYU (to be built; suggestions for locations are welcome! Bergensten will be based off of Columbia and MYU on NYU).

The highway circling Minehattan has been moved underground and continues to operate as a tunnel.

Daily Square (Times Square) has been completely reconstructed to appear more modern and more like the real area. It is also connected to the rest of Midtown Minehattan more seamlessly due to Highway 1 being pushed underground.

The updated skyline of Mine York, with the new Creeper of Minecraft Statue to the left. In the 11.0.0 update, the city has been made taller.

The Nether, a new borough of the City of Mine York created from the merger of Lapis Island and Nether Island.

Skyscrapers in Midtown Minehattan, Mine York.

The future of the MYC Subway; a redesigned station entrance in Blocker. The MYC Subway is closed to enable a complete reconstruction, but two stations in Blocker are open for public viewing to show off the proposed design.

The new skyline of Blocker, the largest borough in the City of Mine York.

The skyline of Notch City, Minehattan, MY, and Nether Island, MY, from left to right. Notch City is it’s own consolidated city. The redesigned JackFrost Bridge is visible, based off of the George Washington Bridge.

Brownstones in Blocker, a staple that I’ve wanted to build in MYC for a long time.

The skyline of Kings, a brand new borough based on Queens. The buildings (which will be furnished in the next update) in the skyline are based off of the ones in Long Island City. The tennis stadium, Monosphere and World’s Fair pavilion have been moved to this borough.

The new Jack F. Redstone (JFR) International Airport, now more closely based off of Terminal 4 at JFK. It is now located in Kings rather than Blocker. It is not completely furnished yet, and the Main Train @JFR will be functional in the next update along with the reconstruction of the MYC Subway and MetroMYC commuter rail (which will have a connection to the airport from Grand Central).

Grand Central has been redesigned, reconstructed and moved to the east side of Minehattan, facilitating more tracks, more connections (including a true connection to the MYC Subway once the metro is complete) and more reliability. The Metlife Building also makes a return to MYC.

Taking it’s place at the former site of JFR Airport is Downtown Blocker, with new high rises (the tallest, based off of the upcoming 9 DeKalb Avenue, is the tallest in Mine York outside of Minehattan). The new AntVenom-Narrows Bridge connects Blocker to Ender Island, a new connection that did not previously exist.

A new highway bisecting The Nether. This highway connects The Nether to Minehattan, replacing the old bridge with a tunnel, and continues to Kings where it meets JFR Airport.

The skyline of Small Island City, Kings, with the new Kingsboro Bridge (based off the Queensboro Bridge) in the foreground.

The station mezzanine in the redesigned MYC Subway layout, created to be more similar to the NYC Subway system.

Platforms of the new MYC Subway. There are currently only two stations, with the next update focusing on making the reconstructed subway the main feature.

The redesigned Nether-Blockstone Bridge, based off of the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge.

A view looking down from 5th Avenue in Minehattan, facing east towards Downtown Blocker.


Must have around 260 MB of free storage space.

If asks you to enable notification, click DENY! And just continue clicking deny until you get to MediaFire. It might take 10-20 seconds to get there.


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    This is cool but gimme the direct link plssssssss

  2. Guest-3384593537 says:

    Plz make it available on 1.14.60 latest version and plz remove adfly I can’t download plz remove to make it easier to download

  3. AtaraMal1454 says:

    It’s good

  4. Guest-4988607539 says:

    Turns out a firewall wont let me access the mediafire link, can you provide a google drive link?

  5. Guest-1768667266 says:

    Nice map!

  6. Guest-8412182437 says:

    i just downloaded the world and renamed it Liberty City

  7. Guest-8902176703 says:

    You should add Boston, Atlanta, Toronto, Miami, Baltimore, and Dallas to the game. It would be really cool!

  8. Guest-1404650796 says:

    I’d like to inform everyone to NOT LISTEN to Ad.Fly. It is a scam trying to hack into your PC and download viruses. Stay safe y’all!

  9. Guest-2911005929 says:

    Hey Man!!! It’s cool but can you make this same map but without lights

  10. Guest-9251040062 says:

    Guys just ignore the adly or something… Cody is right to not being hated this map Okay!!!

  11. Guest-8043498554 says:

    btw other then that its awsome

  12. :) says:

    What is the coordinates for Ray’s candy store?

  13. :) says:

    What is the coordinates for Ray’s candy store

  14. Oof says:

    Now it’s very wired to say but never ever click that “continue” kids its a trap

  15. Oof says:

    Welp the thingy is really annoying that can lead into a virus plus well you try to add a download that does not lead to viruses?

  16. Marco Antônio says:

    stop using adfly please

  17. creeperunicorn says:

    I like this map but the buildings are rly small and central park isnt in the map

  18. clueless says:

    Can you make it for 1.14?

  19. Edgar John ilag says:

    I will build Nuke city

  20. k.k.k. says:

    im doing a destoy the map type of thing

  21. $AVAGE $ONI¢ says:

    Make the packs work again please, also please reply to my comment below your map is the best and I spend hours and hours playing on it it is my favorite map i have for Minecraft 😎😎😎😎

  22. HelloImLexy says:

    No compatible with 1.12 🙁

  23. Wa says:

    Looks cool, but its’ too small.

  24. Ad says:

    Dear creator, you have made an amazing map and it really is on the list of best minecraft maps, the only ones higher/more deatailed then this is NXUS mas which has proper and different interiors for every building but this is huge the NXUS mas is really small compared to this so I just want you to know your map is amazing.

    I have done some changes to your map however, I am a big music fan (electronic mainly) and I thought of building 2 music FEATIVALS in your map, ultra music festival (based of the one in Miami) and defqon 1 (based of the one in Australia) I have finished building defqon 1 which is a electronic music festival and here is what it lookes like in your map also I used no world edit all was done by hand

  25. Lux says:

    Cant download because of the shitty adfly link. I know you want to make some money, but please find something other than adfly.. pictures look amazing so I’ll give it 3 stars until I can download.

  26. unpwodo says:

    can i use this for my world posted to planet minecraft

  27. ariel says:

    I couldn’t download it but a 5 star cause the pictures looked amazing and I loved looking at them good job 😉

  28. NYCFisher7 says:

    Please fill chest. Its so fun exploring in survival but kinda frustrating when i cant find weapons or food lol.. love the map btw. I live in NYC and its always fun exploring maps in minecraft that represnt the city…ps add beds and villagers lol

  29. Lor says:

    Such a frigin hard file to download took be about 2 hours

  30. SML is best says:

    I can’t download this shit

  31. mading says:

    when will there be construction on the other cities?

  32. F says:

    Can’t download the map

  33. F says:

    Can’t download the map

  34. Ya boiiiii says:

    Why does it. It work it’s says I’m getting hacked

  35. Caden says:

    Make a new link, cause you got hacked.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Why is download not working

  37. John4987 says:

    Also, sorry about the link, it does work after a few tries, I promise. The link simply provides me with a bit of extra spending change in college (and living in Manhattan is expensive) and I hope you continue to support me. I simply thought, “if I could make a little bit of money doing what I enjoy, playing Minecraft, why not?”

    I’ll also try to update the map more often than my usual once per year, but don’t quote me on this!

  38. ethandumsydoos says:

    azze, it works 4 me! [:

  39. Dinofern says:

    The link doesn’t work!

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    The link doesn’t work.

  41. ? says:

    The link doesn’t load for me
    Also first

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    Can you please fix the link? It leads me to a virus.

  44. ur bad says:

    would still be called the “big apple”

  45. Watersheep says:


    • $AVAGE $ONI¢ says:

      I love this map but what is Stronghold City Supposed to be? Plus there are a lot of empty spaces on the map especially in minecago where you can put buildings in and highways leading to nowhere, also where is Los Bloques, Los Lapis, Craftford, Beaconton, and more. Lastly, You should expand your map Westward because there are a lot of villages, a temple, one of the villages is a double village plus the Savana one has a stronghold, dungeons, 2 mineshafts, a cool mountain village west of that los lapis place and east of the temple, along with another temple west of the Savana double village + stronghold, and ocean ruins

  46. Watersheep says:

    Please add addon pack to it that u can use to decorate it like Furnicraft

  47. fake says:

    The map is fake and link doesn’t work he just put it up for download so when people click his link he can get money

  48. Cat says:

    Imma check this world and see if it’s good and if so congrats you did great

  49. Jichel says:

    maybe add metro railway system?

  50. SteveBricks says:

    Please change the link or remove the ad fly cuz i cant seem to get pass it, that means i cant download the map.

  51. BananaBatman16 says:

    I was surprised to see that this was finally updated, and by just playing for a few minutes, I already love it. I’m just wondering if there will be a new tour guide as the old one was getting a little behind?

  52. azze says:

    can’t download because shitty ask me to allow a thing or spam my pc…

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