Minecraft Bedrock Particles and Sounds

Particles that you can use in your own world, also, there is a mini tutorial that shows you how to use the execute command for the particles to follow you like in servers.

Your going to be in a hall with lots of particles around you. 

I also added sound commands in the same particle map, their in a different hall.

Changelog View more

Here is the new changelog:

1- Fixed the download link and will now import the world correctly.

Sorry for the bad link.

Update Changelog:

1- I added more than 50 sounds to the hall of sound.

2- Also, didn't add any new particles because there isn't much to see.

3- I avoided the particles that cause to much lag and the once that won't disappear.

4- Deleted chunks that were unnecessary.


Once downloaded the file, give it a click and will automatically intall, if not, select Minecraft as default file manager.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Bendythedemon17 says:

    I saw it too and felt bad for some reason.. 🤔

  2. Johndavid29 says:

    Can i search it dont worry i credit you xD

  3. Guest-6388886313 says:

    where can i watch how to make the particles follow me

  4. Guest-3377928248 says:

    download link error!!

  5. Guest-9389325933 says:

    game crashed

  6. Meloneni says:

    level import failed =(

  7. Guest-8101916895 says:

    working on ios?? or windows 10 only?

  8. Guest-7438885446 says:

    I Saw Your Bedroom In This Map.

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