Minecraft But Hostile Mobs Are Invisible

Have you ever imagined playing Minecraft Survival, but you can’t see the hostile mobs? Well, this is the idea that this Add-On will bring you to your world in Minecraft!

I just put the “Power of Invisibility” on 11 mobs, because the application I used to make the Add-On required a maximum of 11 modifications, so I put this “Power” on:

  • Zombie (It can appear with armor, with the tool or with both floating)
  • Drowned (He can appear with trident, with the seashell or with both floating)
  • Zombie Villager (He appears with the clothes he wears naturally)
  • Husk
  • Skeleton (He appears with a bow and may appear with armor floating)
  • Stray (He appears with the clothes he wears naturally and with a bow floating)
  • Spider
  • Enderman (You only notice that he is close by his particles)
  • Creeper (I couldn’t make him invisible, but he’ll be black)
  • Witch (If you hit her [sure, if you can], a floating potion will appear)
  • Phantom (You only notice that he is close by the particles he releases)


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