Minecraft, But You Can Trade Mob Hearts V2 ( Trade & Heart Update )

So guys today I have brought a mod in which you can trade with Mobs Hearts, many types of mobs come inside it like Cows, Sheep, Chicken and Zombies Etc. If You Are Going To Review My Addon So Please Give Credit @Sharky_bite On YouTube 

Select version for changelog:

  • Addon Updated Bugs And Glitch Fixed 
  • Villager Trade Updated 
  • Added Op Sword Can Kill Ender Dragon And Wither In Just One Hit 
  • Heart Apple Texture Updated 
  • Villager Spawn In Every Minecraft Biomes 
  • New Hearts Added 



Supported Minecraft versions

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Pretty cool add-on. Can I make a YT video on it? Message me on discord (Jaeyun#2685)
spawn table you can craft spawn eggs with hearts