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Minecraft But You Get Every Block You Step On V0.1 (WIP)

Ever wanted to lag like mad after being in a world for 5 hours?

Ever wanted to make Minecraft so annoying and impossible?

Love Watching Youtubers do these types of add-ons and want to test them out with your friends?

If so then this add-on is perfect for you

This add-on is perfect for Mini-Games, Manhunts, Survival, Youtube Videos 

Credit For the idea


Minecraft But Every Block You Step On You Get


Blocks Added so far    (adding more next update)

All types of planks (Oak, Spruce, Etc)

All types of logs   (Oak, Spruce, Etc)

All types of stone  (Granite and andesite etc) 


Coal ore

Crimson Grass  (a type of netherrack)

Crying Obsidian 

Diamond Ore


Emerald Ore


Gold Ore



Iron Ore

Lapis Ore




Redstone Ore (only works if the Redstone ore isn't in its light form)


Soul Sand

Soul Soil

Warped Grass (a type of netherrack)


How The Add-on Works

So every block you stand/step on you get so if you stay on a block for a very long time your inventory will become full 

Doesn't work on liquids for example water and lava

once your inventory is full it will throw the blocks on the floor (creating a massive mess) 

Doesn't work in nether/end but if you bring netherrack and end stone into the overworld it will work 

Add-on works in multiplayer worlds (tested)

Works in maps and manhunts  (depends on the map

The add-on is displayed working in my youtube showcase 


Note to  sorry for the lack of images I can't really screenshot this add-on I hope the gifs and the images are enough

 nvm gifs are too big 


These are images of me going AFK on a certain block and then going into my inventory 



Showcase:    (i recommend you watch this before downloading the add-on)


Select version for changelog:


changed the feature image so it only shows in-game footage 


Make Sure All Experimental features are on 

Installation Guides

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when will it finish?
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I can't get this on this SCHOOL COMBUTER
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At first I thought it was like the one in the video, but when I realized that this isn't for every block yet and you get like 10 blocks per second, i changed my mind. :(
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The download link isnt working please fix this.
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it seems to be working for other people what is the issue ?
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It only imported the behavior one and not the resource pack
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There is no RP sorry that was a typo i will fix it soon
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cool! love it
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