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Minecraft But Your Thanos v1.0 All 6 Infinity Stones

This add-on is useful in manhunts, mini-games, maps, survival, and more!

Ever Dreamed of becoming Thanos with all 6 infinity stones and trolling your friends if so this add-on is perfect for you 

This add-on adds the Time Stone, Space Stone, Mind Stone, Soul Stone, Power Stone, and Reality Stone 

Perfect for PVP maps also 


Power Stone

Needs 4 Diamond and Purple Dye to craft 

When Activated Removes An Entire Chunk

Cooldown 45


Reality Stone

Needs 4 Diamonds and Red Dye to craft

Gives you Xray for an entire chunk (to explain more the Xray only works in that chunk and not others)

Cooldown 40


Soul Stone  (the saddest stone of them all)

To get the soul stone you have to kill a wolf 

Gives extreme Blindness and a bit of poison 

Cooldown 20


Mind Stone

To Craft the mind stone you need 4 Diamonds and Yellow Dye

Gives a bit of nausea and tps a random player to you  

Cooldown 25


Space Stone

Needs 4 Diamonds and Blue Dye to craft

can teleport you as far as you can see depending on your render distance 

Cooldown 16


Time Stone

Needs 4 Diamonds and lime dye to craft 

Gives everyone Extreme slowness 

Cooldown 21


Note: whoever uses the infinity stone doesn't get the effect (so if you use the time stone you won't get slowness but everyone else will)


No re-uploading or stealing this addon 


Showcase Video  (i recommend watching before using this addon) 


Manhunt video I did with this addon 




Credit for the add-on idea 






Sorry for so many videos lol 

Select version for changelog:


removed a youtube link to a video which no longer existed 


Make sure you turn on all content creator features and additional modding features 

Turn On all experimental features 

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3.4 / 5 (5 votes)
I like it but it needs some power beam, I think the reality stone should be the one to delete the chunk, also I hope you add the snap and the infinity gauntlet
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Also, I notice the stones only work on players, can you make the, work on entities too...and please, reduce the cool down
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I meant Finale comment reply but the infinity gauntlet would be craft like this you smelt 5 gold and then you get a gauntlet but No holes for the infinity stones so you put it in a crafting table with 6 gravel then you get the infinity gauntlet and then you put a infinity stone with the infinity gauntlet in a crafting table and then you have one stone inside the infinity gauntlet but you keep doin that until you infinity gauntlet is full
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Very fun addon, would like to have an infinity gauntlet and the crafting to be 8 diamons or 4 blicks so it isn't too op early game for a addon pack survival
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Esta muy bueno el mod pero falta lo mas importante el guante del infinito o como se consigue
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I'm going to add the infinity gauntlet next update
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Would it be possible to maybe get an estimate for when that will be?
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Where’s the infinity hand thing I don’t know how to spell it
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Also it says be thanos but it only gives you the infinity stones also the power stone should shoot purple stuff that damage things but the infinity hand I think it spell like this the infinity gauntlet should give you ever ability with No recharge and 2 extra ability’s the snap and all the infinity stones laser beam
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Finale comment but you should be able to switch ability’s by crouching
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