Minecraft Challenges (Multi-packs) [v1.14+]

Surpass your limits, right here right now with Minecraft Challenges! Seek higher shelter from the dangerous lava, walk along a single path, and more challenges awaits. Can you be able to finish them all?

created by: r4isen1920

All Challenges

These are the challenges available for you to try! Each with their corresponding unique mechanics and challenges for you to tackle on your own– or with friends!

Lava Rises Every Minute (LR)

This one features a great challenge while still giving a simple mechanic and rules. Perfect for players that are conscious about time, or may be good at parkour or passing different obstacles just to reach the highest point and survive for as long as it can; Or may be just to be thrilled and have fun!

Objective: Survive for as long as you can, until the lava level reaches up to 255 block height limit tall.

Certain mobs drop Fire Resistance potions, in exchange for some of their normal loot(s).

Download: (AD | .mcpack) Lava Rises Every Minute [v2.0].

Single-Direction Coordinates Only (SDCO)

This challenge features a new thrilling way to your new Minecraft adventure! With its mechanics, players who may be strategic with their platforming or in movement can enjoy this challenge!

Objective: No designated objective. Just play the game normally as you can, and try to finish it by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Do not start the game with two players in that axis, otherwise it would overlap and someone could be stuck forever.

Works with Multiplayer: up to 5 players only in a LAN or Local World, look around to choose an Axis, Sneak to Confirm the Axis.

Download: (AD | .mcaddon) Single-Direction Coordinates Only [v2.0].

Randomness Every Single Minute (RESM)

Probably designed for players who is ever been so curious. Fall into a pit, get striked by a lightning, attacked by a horde of Zombies, or even just get a random Diamond, and 26 other random outcomes awaits you!

Objective: No designated objective. Just play the game normally as you can, and try to finish it by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Download: (AD | .mcpack) Randomness Every Single Minute [v2.0].

Hardcore Mode (HC)

Players who know whats into the game, probably more than anybody else. Designed to have a great parity between Java and Bedrock. Already released into the wild, available to download on a different page!

Objective: Try and complete the game, by defeating the Ender Dragon without dying once!

Hardest difficulty only, and one life only!

Visit to Download: MCPEDL link.

Everywhere You Look, Explodes (EYLE)

Keeping up on track? This challenge should be just right for you! Because it’s simple: look up, explodes above you; look down, explodes below you; and so on. Another thing in mind is that blowing stuff up, wether you like it or not is another fun thing. You can do quite more stuff just by looking into the Ender Dragon, and then easily defeat it.

Objective: No designated objective. Try and complete the game, by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Download: (AD | .mcpack) Everywhere you Look, Explodes [v2.0].

You Jump, You Explode (YJYE)

Very similar to that one above, but this time, its on your very own feet! You can even boost yourself up by continously jumping up like so. However, it can be annoying as you’d limit your movements everytime just so that you dont explode.

Objective: No designated objective. Try and complete the game, by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Download: (AD | .mcpack) You Jump, You Explode [v1.1].

We are Stucked Together (WAST)

Limit your movements, and work together! The world’s host will control the allowed radius, and you must be in that radius– otherwise you’d die instantly! Perfect in multiplayer.

Objective: No designated objective. Try and complete the game, by defeating the Ender Dragon.

Download: (AD | .mcpack) We are Stucked Together [v1.1].

Challenge Ideas

From YouTube

A Youtuber known as Dream creates plugins/datapacks in Java that has inspired me to create this challenges.

Check his channel out!

Submit a Form

Visit this link to submit a form and request or suggest a nice challenge idea! 


  • Bugs are expected, furthermore, I don’t recommend tampering with the commands even though you are able to. These challenges are meant to be played, not edited or modified.
  • Good luck and have fun! Tested in the full release version, and not the beta version.

Changelog View more
  • Added two new challenges. For more info, please check description above this text.
  • Enhancement and improvements for the existing pack. Bug fixes also include.
  • Added a new challenge: EYLE. Please check description above to learn more about it!
  • Updated description

New Challenges are Uploaded every Week!

Pack Changes for In-game
  • LREM: Minor behavior changes for performance or game frame rate improvements.
  • SDCO: Minor behavior changes for performance or game frame rate improvements.
  • RESM: Updated pack manifest. Should now work.


  • Added more screenshots.
  • Updated download links.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-8723159397 says:

    No link works

  2. Guest-4092431807 says:

    who else clicked on the link that said “ignore link”

  3. Guest-1467597016 says:

    Randomness every single minute is not working. Why?

  4. Guest-8381934625 says:

    i saw multi different things on YouTube. Could you make a addon could make the people upside down, or make the gravity to the side? and also, could you make a death swap behavior pack? i hope you the death swap can play more then 2 people, if their is 3 people, like a player tp to b player, b player tp to c player, c player tp to a player.

  5. Guest-1071884748 says:

    why RESM doesn’t work? which file should i move to? behavior pack, resource pack, development behavior pack, or development resource pack? i try all, but all of it doesn’t work…

  6. Guest-8283530466 says:

    Oh my god i’ve been waiting for someone to make Lava rises every minute on bedrock!

  7. Guest-8189253007 says:

    Can you fix the link for Randomness Every Single Minute, it leads to a dead link.

  8. Guest-2252283780 says:

    Pls make a sideway gravity addon! I can’t find it and that’s a very cool and funny challenge!

  9. Guest-9977991942 says:


  10. Guest-7816990215 says:

    the links not working, sorry but 1 star for you

  11. Guest-1788260715 says:

    What is the start command?

  12. Guest-6835056247 says:

    SDCO is not working in multiplayer.
    My friend able to walk anywhere except me

  13. Guest-6805384884 says:

    If I download the Randomness one, the download expired. 1 star.

  14. Guest-9444574933 says:

    Plsssss do a deathswap or eating all food gives poison really appreciate it if you did

  15. Guest-9444574933 says:

    Plsssss do a deathswap or eating all food gives poison

  16. Guest-6363884152 says:

    Could you make one where every time you break a block a random mob spawns

  17. Guest-9395823580 says:

    How Can I Start SDCO?

  18. Guest-8278621131 says:


  19. Guest-2228468794 says:

    Bro didn’t you mentioned dream in the 5th challenge which is EYLE because this challenge was originally from him

  20. Guest-9479931758 says:

    Is it just me or does it keep spamming the survival mode command??

  21. Guest-7473213966 says:

    No entiendo que hacer una vez que el mundo tenga el pack de comportamiento puesto ya que solo el chat me spamea que estoy en modo aventura( hablo del efecto random cada 30 segundos) por favor ayúdenme

    Pd: le di 4 por que me parece una pasada pero no lo puedo probar 🙁

  22. Guest-9673494964 says:

    Can you upload them without ads? it would be thankful if you do

    • Guest-8696170758 says:

      I agree, it would be nice if there would be a download link without ads

    • Guest-6881967542 says:

      Just deal with it. The creator needs money too. (even if it’s admittedly very little) how hard is it for you to just press “skip ad” you impatient little shut

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  24. Guest-2169614787 says:

    man adfly can be risky going into any website… just dont click anything at all when downloading exept mediafire. I havent tried the pack yet but it looks really fun!

    • RGtheGshep says:

      same, i cant even reach the site past add fly though

    • r4isen1920 says:

      You can simply pass through the ads by;

      – Wating for 5 seconds, and then clicking the big yellow button on the top left.

      To be honest, that is all the steps, but here are some additional information just in case:

      – If you are asked to enable the notifications from the site, click ‘Deny’
      – If you noticed a new tab is opened when you click something from the site, just close that tab– its probably a redirect link to an ad. Sometimes this happens.
      – Also, DO NOT click anywhere apart from the yellow button. You can’t get a mere virus from Adfly, if you know what you are doing.

      Common sense applies.

  25. Guest-3440811833 says:

    Epic Content! Found This Really Fun With My Friends!

  26. Guest-3290992971 says:

    How do you turn on the functions?

  27. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Ngl this is a nice concept 🙂

  28. Guest-6313189249 says:

    Hei randomless not working

  29. Wow. These are really cool!. Try adding more in the future!. If only we can create random block loot tables. That would be great!

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