Minecraft Classic! VERSION 3.0

Welcome to Minecraft Classic! For the first time in Bedrock Edition, enjoy the 1 and only Classic addon! Not only was the xp system removed, but for the first time ever; the OLD HUNGER is back!!!! 


Let’s get into it! Mobs up first! Most new mobs will no longer spawn in the world and those that do have been altered. The creeper is restored to its dark shaded green and to the EnderMan his green eyes. In addition (this part literally took 10 hours to figure out) the EnderMan also has its old smoke effect! 

Now for the new stuff. Villagers now have there old textures back. I also plan on removing their badges and adding in the “TESTIFICATE” name tag they used to have. Slimes are also back in their old form. No longer transparent and with dark eyes. I will add their old sound eventually but I’ll have to dig out the minecraft alpha files to get them so… yeah… kind of soon.


Just so you guys know, I do plan on removing all new biomes and re-adding the old villages. However at the current moment, custom structures are only available in the 1.15 beta and to my knowledge biome editing isn’t even a thing yet for bedrock. But once that is done? Full steam ahead!!!

Funny Note

Hey guys! When I was doing the old villager textures, I noticed something really strange. If you didn’t know, the old nitwit, priest, and librarian villager skins had “secret” hoods hidden by the geometry files. Well, turns out the new villagers don’t have that coded in so… Cloaks!!!

Alpha Systems

      Considering the time it took to make this, I could on for a long time about old blocks and stuff. But, I mean, Come on! The new systems are the awesome part!

       Starting with xp, the bar has been removed from your hud entirely. In addition, all mobs that still spawn in the game no longer drop xp so without commands, no xp. Simplest way to remove xp functionality? Remove xp itself!

         Hunger. Now for the good stuff. In Alpha through early Beta, no hunger existed. No regeneration. Food healed hearts. Simple. The custom raw meat item still exists along with steak but now bread and apples have been added. 

*BugFix I’ve also fixed the bug that still caused starvation so now you’re all good to go! Crank that hunger all the way up to 255 because your saturation won’t feel a thing!


    This was an incredible journey to get here and there so many more unmentioned features to find. Miss the instant oxygen regain from pre-aquatic? It’s got that! Don’t like the enchanted item glow in a time before enchanting was even a thing? It has no enchant foil! Please do download and enjoy. Please let me know about bugs on my YouTube channel. Subscribe too! I usually upload my new content there before here. Also if you want the ACTUAL version 2, it’s at YouTube. Thank You! And remember… watch out for creepers!


Best experience with these settings!

Changelog View more

//First up. This is Version 3. Version 2 is on YouTube.

-Added old Villagers

-Added old slime

-Added bread and apples for Hunger System items

-Fixed Hunger System bug

-renamed nether star to “ruby”

-renamed sugarcane to “reeds”

-renamed poppy to “rose”

-added “load level” to death screen

-changed “You Died!” to “Game Over!”

-Various improvements



Make sure to have experimental gameplay on and natural regeneration off. Also make sure vid settings is on Classic, not pocket.

!NOTE! I’ve had a couple issues with people using some of my content in just the hours it’s been out. If you want to use my pack PLEASE credit me. Thank You!😊


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33 Responses

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  1. Guest-1244300730 says:

    I know how to make the villagers TESTIFICATE
    it requires to start a function pack though
    # = name of fucntion

    execute @p ~ ~ ~ function villager
    execute @e[type=villager,name=!TESTIFICATE] ~ ~ ~ summon villager TESTIFICATE
    execute @e[type=villager,name=!TESTIFICATE] ~ ~ ~ tp ~ ~-350 ~
    execute @p ~ ~ ~ function startalpha
    This searches for all villagers without the name TESTIFICATE, and makes them summon a new villager with this name. It then teleports them below bedrock so you don’t see them die.
    To start it, either type /function startalpha or make something else do this for you

    If you do use this, you don’t have to credit me, but if you do credit me with Micah Suess

    Hope this helps! – Micah

  2. Guest-9255613199 says:

    does this work on realms

  3. Guest-4737660068 says:

    I have this odd issue where I can’t install the Behavior pack into Minecraft.
    The Resource pack works fine, everything went as it should, but the behavior pack won’t install, and Minecraft spits out an error message saying “Duplicate pack detected”.

    Do I need to be on the official beta, or rename the pack in it’s code, or what?

    • Anonymous says:

      You must have an older version of the mod. Uninstall all of the packs I made and reinstall the new ones. It says duplicate because the pack manifest is the same.

  4. Guest-5220093811 says:

    Not gonna lie, I found this mod on accident but THNK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THIS MOD, MY GUY.

    I currently have some mods that simulate Minecraft Alpha and Beta, but as updates always do, they began to slowly break my mods.

    Once again, thank you so much for this mod, you are an absolute legend.

  5. Guest-8127914595 says:

    It works fine for me. Make sure you use experimental mode and use the specific foods that work. Thanks for fixing the hunger issue! Love the pack!

  6. Ok guys! Version 3 is here!

    Remember to download to fix the old hunger/starvation bug
    Thank You all of you guys for the support and the comments. I had totally forgotten about slimes as I only ever actually saw about 2 back when that was their old texture. Thank you jjabsquad with you hunger bug suggestion as well. Though your solution didn’t work, it did send me spiraling right to the answer. For any of you who want to know I made so the player can’t be exhausted. Once exhaustion reaches 4, 1 saturation is lost. If exhaustion can only go to 0 though, than it glitches and 💥! BOOM!💥
    No more hunger!

  7. Guest-4408818024 says:


  8. Guest-5719416897 says:

    Please keep improving this addon/mod, its the best out there, right now theres only 2 annoying problems, 1 is that the raw steak cant be eaten and the 2 thing is that since the hunger and its just invisible if you dont make it always full the health goes down because of the hunger!

  9. Guest-4522152859 says:

    Heya, just wondering if you have plans to add the old slime textures and sounds from when they were first added to alpha, since thats not something I’ve seen in any addons other than my own! If you do, then thats awesome, along with the rest of this stuff. -Derser

  10. Guestyz says:

    Fix the hunger system please

  11. Guest-2084790820 says:

    Could you make a separate addon that’s only remove the xp features (but still completely be able to enchant item via enchantment table)? That would be pretty cool, thanks 😀

  12. Guest-1156348306 says:


    But good addon! I just don’t like the retro theme of it!

  13. BoxCatMC says:

    Can you make a separate texture pack that changes the water to the old water. I just really like the old water for some reason

  14. jjabsquad says:

    hey, good job on the mod, I really enjoyed it. I noticed that food didn’t work for me, even with the experimental gameplay on and natural regen off. I was still able to get hungry too. I have a suggestion for the fix. set the foods “can_always_eat” to true. then make a function command that says “effect @a saturation 10 0 true” and set it on repeat on a command block. this will make it to where you never go hungry and foods can be eaten anytime.

    another idea just for conveinience would be to have another function command that sets all the necessary gamerules because i noticed some people don’t actually tick off the natural regen.

    I’ve made mods as well and from what i can remember, you can’t remove sprint from the player. however, if it is possible, that would be a good feature to add.

    if you need any help on how to make the .mcfunction files, please let me know. again, great job on the mod, i really enjoyed it!

  15. It’s nice to see people doing these addons.
    But it’s really half done.I have some complaints:
    1.The hunger bar still regenerates health
    2.The “steak” added is regenerating a full health bar
    3.A lot of cut content in terms of food.
    My suggestions:
    1.Make beds hella expensive or remove them (villages can be a problem but it’s all about honesty),so people don’t skip the hard part of the game.And remove insomnia so phantoms don’t spawn
    2.Instead of adding foods with instant health ,edit those existing with Regen effect.
    3.Beta texture pack.As the hunger was added in beta 1.8.Late in the game development and right before the release.

    • Correction:Adding food from the beta-to be exact.Found in a beta mcpe guide
      Apple: 2 Hearts
      Beetroot: .5 Hearts
      Beetroot Soup: 4 Hearts
      Bread: 2.5 Hearts
      Cake: 6 Hearts (1 per slice)
      Carrot: 2 Hearts
      Raw Chicken: 1 Hearts
      Cooked Chicken: 3 Hearts
      Cookie: 1Hearts
      Melon Slice: 1 Hearts
      Mushroom Stew: 4 Hearts
      Raw Porkchop: 1.5 Hearts
      Cooked Porkchop: 4 Hearts
      Potato: .5 Hearts
      Baked Potato: 3 Hearts
      Pumpkin Pie: 4 Hearts
      Raw Beef: 1.5 Hearts
      Steak: 4 Hearts

    • Guest-9187019673 says:

      Phantoms shouldn’t spawn. I’ve set their spawn conditions to an impossible scenario. If they do spawn, please post an image. That would definitely be a bug.

    • Guest-8185818627 says:

      The beds are fine like this tbh, that would be just a pain with no beds imo

  16. Guest-8937113167 says:

    Could you make it where the addon has its own set of world presets, so that diorite granite etc don’t spawn and so there’s no glaciers or dark oak forests and no recent structures. So it’s basically like the old alpha Minecraft

  17. Guest-7058638640 says:

    can you make an addon with the old hunger/food system and not change anything else? that would be amazing in my opinion i liked the old system more it was more challening and fun.

  18. Zeyad981 says:

    Ahh Nostalgia.

  19. XcunS2 says:

    I haven´t play the old versions but i was diying because I didnt eat so … if there isnt hunger bar Icouldnt die by hungry, I think this is a bug but is a awesome addon

  20. bestGaming132 says:

    Nice work! Could you add the old green/turquoise wool? I dont know how to get the texture but maybe you do. You could maybe edit sheeps so they can be colored with that and drop the new wool type.

  21. Anonymous says:


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