Published on May 13, 2024 (Updated on June 04, 2024)

Minecraft Classic Default Texture Pack

I decided to combine both the default and classic texture pack into one whole thing. Like a Jappa feeling, but just barely still enough to feel like classic old minecraft.

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1.0-Added Block Textures, and item textures, these give a retro jappa feel.

1.1- Added 10+ Item And 10+ Block textures (which all makes everything more consistent), Changed the panorama, and  ui buttons.

1.2-Changed Some Textures, And added more item and block textures, to make everything more consistent to each other, chnaged panorama as well to match with its update.

1.2.1 - credited agentmindstorm



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Does this plugin include blocks and items from version 1.21? If this is not the case and you plan to add them in the future, please take into account my opinion / suggestion / idea, I think the trail chamber vault or reward box is too similar to "the trial spawner" I hope you can make it This one looks different, a little more closed, something typical of a box/or chest, to differentiate it from the spawner
Oh Sorry i read your comment wrong, this is basically combining old and new textures, not changing random ones.
New object 1.21 please, in the future update
Sorry, my English is not very good, and I put that comment quickly without using the translator
wow classic wow kiss please love you