Minecraft Comes Alive PE Mod

Minecraft can surely get lonely at times. However, Minecraft Comes Alive PE aims to solve this problem by adding new types of villagers which you can interact with in a number of different ways.

In the future you will even be able to marry a villager and have kids with him or her. It’s a beautiful way to evolve in the world of Minecraft and it makes the game a whole lot more interesting. This is the first beta of the mod and as a result there’s many features missing, but for being the first release this is absolutely one of the best mods we’ve so far reviewed!

Ported by: TaQultO_988Twitter Account
Creator: Wild Bama Boy (originally for PC)

Getting Started

Create a new world and make sure to set it to survival mode. Once you’ve loaded the world there will be a Crystal Ball (ID: 4000) in your inventory. Tap on the ground with Crystal Ball to continue.


Next you will find yourself in a small room with some bookshelves and an enchantment table. Tap on the enchantment table to begin deciding your destiny. A GUI (graphical user interface) will pop up displaying two different options: Male or Female.

As I want to be a male I went ahead and selected Male. But if you rather be a female that’s totally fine!


The next question which will appear will ask which gender(s) you prefer, e.g. would like to marry. If you like both males and females you can select Either but in this case I selected Females.


The third question will ask your name. This is currently a work in progress so you can’t really do anything on this step, so for now just click Continue.


The fourth and final question asks you of your destiny. The option which you pick here will influence your life heavily, so be careful!

As of writing this only the None of these option worked. But in the future all of them will work obviously.

  • I have a family – will spawn you in a house with a wife and 0-2 children
  • I live alone – will spawn you in a house all alone
  • I live in a village – spawn in a village populated by villagers
  • None of these – remain at your spawning position, you will still be able to find villagers to marry/have kids with later as you progress throughout your world



Now when you’ve selected your destiny it’s time to go out interacting with some people.

It’s really beneficial to pick a world seed which include a village at spawn. Here’s a bunch of different such seeds or just type in ibuild in the seed generator to find one quickly.

There are loads of different people to interact with but I decided to approach this girl. Long-tap on the screen to see the Interact button in the bottom center of the screen.


A GUI will open displaying all kinds of different information about the woman. Her name is Elly and she works as a baker. She is apparently a peaceful person but unhappy for some reason. She is not married so maybe I’ve got a chance to cheer her up and marry her.. who knows!?


Currently most of the interaction buttons on the right are a work in progress so I can’t really talk with her yet so I suppose this will have to wait for now.

The only working interaction buttons are the Follow Me, Stay here and Move Freely buttons. All of them are self-explanatory, right?

I asked her to follow me and we went to the beach to have some cake. Nice, huh?


Other Features

As mentioned previously, this is still an early beta version of the mod so many of the features are still not implemented. But by the looks of it, it has a lot of potential of becoming something amazing!

Most of the items so far implemented doesn’t work but they should be able to give you an indication on what kind of features you’ll be able to expect in the future.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Crystall Ball (4000)
  • Baby Boy (4001)
  • Baby Girl (4002)
  • Spawn Male (4003)
  • Spawn Female (4004)
  • Needle (4005) – 1 iron ingot
  • Needle and String (4006) – 1 Needle + 1 string
  • Cloth (4007) – 1 Needle and String + 1 white wool
  • New Outfit (4008) – 8 Cloth
  • Tombstone (4009) – 6 stones + 1 sign
  • Whistle (4010) – 4 iron ingots + 1 wood planks
  • Divorce Papers (4011) – 1 ink sac + paper + 1 feather
  • Villager Editor (4012)

Install Guide

  1. Download the .modpkg file.
  2. Open BlockLauncher and import the .modpkg mod file (works just the same way as .js scripts).
  3. Done!

Villagers Come Alive is an addon similar to this mod. Now available for 0.16, 0.17 and up! Click here!


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3.6 / 5 (101 vote)
  1. cyclonic says:

    I doubt they will update this addon, looks abandoned to me. We’ll have to wait until someone decides to remake it for 1.16

  2. User12344321 says:

    Dont use adfly

  3. jeremy01 says:

    Hey can you update this add-on to version 1.16 plz

  4. Mohdnajm says:

    Come on change the file to Mc addon because block block launcher only works for version and I want to try this mod with 1.16 ???

  5. NoahxWeeb says:

    But can I get a male pregnant? ?

  6. Guest-5284168918 says:

    Is this mod gonna be updated or it’s just an abandoned mod don’t you understand block launcher is broken it keeps crashing if you want people to be able to play with this mod just change the file to mcaddon?????

  7. Guest-7154109645 says:

    I really wanted to download this mod but why block launcher is necessary to do this mod block launcher is broken and always crashes can you please make us be able to play with this mod without using block launcher please?????????

    • Dinnerbone18043 says:

      Ya I agree just Make the mod a .mcaddon Make the mod and add-on Please because I want to use this my butt block Launcher Does not work for my version of wants v1.12 but I have v1.16

  8. Guest-6112696988 says:

    Update it ?????

  9. Guest-1245845507 says:

    Pls make it without using block laucher I don’t like th villagers comes alive mod

  10. Guest-3100812894 says:

    Can you please make it for windows 10, this is one of the mods I REALLY want on windows 10, i would have gotten it for java but I don’t know how to get mods on java. If you can will you make it available for windows 10. Thank you.

  11. Guest-3029996553 says:

    I just commented on my self

  12. Guest-6729927496 says:

    It just is taking me to favorites. And I have Minecraft education education. It doesn’t work. For me to. ?????☹️???????

  13. Guest-4895740210 says:

    Every time I try to download it it takes me to favorites. And I also think it won’t work because I have Minecraft education edition. Can you fix it so you don’t have to go to blocklaucher.

  14. Guest-8009195494 says:

    Te lo voy a decir con todo respeto tu mod es una mierda para los de iOS que no tenemos blacklauncher que hacemos nos un zip que no sirve descomprimo el zip y no se puede hacer nada y si se puede aver dime idiota

    • Guest-7683402510 says:

      El idiota eres tu para que que te metes a una pagina de mods de block launcher si no lo tienes

    • GygaZaid says:

      Haber haber ,aborto de mono, como es así?
      Esta es una página con todo tipo de mods, y el hecho de que tú no tengas block launcher no es problema del creador.
      También que si se puede, estúpido, una cosa es que se pueda y otra que no.
      El idiota eres tú qué pones “aver”.
      No es moda, solo es tu estupidez como persona
      Además, le dices idiota y addon de mierda, pero “con todo respeto”?
      Jaja, das pena.
      Al menos create una cuenta para criticar, ser repugnante

  15. Guest-2581445862 says:

    why is there no attack helicopter gender option

  16. rioxen says:

    I love this mod on java, but it’s a shame to have to use BlockLauncher for bedrock. Currently unusable; BL doesn’t support past 1.14 as of now.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please make it for Windows 10!!!!!

  18. E-zpotato says:

    So my Minecraft looks like that and yet I can’t get it to work, if you have any adivice….. SHARE IT PLEASE, I really want to play this mod a nd if I use curseforge instead my tablet will be harmed, please respond as quickly as possib le I feel horrible that I have to do this but… Sorry one star

  19. Dinnerbone18043 says:

    The hitbox Is broken I had to do some typing to Get on this page!!!

  20. Guest-1674013992 says:

    make it for windows 10 plz

    • Guest-5748252701 says:

      Hey want to let you know that blocklauncher isn’t available in iOS. So iOS users can’t download it. It would be cool if you added a file for iOS players. I really want to try this mod.

  21. Guest-8226048916 says:

    omg i love this mod (the girl skins are so hot?)

  22. Carol says:

    Hold up okay listen we were trying to get hot people to kiss but when I tried to installe this ugly stipud app it took me to a random web sight and had anime girls on it with there big ta tas and it upset me because they were bigger then mine.moral of the story don’t use this app

  23. anonymouse says:

    i hate how people use adfly because adfly can take u to like REALLY INAPROPRIATE WEBSITES

  24. Julián says:

    por favor agreguen para PC

  25. I love fnaf and minecraft says:

    I just wanna say that I’m on pocket ediotion but it won’t WORK!

  26. I love fnaf and minecraft says:

    Don’t get it! You can’t add it to your mods at all i saw! ?????

  27. I love fnaf and minecraft says:

    Don’t wanna be rude but mine won’t work also FOXES ARE HERE!!!!!!!!!

  28. Sgsgyuvyg says:

    Can’t download

  29. you don't need to know my name says:

    where is the download button?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work tried all the tips. so here a big 1 finger salute to this shitty mod

  31. Lololo says:

    I have a question…it shows me that this link wants to send you notifications and so I can’t press skip ad… and my question is it is safe to press no?

  32. meeeee says:

    Can u please do a mcworld file i really like the mod and idk how to do zip files lol

  33. Babaran62 says:

    Where to download

  34. Zie says:

    I literally can’t use it! I’ve messed around for it for countless hours, used countless guides and it won’t work!! HELP ME PLEASE! Me and my girlfriend really want to play this together!!

  35. Pablo says:

    Can you add mediafire?

  36. Furious says:

    … plz add Apple… I think android is bad… I’ve already had one plz add Apple… I wanna do five star but guess what I have Apple so I can’t use it… I am lonely in Minecraft… plz make me happy and add apple

  37. Minercrafter says:

    Can you make it a media file?

  38. Jennifer klemme says:

    Apple users can’t use this and its not fair that Android users get to use this amazing mod.

  39. ErenxAnnie2131 says:

    Could you please make a copy of this that’s not zip? I don’t have blocklauncher, and I don’t think my version of Minecraft uses Zip. I personally also don’t like the alternate version, because YOU can’t get married and have kids. I really like this so far, however I’m sad that I can’t use it.

  40. Mojang factory says:

    Is not working in iOS is working in pc

  41. I want comes alive ios says:

    Please please please make it iOS please I have been looking everywhere I even wasted £2 on a scam for it I’m not joking just make it iOS (1.10/1.11) please!

  42. Lil ta says:

    Please make it so IOS users can download this because I know that multiple people on IOS want this mod but can’t get it due to it being a pc and android download

  43. Sad says:

    Please make it so that ios users can download this mod. Thank you.

  44. Kitten says:

    .mcworld please or .mcpack only way I can use this add-on then

  45. Minecraft comes alive lover says:

    I’m trying to get it but is will not work and I don’t know why because other mods work

  46. Herobrine says:

    Plz make it mcworld i begg you creator

  47. A MCPE player says:

    does this works on minecraft pocket edition on android
    . the error when i use it says everything broke and as usual nothing happen

  48. jovanny says:

    me parece un muy bueno, pero me gustaria si se pudiese que lo sacaran tambien en windows 10 edition

  49. Anna says:

    i am an ios user and i cant figure out how to download this because it puts it in my files and i cant get it into minecraft. is there another way?

  50. im not saying my irl name says:

    Is this mod for apple / ios too?
    I don’t know how to download it because when I try to it just says open in documents and I can’t copy it to minecraft pocket edition.

  51. Jyce Relaford says:

    How to download the .modpkg file

  52. Jyce Relaford says:

    I can’t download it

  53. Ana says:

    Tudo de bom
    Vim do Brasil

  54. Pizzapi says:

    How do you download it??

  55. Cody says:

    Can you make this for ios

  56. Kiyanaz says:

    I cant find a single download button for ios

  57. Anonymous says:

    yo so idk how to download mods i have a iphone six s plus. idk what blocklauncher is. someone plz help me

  58. hazzack says:

    please update for working minecraft latest version

  59. wolfplayz says:

    it doesn’t work and my launcher doesn’t work either

  60. Alexis says:

    I couldn’t download it I’m on iOS pls help

  61. HaiderTeam7 says:

    Is it for iOS if it is please send link

  62. Kate Potato says:



  63. Craftergirl101 says:

    Ok I’m on android and iOS and it ain’t working pls fix it I want comes alive
    Thanks byyyy????

  64. Craftergirl101 says:

    I can’t install comes alive mod how can I

  65. ??? says:

    I cant install it on iPhone and I tryed so menny fings to download it:( please help me!!! I relly want to use this pack please

  66. Scarlett says:

    It keeps telling me it failed to import

  67. Anonymous says:

    Hey just wanna ask if you could update this to the new version of minecraft pe please

  68. I Like Pizza says:

    I’m on iOS and mods work perfectly fine for me :3

  69. Anonymous says:

    I find out one thing but my page won’t open it says it cannot connect to the server plz fix this
    Ps the rating is how I think it is

  70. Anonymous says:

    I’m confused it’s not working I don’t even know how to get it I’ve been looking for something like this for so Lang now I find it but can’t use it it’s so sad ? I have a apple phone

  71. Kathy says:

    Can you please make it in IOS? I really want it but I it’s only on android.

  72. ThisGirlNesaBug says:

    I wish that this is on Mincraft windows 10 edition.

  73. Darkgamer says:

    Sir i want to ask my minecraft is in aquatic version and my blocklauncher say that i need to install P.E but my aquatic version is my fav..what will i do

  74. ..... says:

    Won’t work on IOS ppppplllleeeaaasse fix this thanks bye

  75. Fantdm says:

    I need help I don’t know how to use the latest version of block launcher before it was easier. I really want to play this and the other mod I already have and kinda sucks. Btw the rating is how I think it’s supposed to be.

  76. Isis says:

    my minecraft is 16.0.8
    the version of this mode is not compatible with my game

  77. Anonymous says:

    Hey, Editor I can’t download the mediafire IOS Apple IPad file it keeps coming up as “Safari cannot download this file”. Could you please fix this?

  78. Undead Unicorn says:

    I can’t download it it’s just a Zip file one not a ‘open in minecraft’ one. Please Editor can you try to either tell me what to do or try to fix this. I am on an IPod Touch iOS.

  79. Sarah says:

    Wow just Wow I love it its amazing

  80. Mincrafter says:

    Make it for people without android devices

  81. says:

    I’m disappointed I can’t have it on my Apple!.. ??

  82. Mia says:

    Please help I have an iOS device and it would mean so much to me to get this I really want it can you make it a Mc.Addon or just make it where iOS can have it because I can’t get blockluancher because I have an iOS please help

  83. Anonymous says:

    weird when i do everything i downloaded it and all and i put it in blocklauncher and when the game loads it says everything broke PLEASE help me!!!!

  84. Em says:

    It doesn’t work and I’m not sure why, it always displays that there was a problem. Is it because of the lastest version?

  85. Tennis says:

    Every time I try to download this it keep say dismissed plz tell me why is it doing that

  86. Didrik says:

    I have just the same problem as you do, I have done everything Mr. Editor had written in the comments for us to do, but it seems he has’nt been here for a while to help us with the latest problems….

  87. DEmpoleo says:

    Is there any way to download this on Non-Android devices?

  88. A derpy being says:

    Someone said windows 10 and PE could use the same mods but i dont see it working????? help

  89. Anonymous says:

    How do you use it on Minecraft PE or do you use it on Block Launcher

  90. 0smores0 says:

    Plz make this mcpe

  91. Ebony says:

    I am using an iPad. I don’t have a computer, what do I do??

  92. Miku says:

    I know that this is hard, but I really want this mod, and I can’t install it because is for Android… can you help me with that…? Please…

  93. Nikki says:

    Please make I available on iOS, My sister and I seriously wants to download this but we can’t, because it needs blocklauncher.

  94. Anonymous says:

    I have a iPad it won’t work do I really need Dropbox?

  95. Anonymous says:

    Mr editer can you add a block that can b

  96. FuntimeLolbit says:

    does this work for windows???I WANT IT SOO BAD!!;-;

  97. QueenKexino says:

    It doesn’t work at all I’ve tried it on multiple devices and it won’t work on any it will only upload to files and other apps not mcpe

  98. Reanna says:

    It’s Ben years plz make it for iOS
    Sorry I can’t spell deal with it

  99. Mcpe Lover says:

    Why blocklauncher no work in mcpe
    Beta a

  100. INZIQ says:

    Its work for mcpe

  101. vinsensius says:

    where im import the mod im has addon for mcpe can import but he say no recources is that from zip?!

  102. Oka cola says:

    ? I rlly want it

  103. SFCV says:

    Can that mod get update?i wanna to play for full version,if update,can you give link in here?

  104. Oka says:

    Is there a way to download it without a computer?

  105. Rizky says:

    Please,update this mod

  106. nia says:

    can i get this for ios?

  107. nia says:

    Can i have this for IOS?

  108. TheDarkLord says:

    Ok I lover this mod. On my laptop but I want it on my phone and my block luncher is not very good because I do It all but I have to anable it when I click an able boom lag lag lag that’s all I get please make it so I can just download it and open my minecraft and the import starts

  109. Ryder Gonzales says:

    I can get it imported but it keep crashing my game and won’t load up past the Minecraft label screen

  110. Cookies love says:

    What the hell the file would not open???

  111. JodiWagner says:

    Pls make this for windows 10 if you do then thank you. Aside from that its 5 stars

  112. Seward says:

    I can’t get it

  113. Anonymous says:

    Hey editor the modpkg. Still does not work. I rebooted it but still did not work. I rebooted for about 100 seconds or more but still did not work. Please see if there is any coding error in the mod. – 190

  114. Alexia says:

    I don’t know how to download it on iOS someone pls send help I really want this

  115. FADHEL4536 says:

    Please update this mod to be like the real of comes alive mod in java edition,and add this mpd to new version of minecraft,because iam bored and lonely

  116. Alex laurann says:

    Its awesome but my blockluncher won’t work and I’m playing on a fire what can I do to get it to work #needhelp

  117. Little Cherry says:

    Please make this for IOS ;(

  118. Haru says:

    I like this mod but it would be nice if there was a way to download it directly to Minecraft without any computers and have it all work after downloading it like I need to get things like Dropbox but it never works so could you the maker of this please make this possible for people like me to get it on things like iPhones with a direct download to minecraft

  119. Loisont says:

    I really want to download this for windows 10 edition, better together version, but I don’t know how and I have searched endlessly trying to figure it out but I cant PLEASE HELP!

  120. A random person says:

    Does it work for 1.2.8 or anywhere above?

  121. Taylor says:

    it says failed to import why

  122. MiaAsMyLife says:

    When making a new game I don’t get the crystal ball how can I get it!!

  123. MarieLilly says:

    How can I download this for Windows 10 Edition?

  124. cimcim says:

    I was just supporting gabe

  125. SideOne says:

    When I download the file in ES File Explorer on my iPad this was message on the screen ‘An error occurred : The oreration couldn’t be complete. (NSURLErrorDomain error 100.)’ and it wouldn’t let me share to minecraft and I kept restarting it but it still shows the message.

  126. Victoria Hamrick says:

    Does it work on iPads?? Cuz it won’t let me download it on my iPad 🙁

  127. Shaniya Hendricks says:

    I wish I could have the same thing on iOS ?

  128. Doe says:

    Does this work without BlockLauncher?

  129. Eva says:

    PLEASE make this work for IOS and windows 10 please honestly editor this is the best add-on i’ve seen so far. and I really want to use it. there is alot of people out there, who wants to use this on iPad, iPhone or windwos 10 laptop. please.. iv tried to download this on my iPad. doesn’t work. used ifunbox and everything . didn’t work.

  130. MadderMods says:

    Can you please make this Mc.World please, I really want to use this mod! ☹️ ☺️ ??

  131. Brunah_Liz says:

    Mr.Editor, I can not install on my IOS ! I tried to install it by the computer but i could not, my game is updated and everything is OK in my game, what did i do wrong ? PLEASE HELP ME ?

  132. Chara12354 says:

    It keeps crashing my tablet

  133. Fan says:

    This just gets me to this place where I store all my files instead on pe….?

  134. Love you says:

    Oh my gosh, I love it, but this is only for android but I don’t have android, I only have iPhone 7 what I need to do? You are the best person ever, so hope you post ios mode of this mod please.

  135. Jennifer says:

    Hi I was wondering if u would make the download for mcpack because i play on android Kindle Fire and zip and other downloads don’t work for me the only one that works for me is mcpack

  136. Podenco says:

    When I have download it at mediafire it says go to files and i cant import it to minecraft

  137. Arisa Zaki says:

    Mod is good ???

  138. mochinkor says:

    It’s not working for me I keep turning on the script and adding the texture pack but I don’t get it right if someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong or give an explanation on how to do it that would be great

  139. NervousPotato99 says:

    Hey hey Mr . editor! You know what? If I had known that this mod was android only, I would have bought mcpe for Android! But my life went so that I got it for my iPad. So please, I really really really want .McWorld for this mod. 🙂

  140. Nanam009 says:

    Mr.Editor Can I know this mod support for mcpe

  141. Harvey says:

    Can u put a media fire coz I can’t do it… I am on a phone ?

  142. DEW Minecraft says:

    I can’t download it. What should I do?

  143. CreeperGamerGirl says:

    Pls make this .McWorld!!!!

  144. X_PiNkBuG_X says:

    Idk how to use this 🙁

  145. Ada says:

    I went into block lancher and I put in the script and then I went out and deleted the tab and went back in and it didn’t work. Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  146. BIRDSAREWESOME!!! says:

    When I spawn, I don’t have a crystal ball. Please help

  147. A-Gamer says:

    Can you please make to where iOS users can have it?!

  148. jerry says:

    Cool mod , am so sad i have a stupid blocklauncher that crash alot (working but crashing alot)

  149. cmm2016 says:

    I cant find the crystal ball and I never spawned NEER the room…

  150. Jeffy Slayer says:

    Can someone put in a thing for this add-on for Windows 10 with Mediafire???

  151. Sally says:

    Please do it for iOS!!! I really want to play it but can’t because I can’t download it!

  152. Kelly says:

    Can’t you make it for iOS!! I have been waiting for a thing I can actually download! Please with a cherry ? on top!!?I would rate it but I can’t play it so update it for iOS!!!

  153. Ryuuma says:

    Yo, when will this be updated?? I’m making a MCPE modpack for a YouTube series

  154. Jeff says:

    When I get on blockluancher it got me off

  155. Burrito says:


  156. Gabrielle says:

    Can you please make it so that I can download this on my iPad because I can’t download a certain app I need to download this since I have an apple iPad

  157. Taufikul hakim says:

    mod comes alive

  158. TheTipArrowNations says:


  159. Teen says:

    I Really Want This! But Idk How! This Is My First Time Trying To Download A Mod On Here! I’m On IOS And The Tutorials Not Helping!

  160. Ichigo says:

    I’m another person who would like to see this mod be made for Windows 10, as I only have MC W10. I don’t have MCPE on my phone.

  161. Current Location says:

    I can’t get the mod onto MCPE Addons because there is a option to import with that app. But it won’t let me. Please help me on it because I have been waiting for over a year for this

  162. Extravegent chair says:

    All im getting is a long error message something about javascript…

  163. Extravegent chair says:

    Press Skip ad, and then should re-direct you to the dowload link….

  164. Extravegent chair says:

    Hey mr. Editor, i would really like to use this mod but everytime i try to start a new world, a error message appears” Oh nose evrything broke” i did everything correctly step by step on how to download it, i have BL up to date and mcpe as well, the file ends with the “.modpkg” so i seriously dont know what the problem is can you help me? The add ons i had np downloading and using infact it would import automaticly with a simple touch but i dont get why im having an issue with this mod

  165. Mollieeee says:

    When can u make this mod for iOS users?

  166. Awzome_girl says:

    It is not working for me ?

  167. TLM says:

    is this compatible with iOS?


    Wow!! Awesome!!
    i love it!!

  169. Michael says:

    Where is the mod download button? I don’t see it

  170. Gabrielle says:

    By the way the thing I need to download is ES file explorer.

  171. CaptinKitty says:

    Can you make it a mcpack plz my mum and dad won’t let me get block launcher

  172. Bao says:

    How about for iPad??? I’ve been waiting so long now, when will it be available for iPad??

  173. Dominique says:

    Can you please make it work on IOS?

  174. Gamer says:

    It keeps saying “failed to import patch” and it won’t run at all please help

  175. DatBoi says:

    Awesome work my dude! 🙂 I was wondering if u could make it .mcpack/1.0 compatible, plz!!!! thanks

  176. Cassandra says:

    Mr. Editior, is importing it into Google Drive helpful because I’ve imported into Google Drive, and I figured, I’ve been doing it over and over agian. What should I do? I’ve been also dying to play this mod for quite a while now. It’s so boring in minecraft, and I really wanted to use and play the awesome mod. Please help.

  177. Michael says:

    Please make for windows 10! Seems cool.

  178. Anonymous says:

    Look mate, I’m on iOS and I can’t download this and I have just realised it’s for anidrod, soooo can you do one for iOS?

  179. Waffle eater says:

    Hi um guys I just want you to know that my little sister is planing on releasing her new mansion (called Birchwood Mansion) but the only problem is how do you load it on to mcpedl?

  180. Nadine1240 says:

    VERY FUN MOD! Thanks MCPEdl, Im waiting this mod! Thanks thanks thanksssss so much 😀

  181. Jen30 says:

    This is my favorite mod ever but I can’t downloade because it it so difficult can you please please please make it easier to download. I have an iPod so I can’t get block launcher for some reason.

  182. Jennett says:

    Can you please make this into a .mcpack instead of a .mcpkg ?

  183. LG says:

    Make it so we can interact plz keep doing wat your doing and how long will it take?

  184. radeoac says:

    mr editor can you make it windows 10 edition compatible

  185. Anon says:

    I tried to use this but it said the “manifest” was missing? Also, is this compatible with windows 10?

  186. Rye says:

    Can this mod work on IOS devices?? Also can you please give me a more detailed description of how to download? Thx!

  187. Bernard says:

    Thanks that worked a lot but when is the update because im excited

  188. Aoibhinn says:

    How do you get this I need help I am not sure how it works I know how to get other Add ons but not this one I tells me to download an app or something editor how does it work

  189. Bella Cornfield says:

    Hi! I’m wondering how you instal modpkg files on iOS devices. There’s a tutorial on how to do mcworld files but I can’t find one on a file like this. This would be really helpful, Thank you.

  190. Xaydi says:

    I don’t know how to download .zip file on my apple Ipad. Please help me! ?

  191. The fake Mojang says:

    Creator? Can u make it Mc.Pack cuz im using on IOS divice… But its a nice idea for mcpe! Great job creator! Im fully respect your idea.. Just change a little bit ok?

  192. Hannah says:

    Why is this only for Android?

  193. Lexie says:

    I can’t seem to get the mod in minecraft it won’t download!

  194. Sky says:

    Does anyone have the mcpak link to this? If u do thanksssss soooo much

  195. Hanx says:

    PLEEEEEAAAAAASE give us an option of .mcpack it makes things soooo. Much easier and… will get more downloads ? Hehe. But Seriously PLEEEEAAAASE

  196. Kitty says:

    It does not work for iPad I am really sad seen it on YouTube and it looks amazing please fix please

  197. Zaydi says:

    I downloaded it as a Resource Pack and put on active packs in settings, but it won’t work. I did what I was supposed to do. I made a new world, in survival mode, and there was no “Crystal Ball”.

  198. Anonymous says:

    Dude why can’t I use it when I use it it says that it can’t load or something

  199. SkyPanda05 says:

    Hey Mr. Editor, can ya tell the maker to make one for iOS cause I am dying to try this literally!!!

  200. Charlotte says:

    I have an iPhone and this Is my favourite mid someone please tell me how to get it ?

  201. Anonymous says:

    Can(or will)this mod be compatible with iOS devices?I have tried the villager comes alive mod it’s just not as good!if tried this mod on PC once and I really love it but now my MCCis gone and I just need this mod back!

  202. skygirl says:

    i want this mod in sumsung tablets*plz i am lonely.plzzzzzzz

  203. ChocoPlays says:

    Hello! Could you please make a .mcworld file? I would love to have this, it looks amazing. Thanks

  204. awesomeness8088 says:

    hi um can u make it so that u can get it on windows 10 edition beta plz I would really appreciate it and I really want to get it but I cant because its not for windows 10 🙁 could u plz fix that 🙂 thank you

  205. Juvielyn says:

    Why can I put get the texture pack can you put 1.0.3

  206. Ruby says:

    Why is it only on androids!!!!

  207. Tyler says:

    im using windows 10 version of minecraft, but i cant find the .modpkg file to download…

  208. FantasticTrinityjh07 says:

    So I create the world.I make sure it’s on survival.
    I don’t spawn in with a crystal ball.Whats going on?

  209. Akira says:

    Wheres the modpkg link??

  210. FantasticTrinityjh07 says:

    Does this work for the IPad ?If so where is the link?

  211. Mikutatoe says:

    Is there on for IOS? Because I’m on an IOS and I really want the addon/mod. If you see this can you reply asap? Thank you

  212. Bay says:

    Does this work on ios?

  213. Kenya says:

    Can you make it for iOS please it dose not work mom iOS rn

  214. Anoynomous says:

    Will you please make this for iOS I have been having severe glitches with the villagers come alive addon

  215. Infernogamez says:

    This needs to be on Windows 10! I know about the villagers come alive, but you can’t interact with the villagers the same on that one. (Unless the’ll implement it into villager come alive.) Plz!

  216. adam says:

    it doesn’t work for me it says what app do you want to use this on app store or

  217. William says:

    Who do you install minecraft comes alive in ipad

  218. Ayden says:

    It won’t let me download it or my brother we tried on both of are iPads but it won’t work

  219. Y2B_Pro_Gamer says:

    Help me! Is my file not loading because its 2017 now? It has an error saying
    “Oh nose everything broke”
    Here it is:

    org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped BufferedInputStream is closed (Comes Alive PE [BETA](0.4).modpkg#929)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.throwAsScriptRuntimeEx(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.MemberBox.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpretLoop(Unknown Source)
    at script(Comes Alive PE [BETA](0.4).modpkg:929)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpret(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.ContextFactory.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.InterpretedFunction.exec(Unknown Source)
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.initJustLoadedScript(
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$
    Caused by: BufferedInputStream is closed
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.texture.tga.TGALoader.load(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    … 11 more
    I have been trying to get the mod for a year now..

  220. Riley says:

    I don’t know why, it just takes me to a random app besides Minecraft.

  221. Riley says:

    It won’t let me download it…

  222. Marissa says:

    Is this mod compatible with IOS? If it is I can’t find it on this page

  223. Cat says:

    I can’t get the iOS one to work

  224. Muffin time says:

    Dude it is 2017 and I really won’t to have this mod really bad but I can’t because the new version of Minecraft doesn’t work like this any more can u please update it I whould love that thx the mod looks super cool

  225. Catgamer?? says:

    Is there anyway you can get this on iOS device please? Or am I just acting dumb

  226. Catgamer?? says:

    Please creator or whatever who made this can you make it for iOS please I really want this but if there is a way to get this mod on an iOS device or I’m just being dumb ?thanks,?

  227. Bienchen_Wolf says:

    Can you make it for iOS too pls?

  228. Shirrako PE says:

    I love This Mod Thanks

  229. Juvielyn says:

    Can you put it like for 0.16.0 pls I need it ;(

  230. Summer says:

    I watched the video and there’s no link like the one on the video help me

  231. The_great_luisa says:

    Can we do this on iOS?

  232. Michael says:

    Hi editor let me just say I REALLY want to download this and i am on iOS and my dad wont let me use his computer so plz update it and make it be for ios too. Thank You!

  233. Anonymous says:

    Dear editor what is block launcher and how to YOU download it this is my first time downloading a mod and it’s super confusing ?

  234. Cj says:

    Instead of saying open in minecraft it says open in video star (a different app I have) please help

  235. some human says:

    To bad this mod isn’t going to update to 1.0. I ALWAYS wanted to try this mod

  236. Ellla says:

    Can you please make this a MCpack because this is my favourite Pc mod and I only have a iOS device

  237. Liz says:

    Hi I am on a iPad and I am having trouble downloading. This will be the first mod I will have so I am really confused. No YouTube videos helped. Thank you in advance.

  238. Anonymous says:

    Hey editor does this work in iPad mini ? Just askin

  239. Spam quiz says:

    Hello I’m really really loving this addon this is WAY better than the old ones

  240. Megamqn45 says:

    Please make it IOS

  241. Em says:

    My safari still won’t let me download the cool add-ons!

  242. Queentol_Ary says:

    Why i can’t download it from safari iphone , (Open with) and i cant see ‘open with mcpe but i only see ‘open with other apps ‘ How im gonna do …btw i have ios 10.1.1 mcpe 0.16.2

  243. FinnZeHooman says:

    Can you make this compatible with .mcworld please? I’ve been trying to find a mod like this but I can only get ones that are .mcworlds

  244. _NyxWerewolf_ says:

    Ok thanks

  245. Ethan says:

    Hi I like your videos spot the difference ????????????????????????????????????????? I like you. ?

  246. _Cieana loves mods_ says:

    Is this for adriod and iOS too??

  247. Cool guy says:

    In the mod, where do babies come from?jeez.

  248. Mod User says:

    Will this mod become a .MCPack? I can’t do BlockLauncher.
    If so, I hope it comes out as an MCPack!

  249. _NyxWerewolf_ says:

    I have IOS and ive tried to download this mod but all it says is ‘safari is unable to open this file’ what should i do ?

  250. INEEDHELPbadly says:

    Okay. Block launcher currently only runs MCPE 16.1 yet when I run this file on 16.1 I get errors and it won’t work. Which leads me to think that this download is for a different minecraft. But no matter how hard I look I cannot find what minecraft comes alive runs on. Or the patch level of the corisponding block launcher to run it. Maybe it’s just me. But I’d really like to play this mod. Reply soon.

  251. Creeper Man says:

    I didn’t get the crystal ball

  252. _Cieana loves mods_ says:

    Or update it on oct sorry ??????

  253. _Cieana loves mods_ says:

    Or any ways to download it I try madiafire and I don’t know how to download will other ways thanks ❤️❤️

  254. _Cieana loves mods_ says:

    I really want this mod but I can’t download it cos I have to download stuff what’s oct please allow me download it thanks ??? or I will cry ??????

  255. Ravey says:

    How can I download this for Windows 10?

  256. Cool guy says:

    Where do babies come from?

  257. Bella says:

    I need help I go to download this mod and it says open in drive and I have no idea what to do from there plz help me

  258. Alex says:

    Pls make it compatible with .mcworld

  259. Quick Gray says:

    Pls do make it for ios i have been waiting for this add-on!
    Pls change the file into .Mcpack

  260. Emma says:

    Do I have to connect this to my computer? I am using an iOS and it doesn’t give me the option to open it in minecraft; just normal things like iCloud, email, and notes. Help pls?

  261. Chris says:

    Is it working yet iin 15.10

  262. zozo says:

    I keep tapping on the ground with the crystal ball,but nothing happens 🙁

  263. Bossatron says:

    Hey. Any updates yet? I’m dying to get the full version! Also, know any good shader mods for pe? Cheers bud.

  264. Tyso says:

    Any info on any recent updates? Been dying for the full mod.

  265. Sairbair says:

    I wish this worked with out a block launcher and with 15.6

  266. Victoria says:

    Will I get a virus

  267. Prince says:

    We don’t have any update yet for this mod?
    I tried it on MCPE 0.15.4 It doesn’t seem to work.
    Good Job Dev.

  268. Anonymous says:

    is this working in mcpe 0.15.6? sorry for bad english 😀

  269. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’d love to have it so if u say your a female and pick family will u have a Husband?
    Also It’s funny how u get divorce papers!?
    Great work!!! ?‍?‍?‍????

  270. Anonymous says:

    Help I cannot get the textures but I can get the mod I need help because the mod is a pkd file or whatever it’s close to that

  271. Terry says:

    Hi editor I am beginning to wonder if this comes alive is real or just one of those you tube hoaxes? As I have been trying everything possible to get this to work… I have downloaded the link here, then tried using it with block launcher pro purchased at Amazon but it would never give the crystal ball or anything else for that matter! So I downloaded the beta version of block launcher that is in the above description and that didn’t work either! I also tried to launch the crystal ball with X-Commands and I can get the crystal ball but it won’t do anything I can also use the spawn command and get eggs for females but also they won’t work either! Any help or ideas you have would be great as my 5 year old son always plays but would like to have this feature working! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Oh and he has mcpe. 15.1.2 thanks again!

  272. Rebekah Claxton says:

    What version of Mc is this for?

  273. TetchedCircle21 says:

    I love this mod because it makes me feel less lonely besides the ugly normal villagers! ?

  274. Minecrafter says:

    When is the update coming? I WAITED MONTHS!
    No rush though.

  275. NikoruJot says:

    I need help. I can get the mods to work. I downloaded BlockLauncher Pro and the Minecraft Comes Alive PE Mod. Every time I open BlockLauncher Pro the screen turns white and goes back my home screen. I have Minecraft PE v0.15.1 and I’m on a tablet with Android 5.1.4.

  276. Ghost says:

    Now I don’t have to kill any villager that invade my house.
    Good work!

  277. asdasd says:

    it works for mcpemaster

    • Rinako says:

      How did you get it o work for mcpe master? It wouldn’y work for me,so mayne I did it wrong although I uploaded the main.jsp into the mymods section.

  278. ProGaming226 says:

    I have a big problem
    I played in survival mode and the crystal ball generates in my inventory but when I tap the ground holding the crystal ball its not functioning I can’t pick my destiny why??!!

  279. GhostlySkull99 says:

    Will minecraft comes alive be updated after release of minecraft pocket edition 0.15.0?

  280. WolfGirl says:

    I want so much to interact and all the options to Be active

  281. Rayan says:

    When I import main.js there is a error.

  282. PurpleFighter01 says:

    Finally i can play minecraft come alive on pe
    I’M SO HAPPY :p 🙂

  283. SilverTwilight says:

    Im soo soo sorry for bothering you,Mr Editor but when i tried re-downloading it, the crystal ball isnt in my inventory.. before it was but when i try picking my destiny it doesnt work so i tried re-downloding it but now the crystal is gone.. i tried renaming it to .modpkg but still the crystal is not there

  284. GhostlySkull99 says:

    Hello, will there be another update coming soon?

  285. Cupcake person says:

    Hey can you put more pictures up there like what the kids look like and what other villagers please?

  286. Real DanTDM says:

    Can you put your mod to MCPE Master
    Make it sure it is working

  287. MineCrafterLover says:

    Editor just about when will the other options be released because I love this mod and I really want the options to work

  288. carl says:

    Editor plz help when i downloaded it its a zip file not modkpg

  289. SJ Minecraft says:

    This mod hasn’t been even worked on since 2015. You have to do better and update it already.

  290. Vinnie says:

    When the full version will come out?,i can’t wait for it:D

  291. Anonymous says:

    when is this getting updated?

  292. parham says:

    Sorry I go out from game and came in my friend is changed it was Gina change to elisabet and how to marry her and how to upgrade friend ship??

  293. death eater says:

    hey does any one know the actual date for the update

  294. Kindev Aclaracion says:

    What version of minecraft pe does it work?

  295. itsmuffintime says:

    org.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError: ReferenceError: “ModPE” is not defined. (Comes Alive PE [BETA](0.4).modpkg#26)

    • Editor says:

      I don’t know for sure what the errors means. But my guess is that you aren’t using the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition and/or BlockLauncher. Try going to Google Play for each app and see if you can find an available update.

  296. Rage quitter says:

    It doesn’t work even I downloaded it

  297. Ilovecake MCPE says:

    I cant complete the guide when it says about your destiny. It says that i have to wait but it doesnt work, the only option that works is the one that you dont have any family or nothing. I also cant interact with the villagers, i can only make them follow me, none of the other things. Please reply fast

  298. FartingMage says:

    will this work in mcpe master,by importing it?

  299. PrinceGray says:

    Error msg:

    // Edited by Editor

    • Editor says:

      If the downloaded file is a .zip file then you need to use e.g. ES File Explorer to change the file extension (renaming the file) to end with .modpkg

  300. EJGamer4 says:

    Hi did they already put an update? I wish that you can answer this soon so I can download the next update

  301. Minecraftanime_gamer says:

    When I try to enable the mod it says:
    Error message:

    // Edited by Editor

  302. ShadeWalker says:

    I’m really disappointed that this mod doesn’t go with flows hd and shaders

  303. Anonymous says:

    It tells me that it is a zip. file not a modpkg or js

  304. Alia_11 says:

    Hey can I get a Dropbox because doesn’t want to work. Thanks !

  305. LeeAm says:

    More fun using this mod with
    Custom NPCs Mod
    Can someone port it ???

  306. aymen says:

    Wow it’s the best i’ve ever seen in my life!!! Realy it’s awesome but plz plz add the other options soon

  307. JkathC says:

    That’s an amazing mod , however, the only thing that annoys me and happens all the time is that , when I quit a game and join again , the villagers change their textures. Can you fix this please ?

  308. Raisen1920 says:

    Oh! Sorry My BlockLauncher is not up to date

  309. Omer says:

    It downloads zip not modpkg!

  310. LeeAm says:

    Waiting for update :3
    This is the mod I’ve ever wanted
    loved it even in PC
    Is this mod will update like a toolbox?

  311. The wood gamer youtube says:

    **error code**

    What happend i can’t use it

  312. Ashley says:

    Also when I download a mod it ends with “.zip”. Does this have something to do with anything?

  313. Ashley says:

    I downloaded the mod but it doesn’t appear when I try to import it. When I tap download its says “Empty Directory”. I tried re-downloading it, what should I do?????

  314. GamerGirl says:

    How do u get it from ad fly I only know media file.b:/

  315. Shock 000 says:

    Please update I really like this mod

  316. V4r1z0n says:

    It says failed to import patch what do I do

  317. End3rStorm says:

    Cool mod! Almost no lag, and the GUI is the best that I’ve seen (on a PE mod)!

  318. Tny mvrck says:

    Does this work on mcpe 0.14.0? OnO

  319. RedCyber says:

    How’d you get too many items?

  320. Ethanol miner says:

    Awesome mod!!!!

  321. DeathCop4000 says:

    Will you update the layout of the site ?

  322. LightningDevilYT says:

    omg ty for making this mod and i cant wait for the update best mod ever for mcpe ty

  323. Zomboid says:

    Damn this mod is awesome

  324. RPGSNOWFLAKE says:

    It said that there isn’t an item icon for the crystal ball

    • Editor says:

      That must have something to do with that the textures aren’t loaded properly.

      Since one person before you have reported a similar issue I have sent a message to the developer of the mod asking him about the problem.

      UPDATE: Got an answer, see here:

      According to the developer it is because you didn’t let BlockLauncher reboot.

      After you’ve imported the modpkg file wait for BlockLauncher to reboot, this might take up to a minute (but should normally take no more than 10 seconds).

  325. Mex says:

    Crystal ball is not in my inventory

  326. MilkWithCookies says:

    Minecraft pe is getting better right now..

  327. Darrell says:

    Do you know when we can actually have a family and the mod will actually work

  328. elmo says:

    Thank for making this mod on mc pe I always wanted to play it

  329. Matthew Taylor says:

    this is awesome

  330. X Team says:

    Can u give the original site of the creator with the mod plz?

  331. Shadowknight59 says:

    Awoke dude I think this will be the best comes alive ever for pe pls add beta 2 soon witu people you can marry thanks

  332. Radcliff says:

    Oh, sorry about my reply. It actually leads to Mediafire, I only forgotten. Sorry to adfly… sorry if I interrupted your job, Mr. Editor.

  333. Radcliff says:

    Does it need textures?

  334. RedCyber says:

    Thank you mcpedl im waiting this for almost a year

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