Minecraft Earth Addon

This addon adds more than 40 unique mobs from Minecraft Earth into the game with their original models, textures, animations, and sounds. Includes mobs such as the Glow Squid, Moobloom, Cluckshroom, and Jolly Llama. This addon will be updated to include more features from Minecraft Earth.

Addon created by BrandonItaly. (Twitter)

All of the mobs included in this addon have the possibility to spawn naturally throughout your world. They also have the ability to blink!

This addon includes all of the following mobs and items:


  • Moobloom
  • Moolip
  • Wooly Cow
  • Umbra Cow
  • Ashen Cow
  • Albino Cow
  • Dairy Cow
  • Sunset Cow
  • Pinto Cow
  • Cream Cow
  • Cookie Cow


  • Rocky Sheep
  • Patched Sheep
  • Long Nosed Sheep
  • Inky Sheep
  • Fuzzy Sheep
  • Flecked Sheep
  • Rainbow Sheep
  • Horned Sheep


  • Mottled Pig
  • Spotted Pig
  • Pink Footed Pig
  • Sooty Pig
  • Piebald Pig
  • Pale Pig
  • Muddy Pig


  • Skewbald Chicken
  • Stormy Chicken
  • Amber Chicken
  • Bronzed Chicken
  • Cluckshroom
  • Fancy Chicken
  • Midnight Chicken
  • Gold Crested Chicken


  • Muddy Foot Rabbit
  • Vested Rabbit
  • Harelequin Rabbit
  • Freckled Rabbit
  • Bold Striped Rabbit
  • Jumbo Rabbit

Other Mobs:

  • Jolly Llama
  • Melon Golem
  • Skeleton Wolf
  • Tropical Slime
  • Bone Spider
  • Glow Squid
  • Furnace Golem
  • Viler Witch

This addon also includes the following items and blocks:

  • Buttercup
  • Pink Daisy
  • Fancy Feather
  • Horn
  • Rainbow Bed
  • Rainbow Wool
  • Rainbow Carpet


This addon requires experimental gameplay to function properly!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201

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42 Responses

4.7 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. Darkbluerun says:

    Can you please in the next update, Fix the mobs not able to move their heads and regular witch arms not working and to add Bouldering Zombies and Lobbering Zombie, Thanks for reading this

  2. Swagboi7 says:

    Normal witch arms are bugged

  3. iiKnightmale says:

    Can you add Lobber Zombie and Bouldering Zombie Plz

  4. Davopig says:

    Did you forgot the endercat?

    • Ziplashsivery says:

      The endercat aka dyed cat was not a mob that you can collect it was only used for promotional material which the texture could not be found in the game assets which is how they were able to make the addon if you look at Twitter

  5. Jimmybagodonuts says:

    This is kind of long but I’m gonna say this anyway…

    Thank you so much for making this addon! I think it may be one of my favorite addons! Out of all the attempts to add Earth to Bedrock I think this is the biggest one, and it can be the best! I saw jujustyle talking about your addon and now I’m gonna list a bunch of things that are important (Not including more mobs). You might not add all of these but they’re all possible with Minecraft’s addon capabilities.

    – Some mobs are unable to move their heads.
    – The Wooly Cow and Umbra Cow are missing their idle animations where they brush their hair back.
    – The hostile mobs will not try to attack you (Don’t forget the horned sheep attack system and animations.)
    – Mobs should spawn in their respected biomes (Like Wooly Cow should spawn in snowy tundra and Moolip spawns in flower forests etc.)

    I am very sorry for listing all this I’m usually not like this. *cough cough*Jujustyle*cough* but I’m pretty sure some of these are being worked on or planned, and I don’t expect all of these to be added. I’ve tried making addons in the past myself and it worked but it was, uh erm- *cough* Anyways we gotta make this the best restoration of Minecraft Earth mobs it can be! You are our only hope for restoring these mobs before Minecraft Earth’s sunset! Thank you SO much for making this and I’m looking forward to updates in the future. Thanks!


  6. Sandro bee says:

    It’s amazing but the mods aren’t in i’s egg Like the other mods 😢 And the yellow flower cow leaves no flowers on the way 😖

  7. Dream5707 says:

    Wow incredible! Always wanted this as a mod HOWEVER mod creator just know in my experience all ocelots are completely purple now (playing on a realm w/o experimental gameplay)

  8. don Marcus says:

    hi dude, i loved this addon but can you add the purple cat, the boulder zombie and the ruby?

  9. Tropical slug should spawn in the jungle, all entities are too common in the world and basically this is one of the great addons, but it’s worth refining

  10. Progamer164 says:

    It’s actually a great addon and it’s also a memory to minecraft earth even know minecraft earth almost shutting down I will really miss that game

  11. EightBoxGamer Among Us says:

    So Good But How To Use The Horn?

  12. Rayvex says:

    I wanna ask if the mobs will spawn automatically or if it has Spawning Behavior ….cuz I wanna put this addon in my Modded Survival…btw I’m not a YouTuber or content creator that’s just for fun….

  13. Foxerthefox says:


  14. BlueIcezen says:

    I just have a simple request please don’t get mad at me
    I wanted you to fix the spawn eggs texture is very laggy try making some normal spawn eggs for them like 16× 16× because any minecraft player would hate the lagg but I know the eggs look cooool already but make it not laggy like the vanilla spawn eggs or just make them color black 🖤 it’s better than lagg but if you don’t mind I already edit it and change its texture but don’t worry I’ll just keep it for my self no posting it’s just for my 🌎 world

  15. GrYpHoN says:

    OMGGG they are soo cutee!!
    This also works on 1.14 too

  16. Itzjayden says:

    Hmmm just download because its cool

  17. Itzjayden says:

    What is minecraft earth? I like it //////minecraft earth is a game??

  18. FrancisFJ says:

    I really appreciate that the moobloom is also here since it didnt won the mob vote i love this addon the mobs looks well in my house but i wish the spawn randomly in worlds i would love to see them in my survival worlds 🙂

  19. Swagboi7 says:

    Idea: A subpack where the mobs have normal spawn eggs and not the mobs themselves. I know it’s trying to be accurate but it bothers me.

  20. Chez12333 says:

    Hello could you maybe add the ruby item, ruby block, the ruby block but in a headblock size and the minecart filled with rubies

  21. cAptive says:

    RIP Minecraft Earth 2020 – June 2021

  22. You rescued almost every minecraft earth mob and item, wow

  23. Bramu777 says:

    Nice addon and it also free ads :0
    Ty for making this addon ♥️

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