Minecraft Earth Features Addon – Big Update!

If you’ve ever played Minecraft Earth, then you will know there are a plethora of unique items and mobs available on it. But did you ever want to see some of these features come to normal Minecraft? No? Well, me neither but here they are anyway!

This addon is currently a work in progress, but it will be adding several blocks, mobs and items from Minecraft Earth. Some of the content isn’t finished yet, but you can check it out right now as it is! Let’s take a look at the mobs first, shall we? 

This addon adds about 36 new mobs into the game, all of which come from Minecraft Earth! I’m not going to be diving deep into each of them, as most of them are just variants of already existing mobs. We will have a better look at some of the more interesting ones, though! The mobs currently added include:

*Muddy Foot Rabbit

*Pale Pig

*Bone Spider

*Pink Moobloom


*Skeleton Wolf


*Glow Squid

*Cookie Cow

*Flecked Sheep

*Jumbo Rabbit

*Gold Crested Chicken

*Tropical Slime

*Ashen Cow

*Harlequin Rabbit

*Jolly Llama

*Vested Rabbit

*Albino Cow

*Wooly Cow

*Muddy Pig

*Skrewbald Chicken

*Spotted Pig

*Pink Footed Pig

*Rainbow Sheep

*Furnace Golem

*Bronzed Chicken

*Brule Cow

*Midnight Chicken

*Sooty Pig

*Piebald Pig

*Stormy Chicken

*Sunset Cow

*Molted Pig

*Dyed Cat

*Dairy Cow

*Pinto Cow

Now lets have a deeper look into some of the interesting mobs!

Bone Spiders are undead mobs that will spawn in Taiga biomes. They have much better health and speed then the other two spiders, but instead of doing melee attacks they will fire projectiles at you! They will also burn in sunlight similarly to skeletons and zombies. May drop some bones if killed.

Tropical Slimes will spawn on beaches. They are mostly peaceful, and only attack if you get too close. Will drop a tropical fish if killed

The Wooly Cow is a very useful mob that merges the uses of cows and sheep, they can drop leather, wool and beef if killed! They will spawn on extreme hills biomes.

The Bronzed Chicken is a type of chicken that spawns in most biomes that normal chickens will. They behave the exact same way as a chicken, but with one key difference: they can drop a Fancy Feather if killed! The feather has no uses, but it DOES look fancy!

Mooblooms are strange creatures that appear in plains and forests. Their model is still a work in progress, but killing one may give you a buttercup! The Moobloom also has a pink variant found in flower forest biomes!

Glow Squids are very odd squids that sometimes appear in oceans. It is currently bugged in more ways then one, though. They don’t move properly and they don’t glow! Sorry about that. It will be fixed eventually!

Muddy Pigs are playful pigs that enjoy rolling around in mud and getting all muddy. You can find them in swamps!

On the topic of mud, you can make a bucket of mud with dirt and a water bucket. With that mud bucket, you can then make a slippery mud block!

Cluckshrooms are fungus-covered chickens that reside on mushroom islands. They may drop some chicken or a mushroom if killed.

Think the iron golems are the biggest and toughest golems in all of Minecraft? Well, the Furnace Golem will prove you wrong! Just when you thought they couldn’t be tougher, the Furnace Golem is even bigger and stronger then the normal iron golem. It’s fire immune and will attack all enemies and weaken them! However, it does have its disadvantages. They are slower then iron golems and will take damage from rain and water. Drops a blast furnace if killed

Skeleton Wolves are very spooky wolf types that appear in desert biomes. They are usually neutral, but sometimes they will randomly decide to attack you so be careful around them! Their attacks will inflict weakness onto you! They also burn in the sun just like Bone Spiders do. Skeleton Wolves may drop some bones if killed.

The Jolly Llama is a very festive llama type that enjoys colder weather! As such, they will reside in snowy biomes. You can tame them by either riding on one until heart particles appear, or you can crouch and then feed one some cookies or sweet berries! Jolly Llamas are more obedient then normal Llamas, they will follow you around and even fight for you when tamed! They will not hesitate to attack if you hit them though, treat these nice guys with respect.

There are also a few more nice features available in this addon!

Rainbow Wool is an awesome looking block that will work like a charm in builds with a lot of colour! Rainbow Wool can also be made into a rainbow bed, but it doesn’t do anything for now. Rainbow Wool can sometimes be dropped from Rainbow Sheep. Rainbow Sheep will spawn in flower forest biomes!

Rubies are a really nice, shiny material which looks very glamorous and beautiful! You can also make a nice ruby block out of them! To obtain rubies, you must travel fairly deep underground, around the same level diamonds are found, and look for ruby ore! Ruby Ore drops a ruby or sometimes itself when broken, if it drops itself just place the ore back down and break it again.

Horns are a pretty cool looking novelty item. They have no use and can currently only be obtained with commands. Again, expect that to change!

Changelog View more

*Added 13 new mobs: Jumbo Rabbit, Jolly Llama, Skeleton Wolf, Pinto Cow, Gold Crested Chicken, Pink Moobloom, Sooty Pig, Flecked Sheep, Skrewbald Chicken, Molted Pig, Rainbow Sheep, Brule Cow and Dairy Cow!

*Added 2 new blocks: Ruby Ore and Rainbow Concrete

*Added 1 new item: Rainbow Bed

*Updated the textures of several mobs

*Rainbow Wool and Mud blocks now break faster, while Ruby Ore and blocks break slower

*Ruby Block is now 100% resistant to explosions

*Mud block is now even more slipperly!

*Mud blocks can now very rarely be naturally found in swamp biomes

*Update sounds for breaking, placing and walking on Rainbow Wool

*Updated textures of Muddy Pig and Dyed Cat spawn eggs

*Fixed wooly cow not being able to spawn naturally

*Fixed a slight model flaw with the Dyed Cat

*Added a new item: the Horn. It’s currently only available with commands

*Added 3 new mobs: Sunset Cow, Cookie Cow and Furnace Golem

*Bone Spiders will now burn in sunlight

*Improved textures of Dyed Cat and Midnight Chicken so they perfectly match their Earth counterparts

*Improved sounds of placing, breaking and walking on mud and ruby blocks

*Mud block crafting recipe is now shapeless

*Buttercup now uses a 2D inventory icon texture, like all other flowers. Previously, it used a 3D one

*Fixed glow squid having a glitched texture

*Fixed none of the new mobs dropping any experience

*Fixed fancy feather having a slightly blurry texture

*Fixed wooly cow never dropping leather


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  1. Nogood says:

    Pls add a skeleton wolf! The whole reason that this addon caught my attention was because of the skeleton wolf-add it in the next update please!

  2. A new BIG update is coming soon. Added a grand total of 13 new mobs, as well as ruby ore and other stuff! Get hyped!

  3. Nathan 06 says:

    I never played Minecraft Earth, i don’t know what the mobs are, nor do i know about the ruby, i don’t know if you’re going to read this comment, but is you have the next update, let the ruby generate normally, and add more mobs.

  4. Ftere says:

    Good. To make glowing textures add transparency to the parts should glow and change .png to .tga
    Or use as materials spider (idk how does this work)

  5. ESTEBAN1303YT says:

    Aquí le tengo una recomendación, haga que los mobs tengan modelos personalizados

  6. Kawaii Ken says:

    I meant can you ruby generates naturally as an ore?

  7. Kawaii Ken says:

    Can you make ruby generates as an ore randomly? 😀

  8. Guiyanfong says:

    Where is melon golem furnerce golem can add?

  9. sethcreeper09 says:

    Great addon.

  10. Chad Man says:

    This is so cool

  11. Killer Wolf Z says:


  12. Forgot to mention this, but turn on experimental gameplay or nothing will work

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