Minecraft Earth Mobs Plus v1.1.0 Addon

This addon adds all mobs from Minecraft Earth. Errors are possible because Bedrock doesn’t have some components.

Each animal is able to blink and has a chance of appearing in the world in a certain biome.

This Add-on adds all the animals from Minecraft Earth mobile game! All animal spawn eggs are available in creative mode, but they can also be found randomly in the world.

If Pig is in the biome swamp and in the water or in the rain it will turn into a Myddy Pig!

You can use saddle and carrot on stick to ride her!

Jolly Llama look very cute and it is completely analogous to an vanilla Llama.

If you use shears on Wooly Cow you will get brown wool!

Moobloom look so cute and can be found in flower biomes.! 

Jumbo Rabbit is larger than a vanilla rabbit.

Horned Sheep can be painted with any dye!

Cluckshroom can be found in Mushroom Fields.

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  • added Jolly Llama
  • added coloring of horned sheep
  • added baby types for all animals
  • added animal breeding
  • you can ride Muddy Pig now!
  • removed Muddy Pig spawn
  • added loot and xp drop from animals
  • fixed some errors


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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26 Responses

4.05 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-3475261912 says:

    Umm pls make the horned sheep not fully dyed it looks gross even on its eye and feet and horn it looks horrible pls fix that bug / issue

  2. Guest-3524632785 says:


    Your addon is really good so I wanna create a video with your addon. I hope you give us permission to use it. I will link this MCPEDL page in the description.
    Because i cant login for comment so UltimateCraft is my channel.
    Hope to receive your response!

  3. Please says:

    Please add the ender cat from earth and I also suggest making it so you can dye and not paint horned sheep

  4. Humba humba says:

    You should totally make variants of mobs. Like, have chickens be occasionally black, or cows be missing spots sometimes, or alex zombies. So far, I haven’t been able to find a pack that just adds variants for mobs. Also, if you, or someone else does, (srry if this sounds mean) please try and make the textures match 1.14.

  5. SirSean says:

    Hi creator,
    I will be making an addon review about your addon. I will link this MCPEDL page in the description.
    Channel: SirSean. 😜

  6. A Minecraft Player says:

    How about adding Mob of Me and Purple Cat?

  7. Ultranety says:

    I made a video about this Add-on please check it out


  8. AvocadoGA66 says:

    The fact that dying sheep colors the whole thing really shouldn’t be listed as a feature.

  9. Jamileh says:

    I love it

  10. Realms says:

    Jumbo rabbits are the size of a sheep

  11. ValeraMeows12 says:

    Please add the jolly llama in Minecraft earth

  12. Connor says:

    How do I download this?

  13. Anonymous says:

    capes are backwards

  14. Florian Cassagne says:

    Hello, can I use this addon for my Realm ? It’s allowed or prohibided ?

  15. TooCoolForSchool says:

    They are invisible and I can’t see them

  16. Yurgensc says:

    Entities are broken, they looks invisible

  17. Christopher says:

    Awesome game

  18. Davifc says:

    This is legit the best mc earth add on but it needs some things

    The spawn eggs need to change

    Some mobs need they sound

    And you need to say that this add on needs experimental gameplay on

    But in the rest it is perfect am loved the blink and the wooly cow idle animation

    • Davi says:

      Here a bug and some things that need to be add

      The head of the horney sheep going inside the body (bug)

      Feed the Wooly cow and muddy pig and give then reprodution

      Cleaning the muddy pig and putting a saddle in him

      Reprodution for horney sheep and jumbo rabbit

  19. Dragolosse says:

    I have some ideas/bugs/suggestions to tell you:
    -Make everyone drop xp.
    -Everyone have problems to bread.
    -Muddy pig and chuckshorrm have ugly spawn eggs.

    -Possibility to shear her.

    Horned Sheep/Jumbo rabbit:
    -add sound went hit/hurt.
    -color horned sheep…?

    Muddy pig:
    -use dirt to make pigs muggy.
    -use water buckets to clean muddy pigs.

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