Minecraft Expanded: A Growing Overhaul (V3.5: Links Fixed!)

I am introducing an addon that I hope will completely change the way many people play Minecraft. My idea is to get more people into playing with their friends. I want to mention that this entire addon was inspired 

When the world of Minecraft was created, 6 ancient beings came into being.

The most powerful of the beings, and the oldest, is the great Ender Dragon. The Dragon was rejected by the overworld and nether, and she realized she couldn’t force her dominance there without simultaneously destroying them. Instead, she settled for the End. The End was filled with weak, easily bent beings. She quickly won their servitude. However, she failed to adapt to the greatest threat Minecraft had seen. Players. She was killed billions of times, getting angrier and angrier each incarnation. The humans were stealing her unborn young, and using the eggs as trophies, and a player known as “Grian” even used them as lamps. Once more, one more death, and the dragon snapped. She grew to twice her size, and her rage exploded out, instantly killing the next player who would have sniped her out of the sky with a flint arrow.

The new ender dragon has 10,000 health, and can only be damaged by hitting her in the giant eye on her chest. Tridents become your best weapon, and you need to remove her crystalline healing pylons to have a chance. The dragon will now occasionally fire a burst of five dragon fireballs, devastating anyone caught by the attack. This new dragon is meant to be treated like a raid boss, so bring a team of friends to help take her out.

The second oldest (and second strongest) of the ancient beings is the Wither. The Wither is the embodiment of chaos, causing destruction and death wherever it goes. The ancient order of piglins defeated the Wither, but thousands of lives were lost. The Wither was banished to space, and left too weak to break through the planet of Minecraft’s atmosphere. All it needs is for some witless, expendable creature to build its totem, restoring the Wither to it’s TRUE glory.

The new Wither has 8,000 health, making it weaker than the Ender Dragon. The Wither will shoot bursts of wither skulls, and is well equipped to take on a group of trained players. The trident will once again become a key weapon until the Wither’s second phase. To deal with the second phase, I suggest crafting one of the three great weapons first. More on that later.

The next being on our list is the Ender Lord. For years, the Ender Lord ruled over the End and its inhabitants. However, the Dragon soon came and bent the endermen into submission. The Lord resisted, but he too fell to her power. The Ender Lord serves as the protector of the End, and will attack players at any given time in a forest. The Lord still plots for his vengeance, however.

The Ender Lord can teleport faster than endermen, and will shoot levitating shulker bullets at players. He has a 0.1% chance of spawning at night in a forest. He boasts 4,000 hitpoints, an attribute shared by all minor ancients. While substantially more powerful than a regular enderman, the Lord is still an enderman. He can’t teleport behind you if you’re up against a wall, and a shield will stop his shulker bullets. The ender Lord drops an ancient artifact known as the end pestle. By using the pestle on the orb of the end in a stone bowl will give you end stew.

The stew is supposed to give you permanent (at least until you die) night vision, but it is currently bugged.

Next up is the Wild Ravager. The single ravager the illagers didn’t hunt down. It had always been the most powerful of them, but after the dragon’s snap, it felt itself become immensely stronger. Unfortunately the creature was also blinded, driving it into a rage. The beast needs to be put out of its misery.

The Wild ravager has 4,000 hitpoints and can easily take out a lone player, simply by being an unstoppable force. The best strategy for fighting it would be using a team of players constantly circling the creature, throwing tridents at regular intervals. It can also be beaten by building towers and attacking with ranged weapons. The ravager drops its head, which grants resistance III when worn. To equip it, hold it in your hand and long press the screen, or right click on Windows 10. 

Next is the Ancient Guardian. This beast lurks in Minecraft’s oceans, waiting eagerly for a trespasser. The creature was forgotten long ago, and left to grow barnacles at the bottom of the sea. However, the Guardian’s AI soon went insane, and reprogrammed all guardians to become hostile to players and squids. Especially the squids.

The Ancient Guardian shoots tridents and does melee damage if opposition comes too close. This creature doesn’t have a strategy as specific as the other ancients, but using a team of people with Mending Loyalty III tridents in boats or on blocks in the water is effective. The Ancient Guardian fittingly drops the Ancient Trident, which will make the user faster, able to jump higher, and able to breathe underwater. It also does 10 damage.

Finally, we have the Demon Bat. The Demon Bat rose to power after the Wither had been banished. It was a being made purely of netherrack and fire, and no one really understands how it exists, but the myth is that it rose from the lava depths of the nether, and began to take control as soon as the Wither was gone. The piglins did not turn on their new ruler, for it was just and orderly. Under the Demon Bat’s rule, the piglins created large bastions to defend against the Wither’s inevitable return. The piglins began using their only metal, gold, to create tools and armor. They became an organized, undefeatable army. Or so they thought. The Wither returned, and brought with it incredible destruction. All the bastions that had taken years to build were destroyed. The piglins were scattered and their numbers neared extinction. The Demon bat sacrificed itself, using its power to protect the piglins and once again banish the Wither. The Bat, fires now extinguished, fell back into the depths. However, rumor has it that the Demon Bat has returned, and will protect the Nether at all costs.

The Demon bat is most likely the hardest of the minor ancients to kill. Think of how difficult it is to hit a normal bat. Now imagine killing one with 4,000 health. The Demon Bat almost REQUIRES a team to take down, and tridents just aren’t going to cut it anymore. Quickdraw III Multishot crossbows are the best weapon for fighting this erratic enemy. The Demon Bat will spew fireballs at players, and killing it over lava has dire consequences. The Bat drops up to three Nether Gems, which are used to craft the pickaxe of the nether. 

The pickaxe will insta-mine any standard Minecraft ore, and like the other items in this addon, will never run out of durability.

Now, moving away from the bosses, allow me to explain saladite. Saladite is a completely pure ore. It shines white, and emits a soft glow in ore form. Saladite is the only ore that can be found in all three dimensions.

Saladite can also be crafted into a rod, which is used in the game’s final recipe.

There are three weapons of power, each of which representing a world. The sword of the overworld, the sword of the nether, and the sword of the end. The sword of the overworld does 7 damage, and requires silk touch to obtain.

(The wood is dark oak wood)

The sword of the nether does 8 damage, and is crafted as follows.

(The bottom block is obsidian)

The sword of the end does 10 damage, and is the most expensive to craft.

(The center block is obsidian, and the top right is a dragon egg.)

By using the three rods of the three worlds, you can create an incredibly powerful object. You can feel the object pounding its name into your head each time you hold it. THE BRIDGE.

Finally, your heart pounds in your chest, the great hellfire of the nether burning in your eyes, the energy of the End coursing through you, making your fingertips tingle, you use the bridge to merge the three worlds through their weapons, and use saladite rods to stabilize, you create…


The weapon’s name pounds itself into your mind constantly. You watch in horror as the ground around you loses its color and dies a different kind of death. You see your hands and realize they are completely grey. The same death has happened to you. Now, you understand. THE SOLUTION is the tool to bring balance to the three worlds. The only way to bring balance…

Is to destroy them all.

Lore aside, the solution does a hefty 5,000 damage, which can kill the new dragon in two hits. The sword provides every positive effect in the game, except hero of the village, which is replaced by Bad Omen III, because, you know, the whole death theme? The sword requires a lot of effort to get, but is completely unstoppable. If you’re following lore, you can kill everything you see, or it can be the builder’s best friend. Being able to so easily kill the wither, dragon, and other pesky mobs allows for easy resource gathering, especially for beacons and dragon eggs. I hope you all like my addon! A lot of work went into it, and more updates are on the way!





The wither golems started out as simple bone golems, built to serve the piglins in the Nether’s Golden Age. The bone golems were the tanks of the piglin army, nearly impervious to harm, and capable of crushing enemies with a single blow. The bone golems guarded the piglin bastions, and were sent to deal with insurrections. They were incredibly loyal, never disobeying an order. Some piglins even formed bonds with them as if they were pets. Then, the Wither returned. The Wither began raising skeletons from the ground, corrupting them and turning them on their descendants. Since the Demon Bat had come, piglins had evolved to be smaller, weaker, and smarter. However, the wither skeletons dominated the battles, cutting down the piglins with their blackstone swords. The war was fairly even until the Wither began corrupting the bone golems. The golems took the corruption as easily as the other bones, and quickly became the piglins’ most deadly enemies. A single wither golem was able to take down a battalion of piglins, and the piglins’ weapons were weak against them. When the Demon Bat made its sacrifice, most of the wither soldiers were destroyed, few surviving. The remaining wither skeletons wander the old fortresses, constructed under the Wither’s first reign. The golems walk aimlessly through the abyss, their masters gone, no one to give them directions.

INFO: Wither golems have 150 health, and are unaffected by knockback, making it very difficult to deal with a charging golem. They are also able to one-shot an unarmored player with ease. Fighting these enemies is equivalent to fighting a buffed iron golem, so the strategies that work on iron golems should work on wither golems as well. Wither golems drop black iron ingots and a wither rose.


LORE: The Guardian Gods are not true Gods, nor are they true guardians. They, unlike guardians, have a living, organic mind controlling their actions. The creatures’ followers thought they would bring luck. Large monuments were built underwater to honor the creatures, and many gold offerings were thrown into the ocean. Being as intelligent as it was, the Guardian God took the offerings down to the underwater ravines, where the magma vents could soften the gold. The guardians created armor made from the gold: a thick plating that could withstand far more than the guardian itself could. This only made the followers more certain of their beliefs, and so the offerings kept coming. Any gold that could be found was cast into the water. However, as the Guardian Gods became larger and stronger with each offering, the Ancient Guardian identified them as a threat. Soon, every true guardian turned on the imposters, their heated lasers melting through the armor and piercing the vulnerable minds within. The creatures fled to the recesses of the deep frozen oceans to hide from the guardians. The guardians took over the monuments, and the followers disbanded. All except one group.

INFORMATION: The Guardian Gods are large enemies that spawn in the deep frozen ocean biome, and have 1,000 health. This makes it one of the weaker bosses, but it is still more powerful than any vanilla boss. Guardian Gods shoot tridents and deal melee damage if their enemy gets too close. The best strategy for fighting these would be to use cover and create an air pocket, using a Loyalty III Impaling V trident. Best results when using a team. The Guardian Gods drop a variety of gold items, some more useful than others.


LORE: The Brood Mothers are the queens of spiders, controlling their movements and even their minds. The Brood Mothers all went deep into the ground when the Dragon turned her gaze on the overworld, fearful of becoming a meal to the huge red monster that burned entire forests to the ground. Even so, the Dragon hunted down most of them, using her might to drill through the ground to where they had burrowed. However, now that the Dragon has become the Ender Dragon, and resides solely in the End, the queens have emerged, and they are starving for a creature to suck the life out of.

INFORMATION: The Brood Mothers have 600 health, putting them on par with a vanilla Wither health-wise. Fighting one of these monsters is exactly like what you’d expect. These creatures attack using melee, doing little damage with an individual bite, but poisoning you simultaneously. No matter how great your armor is, the Mothers can still do damage to you. They can also climb walls, so advanced cover will be needed. A crossbow is generally the best weapon when fighting Brood Mothers, and by using Quickdraw III and Harming II arrows, you can make fairly easy work of them. These mobs spawn in the ice spikes biome.


LORE: The shadow eyes are very mysterious creatures. Some kind of mutation between the three worlds. They were first sighted around the time the Dragon settled in the End. Nobody knows how they came to be, but they have ended many unfortunate adventurers’ lives. They don’t seem to be aggressive to creatures other than humans, or their created. 

INFORMATION: Shadow eyes are black flying balls of frustration that will try their best to ruin your day. They don’t have much health, but they can teleport and shoot wither skulls at you. If unarmored, a fight between a player and a shadow eye could really go either way. Even in later game, don’t get cocky, these things can still outmaneuver you. They drop black iron ingots, same as the wither golem.


LORE: The flying keys were made by the villagers shortly before their right to build, destroy, and craft was removed. The keys could only be found by someone capable of crafting, since they needed to be shot down with a bow. The Villagers designed the keys to fit the locked chests that were carried by the minor ancients.

INFORMATION: These keys won’t fight back, and you don’t need a broomstick to catch them. They spawn in the jungle biome, and have little health, making killing them easy. They will avoid humans, but can still be caught. Alongside normal flying keys are broken flying keys, which have torn wings, making them far easier to take out. The flying kes drop a key item.


LORE: Wasps are considered to be the embodiments of pugnacity by the majority of living creatures in Minecraft. However, these creatures are fairly nonaggressive, never attacking another living creature. They do show signs of dominance, but they can be ignored without consequence.

INFORMATION: Wasps are passive mobs that have no use in Version 2. They can be shot down, and will drop their stingers. Currently, stingers also have no use.


LORE: Mummies are ancient villagers that lived in the desert. These villagers built the desert temples, which held treasure, salted meat, and bread. Today, the meat has been reduced to rotten flesh and bones, and the bread is dust. The villagers rested peacefully in their tombs until the eleventh sect of vampires began to use the bodies as thralls. After the massacre of the eleventh sect, however, the mummies no longer have a purpose. Their story is not unlike that of the wither golems. They now wander the desert, without purpose, the soul long-gone from their bodies.

INFORMATION: Mummies essentially fill the gap of husk villagers. They do a fairly high amount of damage, have 20 health, and spawn in all desert variations. You can fight these creatures the same way as a zombie. They drop paper and sand currently, but that will be changed in V4.


LORE: The ghosts of Minecraft have been called many things. Ghouls, poltergeists, stalkers, wanderers, and so on. No matter what they are called, they are still just as dead, and deadly. Ghosts are believed to be villagers or illagers, their souls forced to wander the lands of Minecraft without purpose or direction. They only kill, for they know nothing more. Their lives, or deaths rather, are full of anguish and torment. Destroy them. Send them to the scale of Asmodea to be judged. Save them.

INFORMATION: Ghosts are very dangerous for the same reasons shadow eyes are dangerous. Ghosts fly erratically, swooping down to swipe at you with their ethereal claws. They are tougher than shadow eyes, but have no ranged options. They can be held off by using anything with range. The ghosts drop soul fire, which currently has no purpose. Except being my profile pic of course. 



LORE: Contrary to its nickname, black iron is not actually iron. It’s gold. The Wither was able to corrupt gold, to an extent. It couldn’t make the gold attack the piglins or form into large indestructible creatures, but it could get rid of an important resource to the piglins. The black iron couldn’t be formed into weapons or tools. The handles would turn to dust as soon as they connected the two. The wither golems had arms covered in black iron, which allowed them to turn wooden walls to dust. Perhaps the reason there are no crimson or warped buildings in the Nether currently. 

INFORMATION: Black iron currently only has use in the End Bone Sword recipe, but more uses will be on the way.


LORE: Ender powder is an unstable and powerful substance, the End’s counterpart to blaze powder. Ender powder is the mineral that allows the Ender Lord to teleport so quickly. The material has strong magic properties, even able to be turned into false runes.

INFORMATION: Ender Powder drops from the Ender Lord, and the item can be used in the End Bone Sword’s crafting recipe. 


(Note: the item in the bottom left is now a black iron ingot)

LORE: The End Bone sword is a powerful magic weapon, able to make the wielder mimic elytra. It has been wielded by many great warriors of the past, but it is broken each time. This is your chance to be the one warrior who held the sword, and kept it. The one whose sword wasn’t shattered by an ancient, or eaten by Miren the Glutton, or any other horrible outcome that seems to always come to this weapon.

INFORMATION: The End Bone Sword does 15 damage, and gives slow falling coupled with jump boost. The weapon requires End elements, Nether elements, and Overworld elements to make.


LORE: The flying keys sent out by the villagers were built to fit locks on chests. These chests are carried by the minor ancients, although nobody knows why. The chests are hiding their treasure, all you have to do is find the key.

INFORMATION: The key is an item dropped by flying keys, and the chest is dropped by the four minor ancients. The key and chest can be combined in any way, and the chest will open revealing its treasure to you.


LORE: Soul fire is created when the souls of the dead are set alight. While the soul is burning, it feels incredible agony and torment, which is completely inescapable. By killing ghosts or putting out soul fires in the nether, you are freeing souls from their great torment.

INFORMATION: Soul flames have no use currently, but they drop from ghosts, and will have a use in the future.


INFORMATION: The stinger is currently useless, but has a planned use.


LORE: The rune sword is the staple weapon of a dedicated adventurer, customizable to suit the user’s needs, capable of sustaining the elements. Currently, the Rune Sword is empty. It needs one of four elemental runes to operate at full power.

INFORMATION: The Rune sword is currently just a sword, but with V3, runes will be introduced, giving the weapon a function. It has a base damage of 8.



LORE: Saladite blocks are the purest blocks Minecraft will ever see. They have no taint from Overworld, End, or Nether.

INFORMATION: Saladite blocks are decorational light blocks used to compact saladite. Currently, saladite cannot be regained from the blocks, but this will be patched in V3. It is crafted by putting 9 saladite into a grid.



LORE: When the Dragon first arrived in the End, she hadn’t yet been tainted by the End’s energy. She was bright red and black, and breathed normal fire. However, after she absorbed the energy of the End, she became an entirely new beast.



Rameas, the Fire Lord

LORE: Rameas is one of the four element lords, each controlling a single basic element. Rameas is the Fire Lord. Rameas has also been called the King of the Blazes, although the term is less accurate. Rameas is the one responsible for turning the Nether from a dark underworld to the hellish inferno it is today. When the Dragon arrived in the Nether, Rameas appeared to stop her. After weeks of war, the Dragon seemed to come to a realization. The Nether could not be conquered without her and Rameas mutually destroying each other. With that in mind, she turned to the Overworld, where perhaps there would be less resistance.

INFORMATION: Rameas is essentially a large blaze. He fights like a blaze, defends like a blaze, and functions almost identically. He is the sacred guardian of the fire rune, and drops it upon death. The fire rune is one of the four runes that can be used in the rune sword. He and all the element lords have 500 health, making them relatively weak.

Barduul, the Earth Lord

LORE: Barduul is the ancient stone golem of the overworld. He serves to defend against the forces of fire, water, and sky. The most physically powerful of the lords, Barduul suffers from a lack of intelligence. He has no strategy, charging into battle with his stone fists raised. When the Dragon made her way to the overworld, Barduul was there to meet her. Being as intelligent as she was, the Dragon found that she was able to deactivate Barduul. As if he had always just been a part of the landscape, Barduul was soon overgrown, his life force drained. However, years later, a mysterious stranger, appearing to simply be an old man missing a few teeth, wearing nothing but rags appeared. Barduul was a hill at this point, covered in grass and dirt. The old man climbed onto Barduul’s back, and removed something from a bag. The earth rune. Holding the stone in both hands, the elder slammed the Rune into Barduul’s back, with a force that his frail stature should have never been able to accomplish. With a new energy flaring through Barduul’s body, he awoke. Standing up, he turned to see who had awakened him. However, there was nobody there. 

INFORMATION: As mentioned in the lore, Barduul is stupid. He will charge at you without trying to keep his distance, but deals a ton of damage if he manages to hit you. He has no range, needing to be right on top of you to hit you. Since he has only 500 health, you don’t need a team to defeat him, just a decent strategy or weapon will do the trick. Barduul drops the earth rune.

Sheina, the Sky Lord

LORE: Sheina is the guardian of the skies, choosing to take the form of a large mystic owl, although he can be many things. Sheina has had many conflicts with the other element lords, mainly for his haughtiness and arrogance. However, he is one of the strongest lords. Sheina forces his opponents to fight his way, in the sky. He went toe to toe with Rameas, and managed to defeat him, causing Rameas to flee. When the Dragon arrived, Sheina did not worry. He overestimated himself and his abilities, but when the Dragon finally turned on him, he was not prepared. The Dragon was incredibly intelligent, and was capable of easily evading his attacks. She seemed to know what he would do before he even did it. He was left crippled, and only the water lord at that time, Traikal, managed to put up a fight against her, causing her to eventually retreat to the End. 

INFORMATION: Sheina is difficult to say the least. He functions similarly to Firion, the Demon Bat, and shoots shulker bullets, forcing you into his territory, where he is strongest. Shields can block some of the bullets, but he sends enough that they are very difficult to block. Creating a platform above your head can be a good way to deal with the levitation.

Waneas, the Water Lord

LORE (Part 1): Waneas is said to be the only lord to succeed another. Waneas started out as a humble water mage, using his skills to help and support his tribe. However, the tribe began to notice a certain malice within Waneas. It started with drowning small insects in water, expanding all the way to using water to rip living creatures such as cows to shreds. The elders of the tribe waited far too long to banish Waneas. When they tried, he killed them all out of anger. There were other water mages in his village, but none as powerful as him. Finally, a newcomer challenged him. Waneas eagerly accepted, and they met on a beach to battle to the death. Waneas lifted a huge ball of water from the ocean and hurled it at the challenger. The man stood stock still until the projectile was almost upon him, then did something Waneas would never forget. He split the water. Pulling out a sword with lightning speed, he slashed upwards, separating the water, which recoiled away from the blade, falling to either side of him. Waneas went into a rage. He lifted hundreds of small globs of water, and did something no water mage had ever done before. He shaped the globs, then froze them. He now had hundreds of ice shards he could throw at this fool. However, the challenger removed his cloak, revealing black armor with white accents, and a helmet that seemed to be soulless. Burying his sword into the sand, he reached over his shoulder and pulled out a bow. It was red and gold, like the sword, and he drew back the string with no arrow. Waneas smirked, then shot the icy daggers towards him. The newcomer released the string. To Waneas’s shock, a projectile was fired, a ball of glowing blue energy. As the ball passed the ice shards, most of them melted instantly. Waneas, reacting quickly, brought up a shield of water, but couldn’t fully form it into ice in time. The ball shattered his progress, smashing into his chest and hurling him backwards. The pain he felt was indescribable. Hearing footsteps, Waneas tried to rise into a sitting position, but his torso was entirely burned. He could barely see. The challenger stood over him, victorious. The fight had happened so quickly. The victor raised his hand, and his cloak levitated, impossibly moving towards them. Waneas somehow stood up, and reached for the challenger’s neck. An upward slash from the sword was all it took, and Waneas found that his hands were gone. He fell back in horror, but did not hit the ground. He felt himself rising, the cloak catching him. It started to slowly wrap around Waneas’s body. Waneas screamed, but was powerless to stop it. The cloak finished its work, and the black-armored figure lifted Waneas up off the ground, this time using his hands, and hurled Waneas into the ocean. The place where Waneas was the strongest became his grave. Then, something happened that would change everything…

INFORMATION: Waneas is a tough enemy to deal with. He can shoot many water projectiles per second, and is an expert at keeping you away while simultaneously doing damage. He will find a way around your cover, making him a very adaptive boss. He will require great skill and aim to beat. He drops the water rune. A known bug is that you can trade with Waneas. THIS IS A BUG and I will try my best to fix it. (Bonus: if you want to use Waneas’s projectiles, you can type in the command: /give @s water:projectile. The projectile is otherwise unobtainable.)

Lineat, the Undead King

LORE: (Part 1): Satisfied with his handiwork, Lineat cleaned Waneas’s blood off his blade. The loss of his cloak was unfortunate, but he needed to end Waneas in a way that wouldn’t anger the gods. They had sent him with the phrase “eye for an eye” in mind. This was the closest thing he could do to replicate Waneas’s sins. He replaced his bow on his back, and grabbed his sword. Now, he would return home. Not back to the gods, but back to the tribe he had joined so he could kill Waneas. He had been accepted and appreciated there. And if the gods were angered by that, he didn’t care. He just didn’t want them to have anything else to be mad about. Plus, there was a particular girl in the village he had become close with. Maybe he could finally settle, create a family. But life has a way of turning plans upon their heads…


LORE: (Part 2): Waneas thrashed in the water, trying desperately to hold his breath as long as possible, without being able to swim upward to save himself. Soon, he understood his struggle was pointless, and let the water flood in. Only, it didn’t hurt. He didn’t feel like he was drowning, and he couldn’t feel the clutches of death pressing on him. He felt like he was part of the water, within it, but also of it. He commanded the water to untangle him from the cloak, and it obeyed willingly. When he had controlled water before, it had felt forced, like he had to bend the water to do what he wanted, but now, it seemed to agree with him. As the cloak fell off, Waneas snatched it, throwing it over his own shoulders, raising the hood. No one would know he had returned until it was too late. However, Waneas was still not strong enough to deal with his mysterious destroyer, the one who had ended Waneas’s life as he knew it. Waneas rose from the depths, the water in his lungs invigorating him rather than killing him. He breached the surface, and started into the blinding sun. He felt as though even the gods feared him. However, this last fight had humbled him. He was not a better person, but he was more tactical. He realized that while he may not be able to challenge the gods at the moment, he was able to challenge something lesser. Traikal was the water lord at that time, a massive creature that had a dolphin’s body, and tentacles extending from a squid-like face. Traikal had brought the Dragon to a stalemate, but the Dragon could not control the entire sea. Blasting through the oceans, Waneas began killing fish and destroying coral until Traikal inevitably appeared. Traikal was always the most intelligent of the lords, and was careful about dealing with Waneas. Unfortunately, the large creature had no idea what Waneas was capable of. The fight started when Traikal shot gallons of ink at Waneas, hoping to blind him. Traikal circled around, but the ink exploded outwards with a rush. Traikal fled to avoid the corrosive ink, and waited for it to dissipate. However, Waneas wasn’t as patient. Forming a current around him that led the water behind him, he shot through the water directly for Traikal. The lord tried to grab the small human with his tentacles, but they were too large to get a good grip, and Waneas went straight through Traikal. He came out holding a small stone, long and angular. It pulsed with a flowing blue light. The water rune. Traikal was dead within minutes. Waneas aided the process by controlling the water to crush him under immense pressure. Finally. The rune made Waneas beyond powerful enough to deal with his new enemy. But he would wait. He would wait until he had settled and had a family. Then Waneas would make them watch as he killed their father…


LORE (Part 2): Lineat had lived in the tribe for seven years now, and the gods had never seemed angered. He had settled with Marai, the woman he’d been smitten with since they had met. They had three children, all on the same day. Lineat saw it as a condolence from the gods, a message saying that they weren’t angry with him, instead blessing him for completing his work. Lineat had locked up his weapons years ago, unwilling to risk his family for the thrill of battle. What he had done to Waneas, who was only a boy really, still haunted him and gave him nightmares. He had decided to train the young men of the tribe the ways of combat. Despite not being an original member of the tribe, they began to call him their king, and they showered him with riches, giving him a massive house. He did not understand why they were so ecstatic about the horrible thing Lineat had done, but he accepted the gifts gladly. They reminded him of being a demigod, living in the heavens without a care in the world. It was an ordinary evening, Lineat and his family were sitting at their round table, eating the chicken he had hunted a few hours ago. Something changed in the air. It seemed to go very still. Lineat’s triplets stopped talking. They could feel it too. Marai was unaware of the feeling. She did not have the blood of gods within her veins. It was not long before the screaming started. Sounds of agony, crashing wood and… water. Roaring water slamming into buildings and murdering people. Lineat’s blood went cold. Everything seemed to slow down. Lineat kicked down the door, the one he had locked and thrown away the key to, and grabbed his sword. It was a bright red weapon, with a gold streak down the center and splitting across the crossguard. He threw his bow over his shoulder. He also grabbed his helmet and slammed it onto his head, rushing outside. And he was there. The man he had thought was dead seven years ago. Waneas had a giant snakelike stream of water smashing into houses, recoiling and moving from building to building. Wasting no time, Lineat removed his bow from his back, drawing back the string with all his might and releasing. The familiar thrill set his blood on fire. He hadn’t fought in seven years. He didn’t realise how much he had missed the thrill of the fight until now. The familiar blue ball of energy shot out from the bow, accurately zipping towards Waneas’s head. Lineat noticed that Waneas was wearing Lineat’s robe, the one he had been able to telepathically control. He had severed his bond with the cloak when he dropped it into the ocean. Waneas’s hands were made of water, and they seemed to function completely fine. Waneas spun and directed the stream of water directly at the ball of energy. Mimicking their first fight, the projectile smashed through the water. Only this time, Waneas froze the water instantly. The ice exploded from the strain. Lineat quickly loosed another blast, but this time Waneas did not attempt to block it, instead leaning to one side and letting it pass him. Waneas turned the ice back into water, and sent it at Lineat. He held his sword out in front of him, splitting the water, again as he had in their first duel. However this time, after Lineat had split the water, Waneas directed the two streams behind him, slamming into Lineat’s back. He was thrown forward, and Waneas reached his arm back, throwing a punch with a hand that had frozen into ice. He slammed it into Lineat’s chest, sending him flying back into the door of his home. Using water to boost himself, Waneas kicked Lineat the second he stood up, smashing him through the door, splinters of wood exploding everywhere. His family screamed. Waneas smirked and made his hand into an icy blade. He slammed it down, but Lineat rolled, kicking Waneas in the face. Waneas was thrown to the side. He tried to get up but Lineat grabbed him and threw him against the wall, then stood him up, punching his face until the man could not breathe. He grabbed Waneas by the neck and lifted him up, using only one hand.

“I should’ve done this right the first time” Lineat whispered into Waneas’s face, pulling a dagger from the sheath on his belt. As he prepared to kill him, he became aware of his family, horrified, huddled in a corner. The fire in his veins was extinguished, the thrill vanishing. Waneas saw his moment and took it. Using his ice blades, he stabbed deep into Lineat’s chest, savoring the look of utter torment on his family’s faces. Lineat fell soundlessly, having died a little too fast for Waneas’s liking. With that, Waneas left, disappearing back into the ocean. Lineat knew he was dead. He could feel that he was no longer real or tangible. Then he realized where he was. A huge scale rest in front of him, a face that covered the sky above it. He did not let the judge talk, instantly screaming to go back to his family. The judge’s face twisted into a horrible smile and Lineat realized he had made a mistake. He was sucked back into the mortal realm, but something was very wrong. He was in his armor, but he wasn’t really there. He could see from his armor’s perspective, but was not truly inside of it. He could feel the armor’s intentions somehow. It was moving of its own power, going to kill his family. The judge was reuniting him with his family in an evil and vengeful way. Sacrificing every bit of godhood ge had within him, he banished the armor, condemning it to be sucked within his crown, not unlike a genie in a bottle from the old stories. 

INFORMATION: Lineat can only be summoned by using his crown. You must craft the crown then “eat” it to summon him. He has 200 health and his fighting skill is gone, simply behaving as a zombie would. Lineat drops his sword, known as The Royal Sword in-game. 

Vampire Eye

LORE: The vampire eyes are what people say they are. They are the eyes of vampires, mutated and cursed with long forbidden dark magic. Their wings sprouting from their backs are the wings they were told to have possessed in life. Contrary to popular belief, vampires were not truly undead. They were an entire race that had once existed in full. However, they now live underground in hidden sanctuaries. The vampire eyes found across the overworld at night come from the third sect, which was one of the many sects of vampires who were massacred as a result of their attack on the gods. They were cursed to exist as weak, lesser life forms without a purpose.

INFORMATION: Vampire eyes are uncommon, medium difficulty mobs. They can shoot arrows at you and are fairly difficult to land a hit on. They drop vampire eyes as an item.


LORE: Dragonlings aren’t actually dragons, they just look similar to how the Ender Dragon did before she snapped. They are flying reptiles that seem to understand that monsters are the true enemies of the worlds, and will also attack lords. They seem to have a story similar to the Dragon’s. They were originally bright red and black, but the End completely changed them, the way it changes all things that reside there for too long. They are friendly towards humans and enjoy fish, possibly hinting at a human and dragonling relationship that existed before the Dragon ruined everything. 

INFORMATION: Dragonlings are one of the very few mobs in this addon that won’t attack you on sight. In fact, they can be tamed by humans, if you feed them cooked fish. They use fireballs to defend their owners, and can even be named. They have 80 health, spawn in the End, and drop end crystals and end powder upon death.

End Wanderer

LORE: End Wanderers are said to be players who decided to live in the End. Despite the efforts of their friends urging them not to, they had set their minds to it, and now live there permanently. However, the End taints all living creatures that live in it, including humans. They have already begun their transformation to the tall endermen, but retain enough humanity to trade with you. 

INFORMATION: End Wanderers essentially act as End villagers. They have trades, run away from enemies, and are very greedy. Killing the Wanderers causes them to drop end powder. Maybe killing them for their garbage trades is actually justifiable now.


Elemental Runes

LORE: The four elemental runes are four very powerful artifacts that are guarded by the four element lords. They are as ancient as the elements themselves, and have passed users multiple times, usually ending up back in the hands of their respective lord. They can be channeled by the Rune Sword, a common weapon among ambitious adventurers. 

INFORMATION: The runes drop from Rameas, Waneas, Barduul, and Sheina. They can be crafted with the Empty Rune sword to create one of the four rune swords.

Element Rune Swords

LORE: Very few have ever been able to place a rune within the rune sword, but those who are skilled or fortunate enough usually end up returning the rune to its element, for no one human should ever have control over an element. They are said to give the wielder the aspects of their respective elements.

INFORMATION: The fire sword grants invisibility and fire resistance, the air gives slow falling and jump boost, earth is strength and resistance, and water is haste and speed. Each does 20 damage, and has infinite durability. 

Vampire Eye Lens

LORE: The vampire eye lens is a method for humans to gain some of the positive aspects of a vampire. The eye feeds directly to the user’s brain, illuminating dark areas and providing light where none should be.

INFORMATION: The Vampire Eye Lens is crafted using the vampire eye drop, bandages, and glass panes. It gives night vision when worn. To wear it, hold it in your hand and long press the screen; right click on Windows 10.


LORE: Bandages were used to wrap the ancient mummies of Minecraft’s deserts.

INFORMATION: Bandages can be used in the V.E.L. recipe, and will have healing uses in the future.

The Royal Broadsword

LORE: The Royal Broadsword is the weapon that Lineat used, before being murdered by Waneas. It still hums with its great energy, the energy that split water. 

INFORMATION: The Royal Broadsword drops from Lineat, the Undead King. It deals 10 damage, and has 10,000 durability. Its main use comes in a crafting recipe for one of the better weapons in this addon.

The Royal Bow

LORE: The Royal Bow is Lineat’s bow, the great weapon that could shoot balls of energy without an arrow. It is still capable of doing so to this day.

INFORMATION: Using The Royal Broadsword, blaze rods, and string, you can reforge what Lineat’s bow once was, an unstoppable godly weapon. The Royal Bow shoots about 3 projectiles per second, each of which do 15 damage. While not as powerful as Lineat’s original bow, which was lost ages ago, it still can be used to defeat tough enemies like the lords and the ancients.

The Royal Crown

LORE: When Lineat returned to the overworld, he banished his cursed armor, and himself, to his crown. What he didn’t realize was that if someone were to replicate his crown, and use soul fire, he could be summoned using the replica as well. 

INFORMATION: The Royal Crown is the only way to spawn Lineat in, and can be “eaten” like the projectile weapons and armors.

Note: the crafting recipe of THE BRIDGE has changed, flipping the blaze rod and stick.




LORE: The ice golems were created long ago by an ancient civilization living in the frozen tundras of Minecraft. They were to be a merging of the strength of an iron golem and the adaptability of the snow golems. However, the experiments failed, and the creations were weaker than iron golems, and slower and closer ranged than snow golems. Their creators tried to destroy them, as they were useless to any real threat, but the golems were strong enough to kill their makers and flee. Many of them were hunted down and destroyed, but some survived, and still feel the urge to kill the humans they find.

INFORMATION: Ice golems are fairly basic enemies, medium health, fairly low damage. They can be dealt with easily, and have decent loot. Ice Golems drop blue ice and diamond equipment, compensating for their rare spawn rate.


LORE: When the Dragon attacked the overworld, she left huge swaths of land decimated and unlivable. There were many villages, and consequently iron golems, in these lands. The iron golems survived the initial blasts, but were blackened and warped, turning into deranged killing machines that still believe the Dragon is burning and killing them, making them attack innocent people.

INFORMATION: Molten Golems serve to make the molten plains a harsher and more wastelandish place. They have a large amount of health and damage, so caution is advised. They are a fairly common enemy in the plains, so escaping from them is difficult. They drop blaze powder, making them the only way to get the material in the overworld.


LORE: The Nature Sprite was the servant of Barduul before his defeat at the Dragon’s hands. It served faithfully, protecting the living creatures and plants of the overworld. However, after Barduul was deactivated, the sprite had to fill in his place, a difficult task for one without a rune. The sprite tried it’s best, but the human forces coupled with the other elements were too strong, and the sprite went into hiding. After Barduul’s return, the sprite knew it couldn’t return to him, or it would face justice. So the nature sprite continued to hide, growing stronger and stronger, until it was more powerful than any lord. However, the sprite chose to stay hidden in the forests, lest the lords form an alliance to deal with it. While the sprite couldn’t draw too much attention to itself, a small insignificant player wouldn’t change much would it…?

INFORMATION: The sprite is a boss, and a tough one at that. It calls upon the life force of creatures nearby to cast bolts of energy at opponents, with devastating results. The sprite has 1,000 health, and drops two melee earth tomahawks, which can be converted to channel the energy of life. 


LORE: When the guardian gods were chased off by the true guardians, most of their worshippers disbanded, however one group stayed active. A particularly nasty and aggressive derivative of the religion, the last group kidnap villagers and use them as sacrifices, while continuing to loot and plunder for gold to offer. The guardian gods no longer return to the surface, making the offers and sacrifices pointless, however the cultists continue to idolize the creatures without fail. 

INFORMATION: Guardian god cultists are generic enemies. Zombie-like health, good damage, and carrying a gold sword. They can drop several gold items upon death, including carrots. They spawn on beaches and can be dangerous if confronted without armor.


LORE: As part of the eleventh sect’s continued research in the raising of the dead, many wolves became subject to the vampires’ experiments. The wolves were killed, allowed to decay for a short while, then the vampires used their magic to raise them. Unfortunately, like with the mummies, the tests were successful, and the wolves became the guards of the eleventh sect, forced to obey their masters’ will. When the eleventh sect was massacred along with the third, first, and sixth sect, the wolves fled. Most died, but some adapted, learning how to survive without the support of the vampire masters. Now, they kill because it is their lifestyle. They have no other objective than to kill trespassers. 

INFORMATION: Vampire wolves function very similarly to zombies, only faster. They still die in the daylight, a property shared by most undead. They drop vampire blood and rotten flesh, representing their undead aspects and their vampiric aspects. 


LORE: The spirit Fox has been the protector of humans since ancient times. Few beings could ever match its loyalty. However, the Dragon dealt with it before even attacking the rest of the overworld. It was nearly killed, but it used the last bits of power it had to embed itself throughout the world in deposits of magical ore. By using that ore, among other things, a sliver of the spirit fox can be summoned to fight for humanity once again. 

INFORMATION: The spirit fox is a pet only spawnable by using the summoner item. It can be tamed with chicken, and is rideable and will attack monsters and even the lords. It will drop its summon upon death, allowing you to resummon and retame the magical beast.



LORE: When the spirit Fox nearly died, it spread itself across the world, becoming a nexus to magic for those without the inherent ability. It became a new unearthly rock clumping in many locations across the world. 

INFORMATION: Magic Stones are very useful in many crafting recipes, so make sure to mine any magic ore you see.


LORE: By using soul fire, an inherently magical substance, many mages have been able to do incredible damage, destroying things without even intending to. Soul fire is a very unstable form of fire, and thus more powerful, but also more dangerous. Using a magic stone, you too can harness the power of soul magic and cast it upon your foes. 

INFORMATION: Soul magic is a decent ranged power, doing high damage with a low range.


LORE: The earth tomahawk is the weapon favored by the nature sprite, and is capable of drawing the life force from nearby organic material to shoot green bolts of energy.

INFORMATION: By default, the nature sprite will drop two tomahawks. This is so one of them can be turned into the ranged version while the other stays melee.


LORE: THE SOLUTION is far too dangerous to be kept as it is. It needs to be controlled, and kept from destroying the worlds. The only way to do this is too infuse it with the power of the gods. By using more saladite, and even several of THE BRIDGE, THE SOLUTION can become a much more controlled bow, which is less powerful, but has far more potential. Now all it needs is a god to power it.

INFORMATION: The unpowered godly bow is by far the best ranged weapon in game, nothing else comes close to matching it. The other bosses of the game will be a breeze to defeat, although the Dragon can’t be hit by it. It’s a bug that required fixing.


LORE: The Bloodwrath was the sword wielded by Nalek’dar, the vampire who led the charge against the gods. A powerful weapon, using the blood of its past victims as a weapon. The weapon was shattered by Thurom, the god of storms, but it can be recreated, it just needs the right wielder.

INFORMATION: The Bloodwrath is a powerful ranged weapon that can be acquired early game, and is very useful for taking down early bosses. Note: the Bloodwrath’s crafting got messed up, and will be fixed in V5.


INFORMATION: The empty ice sword is used later on to create the ice sword, a strong reliable weapon. 


LORE: False runes were created by humans to represent different derivatives of one of the core elements. They are much more crude and less powerful than true runes, but serve a similar purpose. 


LORE: The ice sword is a frame built to withstand and manipulate the raw energy of the ice false rune. It turns the energy into a flat blade capable of blasting cold energy at anyone who dares to stand in your path. Few adventurers have ever wielded an ice sword, but all agree that it is a very strong and powerful weapon.


LORE: Vampire blood is a dangerous substance prone to causing delirium and hysteria in those who come into contact with the liquid. It has its uses, however.

INFORMATION: Vampire blood will be used in a future crafting recipe, and drops from vampire eyes and vampire wolves.


LORE: Purifiers are used to channel magic and saladite to remove corruption from any substance, restoring it to an unaltered state. They represent a bondage between the pure and magic, which in and of itself is infinitely pure and impure at the same time.

INFORMATION: A purifier can be used to remove the taint of the End from the dragon egg, restoring it to a bright red egg, untouched by the End’s influence. 


LORE: The red dragon egg is the egg the Dragon would have laid, had she stayed in the overworld or nether. An untouched, completely pure dragon egg. Perhaps the next dragon could choose to side with the worlds, rather than try to conquer them. 






Changelog View more

What's new in V4?

Added Ice Golem

Added Nature Sprite

Added Guardian God Cultist

Added Lava Cat

Added Molten Golem

Added Vampire Wolf

Added Spirit Fox

Added Soul Magic

Added Magic Stone

Added Earth Magic

Added Earth Tomahawk

Added Unpowered Godly Bow

Added Bloodwrath

Added Ice False Rune

Added Empty Ice Sword

Added Ice Sword

Added Vampire Blood

Added Magma Stone

Added Purifier

Added Magic Ore

Added Red Dragon Egg

Added Spirit Fox Summon

Added Molten Plains Biome

Changed Armor Textures

Fixed Bugs

Fixed the download links. They should now function perfectly without the pack manifest being 'unknown'

What's New in V3?

Added Rameas, the Fire Lord

Added Sheina, the Sky Lord

Added Barduul, the Earth Lord

Added Waneas, the Water Lord

Added Vampire Eye

Added Dragonling

Added End Wanderer

Added Lineat, the Undead King

Added Fire Rune

Added Earth Rune

Added Air Rune

Added Water Rune

Added Fire Rune Sword

Added Earth Rune Sword

Added Air Rune Sword

Added Water Rune Sword

Added Vampire Eye (Item)

Added Vampire Eye Lens

Added Bandages

Added The Royal Bow

Added The Royal Broadsword

Added The Royal Crown

Added Water Projectile

Added Royal Bow Projectile

Mob Spawn Rates Have Been Tweaked

Mummies Now Drop Bandages

All Bosses (Except The Wither And Ender Dragon) Now Have Names.

Changed prefix to 'exp'

Added Wither Golem

Added Guardian God

Added Brood Mother

Added Shadow Eye

Added Flying Key and Broken Flying Key

Added Wasp 

Added Mummy

Added Ghost

Added Black Iron Ingot

Added Ender Powder

Added End Bone Sword

Added Key

Added Locked Chest

Added Soul Flame

Added Stinger

Added Empty Rune Sword

Added Saladite Block

Changed Wither Texture

Changed Elytra Texture

Changed THE BRIDGE texture

Changed Nether Gem Texture

Changed End Pestle Texture

Added mcpack links to the download to make the addon more accessible.


To install, I recommend checking out the Actual Guns addon. Azozgamer has posted a really helpful download guide for .zip packs!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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4.75 / 5 (20 votes)
  1. Hey everyone, I noticed more people excited for V5 than I imagined. This is why I regret to inform that V5 is being indefinitely postponed. I’ve decided I want to put more time into a project coming soon called “Techknot Productions.” I’m sure you guys will love it, and our first addon is being released soon. Just a bit more coding to be done. Thank you for your patience. I still intend to do V5, and I still have equally high standards for it, but it may be a while before it comes out in full.

  2. Catbr says:

    You use Addons Maker for Minecraft PE, yeah? If it is, do u have discord? I need some hints for making addons…

  3. MinecraftChicken says:

    I cant extract the files it just gets stuck what do i do?

  4. Wait…Is anyone notice the MAGIC STONE is actually a WATER STONE in Pokémon Games?!?!?

  5. tt89332 says:

    Hello, this addon is very interesting, but I found a lot of bugs and some unreasonable places during the game. Firstly, the custom boxes in the addon are invalid. Secondly, you type black_iron_ingot in the loot_table of wither_golem. Black_iron, which makes it impossible for players to get black_iron_ingot by defeating wither_golem. Finally, you removed all the effects in play.json, which made the potions I brewed invalid. Believe me, this is not good for our players’ survival , We need the effect of the potion to fight against those powerful bosses. Finally, I hope you can accept my opinion, fix these bugs and improve the problems I said, and look forward to your next update.

  6. Malsawmzuala says:

    You should illustrate the story on YouTube

  7. Guest-9929984571 says:

    do you know when the fix will be out?

  8. Guest-1605202389 says:

    idk if its just mine but im playing on windows 10, whenever i install the packs nothing really happens, ive enabled them both and experimental gameplay but nothing happens does anyone know why?

  9. Guest-5540165300 says:

    only the textures work on my world the armor and elytra change but i don’t get anything new can u plz fix i want this addon so bad

  10. kvenze says:

    I really love this addon, it adds so much to vanilla minecraft, I play on an Ipad Pro on the latest IOS and after some play testing it seems like there is an abundance of nature sprites that spawn, and a severe lack of other bosses in terms of spawn rate. The ranged Earth Tomahawk of the nature sprite is extremely OP and common which makes all the bosses that I’ve spawned with spawn eggs extremely easy. I just hope that you can fix the spawn rates of the other bosses in the mod. I appreciate the work you’ve done with with this mod and I will be looking forward to future updates.

    • Hi! Thank you for your review! Nature Sprite spawning is severely bugged, and I intend to tweak it for sure. I have been messing around with spawn rates for some time, and I think I will just make all the bosses manual spawns. To get the earth tomahawk, you need to kill the nature sprite, which has 1k health, so I don’t think it’s too OP, especially since the bosses with actually good loot tend to have very high hp. However I will consider nerfing it.

      • kvenze says:

        Thank you so much for the feedback, I’d also like to give additional information about this annoying bug wherein any item you would be holding would be replaced with a vampire eye lens and automatically be equipped which also removes the current helmet you were wearing. I found this bug to occur at instances where another player would join my world through LAN. Another bug I have found is the inability to have item effects stack, for instance, you can’t have the effects of the air rune sword when wearing a vampire eye lens or a ravager helmet. Sorry for the long comment, thank you for the time.

        • Guest-6929790176 says:

          Not a problem! I am still testing around with multiplayer, and someone is helping me fix some of the bugs. The effects should stack. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t. I’ll look into it, as I haven’t heard about this bug yet.

  11. Guest-8631238095 says:

    Hello, not pushing you to do it any faster or anything, since I know that this update will about double the size of it, but do you know about when it will come out? I’m excited for V5.

    • Guest-6659143510 says:

      I plan to release it sometime in August. I have lately been doing texture work for other creators, but I will get back around to this addon in time. I’m working on another addon with coptaine and another texture creator, and believe me, it will set a new benchmark for the type of addon it is.

  12. Guest-8056008561 says:

    Does this mod/add-on work on windows 10?

  13. Guest-3497014669 says:

    i just pasted ∞ and did that

  14. PsychedVGC says:

    I am sorry I know this has nothing to do with your addon, but could you explain what you put in for durability on Addons maker for mcpe to make the durability infinite? Thanks.

  15. Guest-3278199220 says:

    Ok how will I apply the fixed Pack I currently cant delete packs and my computer won’t apply duplicate packs to MC

  16. Guest-6135390538 says:

    Hey I downloaded this addon and went to test it in creative. Nothing worked, I couldn’t craft any of the weapons or summon any mobs, nor have I encountered any of them. though I went to the end and the Dragon was the new one. If anyone knows why only part of this is working plz help I really want to do a play through in survival

  17. PsychedVGC says:

    Heya not trying to rush you or anything like that, I’m just curious if you have an estimate to when you think v5 will come out.

    • Guest-6130480989 says:

      Absolutely no idea. I’m working on it very slowly. I was getting kind of stressed lately, so I’m taking it in small portions to keep me from thinking I need to bite off more than I can chew.

  18. Guest-6684882126 says:

    Can I make a Minecraft survival series with this please

  19. PsychedVGC says:

    Love the mod, but I have a few problems. I’m not sure if this has to do with the fact that I’m iOS or not, but I have exp gameplay on and this is the only mod installed. My problem is that THE SOLUTION does not seem to do 5000 damage and instead takes like 50 hits to kill the Ender dragon. Also could you consider making the spawn rates higher, the only thing I can find is nature sprite. I can’t even find the end wanderer in the end.

  20. Guest-7651143117 says:

    this was really good mod but I think there is a bug where I can’t craft the end sword and do you have any page or site that has the full guides for this? I appreciate it if you can do it

  21. GoldKey says:

    This mod feels like it was ripped straight from the Java edition. It’s pretty fantastic and also relatively tough early on when you’re alone without friends like me. The shear quantity and quality of the content is really impressive. One minor hiccup I’ve found so far is the nature sprite’s bossbar vanishing completely, not even coming back when you’re right next to it. It happens if you die and respawn out of range for it to show up. It’s pretty annoying but relatively harmless. Not sure if it happens with the other bosses though.

    • Guest-8175802508 says:

      Unfortunately, this does happen with other bosses too. I honestly don’t know why, but it’s beyond repair. There’s no reason it should be doing that. Thanks for your kind words as well! It really helps support me!

  22. Guest-1981257443 says:

    Yunno, maybe you should become an author…
    The lore is fricking amazing, I spent an hour reading it, it gets 9999999999999/1, it’s the most amazing story I’ve seen. If you used even more description, people would absolutely love it!! The mod is much better than what I initially thought of it, this is the most AMAZING mod ever! To those who haven’t downloaded it, I recommend you should, it’s so goooood

  23. Guest-5662593884 says:

    Hi, you’re a genius, this is the best Minecraft addon I’ve ever known, and I want to make a series of videos to introduce it on my channel, not knowing you can agree. Can I use this addon !!! My channel is Khuong Sensei !!

  24. Guest-3812087962 says:

    Dis mod
    It is da best

  25. Guest-7785698550 says:

    Please give us a mediafire installation link

    • The installation link is direct. Putting a media fire link would just make it take longer for everyone, since it just leads to to the exact same link I can post on the site.

      • Guest-6445347073 says:

        Hi, you’re a genius, this is the best Minecraft addon I’ve ever known, and I want to make a series of videos to introduce it on my channel, not knowing you can agree. Can I use this addon !!! My channel is Khuong Sensei !!

  26. Guest-2242132767 says:

    Daaaaamn,this is an absolute piece of art,but that lore tho……
    ye know im suprised mojang hasnt hired you yet,you could easily write books and novels for them,and it would sell like hot cakes!

    • I wish! Although my writing is a bit on the dark side for Minecraft. But it would be really really cool. V5 is coming along slowly, and it’s going to be the biggest update, probably doubling the size of the addon, which means lots more lore! Thanks by the way!

      • Guest-4169582389 says:

        This is going to be very interesting with V5. The lore for V1-V4 already was outstanding, but double the add on size so far? That’s amazing!

  27. Guest-4498783837 says:

    This addon looks great! But… every time I load into a world with this addon Nothing changes, I cannot find any crystals or THE SOLUTION in my inventory, even in creative. /give doesn’t work and I really want to try this addon. Could you PLEASE fix this bug.

    • Guest-8783223541 says:

      Make sure to have experimental gameplay on, along with the behavior pack and resource pack. Magic stone spawns in caves, but also on the surface in extreme hills biomes. Saladite spawns at y level 6 and below, meaning it won’t spawn in caves. You have to search for it like you would ancient debris. It has a high explosion resistance as well. The prefix for all the items in this addon is exp, so if you wanted THE SOLUTION, you would have to type /give @s exp:the_solution

  28. Guest-2416997967 says:

    This is so cool! are there going to be backstories and other stuff about the vampires sounds quite interesting.

  29. Guest-6091022564 says:

    I dont know what other IOS users feel about this add on but my iphone 6 works perfectly find.
    Thank you alot absolute killer of an add-on my man keep up the good work👍👍❤️

    • Guest-3623870968 says:

      Definitely agree w u, this is a wonder of an Addon, really. There are a couple of bugs, but I’m sure the creator will have them fixed pretty soon, I basically consider myself blessed that I was rifling through mcpedl a few weeks ago.

    • PsychedVGC says:

      Love the mod, but I have a few problems. I’m not sure if this has to do with the fact that I’m iOS or not, but I have exp gameplay on and this is the only mod installed. My problem is that THE SOLUTION does not seem to do 5000 damage and instead takes like 50 hits to kill the Ender dragon. Also could you consider making the spawn rates higher, the only thing I can find is nature sprite. I can’t even find the end wanderer in the end.

  30. Guest-7147063440 says:

    Thank you Amazing work dude😆😆😆😆
    This is absolute stunner of an addon.

  31. Guest-3744611173 says:

    Are you planning to add something like elemental armour that could be made with the runes, or like Saladite or magic stone armour? That would be pretty cool! Also, I love the way you made the Addon with such an interesting storyline, are the separate storylines going to connect together at one point?

    • I am definitely going to add armor. I think Rune armor would be a little OP, but I am looking at other armors for sure. I can’t really make all the storylines connect, since this is still an addon, and it would be very difficult to organize a storyline collision within the game itself. I like the magic stone armor idea as well, I’ll definitely consider it.

  32. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Add biomes like in Abyssalcraft mod

  33. Guest-9136426333 says:

    Can you add new armours ?

  34. Guest-8633820572 says:

    This is like a CurseForge worthy mod it’s amazing with the way you have made all the things in the mod and I absolutely love it and look forward to all the new updates! This is the most amazing mod that I have ever seen that expands Minecraft in such a unique way that it is amazing. I love it! When will the next update be out? I’m excited!

  35. Guest-3989262209 says:

    Hey man, I just gotta say, reading all of this was just amazing! The effort put into this project is just astounding! I would love to try this out but unfortunately I’m on Windows 10. Do you have any plans to make this addon work for Windows 10? This is some good stuff and I would love to try it!

    • Believe me, if I could, I would. I know absolutely nothing about coding, so the problem is unfixable to me. Maybe I can get someone more tech-savvy to take a look at the files and find the issue, but for now, all I can do is apologize.

  36. Guest-1729619454 says:

    Mod doesnt work, i used experimental gameplay ofcourse, installed both files, it just makes me have perma night vision, craft 64 golden apples from nothing and it spawns magical ore but it wont drop anything. I cant craft any of the items either.

  37. Guest-9676803905 says:

    Some parts of the addon work however i can never find any of the mobs or craft the swords. I use windows 10 edition

  38. Guest-6407215935 says:

    Is there a problem on my end or is it one on yours when I extract the file it always stops at overworld saladite?

  39. CreeperPGN says:

    Hey, I found a bug in this addon which makes drowned become neutral and do not attack the player. Is this is intended?

  40. Guest-5181384795 says:

    I love the lore it sets up a hole world to experience and gives actual reason to what is going on

  41. justZitt_ says:

    MAN! ive been reading lore for 50+ mins, you REALLY dis it well. gonna see that scary guys in game now.
    wanna say good luck to ya,this is the most incredible thing ive ever seen!

  42. Guest-1330326990 says:

    Hello this is one of the best mods I’ve ever seem, but I have a problem so I play in windows 10 and when I try to run the mod it say Import Failed” Is there a way to fix it?

  43. Guest-6391221147 says:

    Hey, this is an amazing Addon! It really is Minecraft Expanded! This is definitely beyond my ability (I hardly know how to use mope commands) and the lore is very well thought out as well! Could you try to add more mythical mobs?

  44. SUPER L 222 says:

    At somepoint only the Blocks are there why? (I am at 1.14.60)

  45. blood eye says:

    you know guardians are robot right? it was explained by the creator of Minecraft

  46. Guest-4575086225 says:

    Add more bows please I still loved your addon But please add more and pets

  47. typicalwater says:

    why did the same guy spam 3, 1 stars?

  48. Guest-1257011157 says:

    None of the mobs spawn naturally for me

  49. Guest-4984541683 says:

    The link is still broken

  50. Guest-1757050787 says:

    umm when i play all the new updates and textures to wither and ender dragon work but the swords dont work why is that its a very good addon i can see so i would give 5 stars but i am not logged in :/

  51. Guest-3930020330 says:

    This is awesome! Can you add a completely tameable rideable mob other than the dragonling??

  52. JPhantom2020 says:

    Bro is showing “Resource Pack not recognized”

  53. Guest-4631527341 says:

    Hey when i play there is a stack of enchanted golden apples in the crafting tool.

  54. I tried downloading this because it looks amazing, but it failed to import i be seen that others have had the same problem, but you say the links on discord work, so can you tell me the link to the discord or just did the link?

  55. Guest-2924420490 says:

    Hey. I’ve been playing your game for a while, and it is great! However I have a problem with my friends joining on my local server, which in turn have a 100% chance of spawning a ravager mask in my armor slot (This is on v2 btw I hope you fixed it), but other than that the add-on is really great I hope to see the future version of this. ILY

  56. Guest-4935767083 says:

    Can you make the v1 download link for this addon accessable again please. 😢 I really want to redownload the fiest verson.

  57. Shadowgamer6885 says:

    Add lava cats

  58. Guest-7078209927 says:

    doesn’t work but seems to be a great mod, don’t spam jeez it looks like a lot of work just for the lore imagine the work needed for the whole mod/programming.

  59. Initiator says:

    Wow this is great I really like the lore can I make a mine-imator movie about it just for me to practice

  60. Guest-4502131749 says:

    Bruh it says the import isn’t working. Is this a bug?

  61. P1xe1at3d says:

    Cant download. I forgot rating so 1 is my answer. >:C It didnt work so I got beta and it still didnt work.

  62. P1xe1at3d says:

    Cant download..

  63. Guest-1563463483 says:

    has this been fixed? because the last time I tried to work this nothing worked and yes I had experimental and education on it just didn’t want to work

  64. Join the addon creators discord! I am trying to build a community where everybody can talk, share ideas, and get to know each other. Anyone can join, including people who haven’t made addons. There are three roles: Addon Creator, Addon Tester, and No Addons Created. Being a tester means anyone can call on you at any time to test their addon, or a specific feature within reason. Here’s the link! Don’t worry, it won’t expire.

  65. Guest-3362892668 says:

    why mobs and resources don’t appear naturally ?

  66. Guest-7885819596 says:

    its not letting
    me make any of the swords

  67. Guest-9200419750 says:

    This add-on is quite good, could use some improvements in some textures, although there are some other things that need tweaking.
    I’ve noticed inconsistency with normal minecraft lore and plain logic, if you want to expand upon normal minecraft, take existing lores and lore hints into consideration;
    1. Why make wild ravagers? Ravagers are most likely some weird mutated villager, if they were just some beast tamed by illagers, it would not make sense for Jeb to say that them being scared of rabbits doesn’t fit with their lore, and thus removing the feature, and their uncanny resemblance to villagers.

    “But random commenter, all illagers resemble villagers, Dum-Dum!”

    Yes, but all illagers have seperated eyebrows.
    It would not make sense for a ravager to have a villager-esque unibrow if it wasn’t connected to villagers somehow.
    It also makes low-pitched villager noises mixed with growls, instead of a low-pitched version of the more irritated sounding illager noises mixed with growls.

    2. Why are the elytra dragon wings?!
    It’s an elyta, NOT LITERAL WINGS!

    • 1. I see you’ve been watching some Game Theory! I think the idea is cool, but the reasoning behind why they look the way they do will be explained in V5 or V6. I have a roadmap planned for this addon.

      2. The point is kind of that they aren’t elytra anymore. I changed them into something different. The piece of lore I forgot to write was that the inhabitants of the end, the ones who created the end cities, created the elytra in her likeness, before she was corrupted by the End. Also, beetles don’t use their elytra to glide, they are simply there to act as armor. Therefore, the actual name doesn’t even really make sense, considering elytra are used to glide (and fly with fireworks).

  68. Guest-7902343759 says:

    I have 1.14.60 and so what I do is I download this and put it in files because I have and IPhone and then when I press it it goes in to Minecraft and starts importing it but then it says it’s failed and then I press out log thing and it says something is wrong with it’s name and something is wrong with its version

    • iOS is very strange about addons, I’m not sure if it will work no matter the name or version or whatever. I personally have Android, so I have no idea what the problems regarding addons on an iPhone would look like.

    • Guest-8094432731 says:

      You need to download “documents by readdle” take the texturepack/behaviorpack from files and move it to documents by “on my iPhone” then go to readdle go to “my files” then “iTunes files” click the text/behavior, then open in another app then open in minecraft

  69. Guest-1232366736 says:

    More biomes and blocks/game mechanics would make this mcpe hexit. Pls do that

  70. Guest-7127179566 says:

    I wish I could play with my friends cause all my friends have cracked version of minecraft and they cannot sign in so I just play alone

    The add-on is great btw and love the lore

  71. Guest-4738455041 says:

    This could make an amazing movie

    Great addon btw

  72. Guest-5554519150 says:

    You’re a great storyteller by the way!

  73. Guest-1143799092 says:

    Anybody else get sad about the demon bat? No? Just me? Ok.

  74. Diolight says:

    Maybe add special items that the Minor and Major Ancients drop that can used for when crafting the swords of Power.

  75. Guest-3711185170 says:

    I haven’t downloaded this yet, but it looks like a really cool add on. But could you nerf THE SOLUTION please? To maybe 50-70 damage, because it would get kinda boring.

    • Guest-9330449140 says:

      See previous comment, however I might nerf it. The lore behind the solution is that it’s just a devastating destroyer of all life. I needed it to be stronk. Btw nice use of the capitalization 😉

    • Guest-2459570647 says:

      Dude, it’s called the solution, the thing to end all worlds and you want it to be nerfed?

  76. Guest-9290725247 says:

    For some reason I cant craft the swords

    • Guest-2994627235 says:

      This sounds routine, but make sure you have the behavior pack on, the resource pack on, and experimental gameplay on. If you have any other addons installed, they may be conflicting with this one.

  77. Guest-6293436586 says:

    Nerf the solution sword to do 200 damage

  78. Guest-7265015094 says:

    oi eu amei seu addon mas tem bugs, tipo eu mato o ravager wild, mas ele n dropa a cabeça n aparece o minerio de saladite. mas seu complemento é otimo e fico feliz que vc fez para 1.16. dicas: adiciona armadura na proxima versão 😉

  79. Guest-2639774935 says:

    oi eu amei seu addon mas tem bugs, tipo eu mato o ravager wild, mas ele n dropa a cabeça n aparece o minerio de saladite. mas seu complemento é otimo e fico feliz que vc fez para 1.16. dicas: adiciona armadura na proxima versão 😉

    • Guest-4566396970 says:

      Obrigado! O minério de Saladita é muito raro, e pode ser por isso que você não consegue encontrá-lo. O Ravager Helmet não é uma queda de 100%, então você pode ter que matar vários devastadores selvagens para obtê-lo. É meio OP. Além disso, o Armor está planejado para a versão 3 😉

  80. Guest-8597683216 says:

    Great add on 🙂

  81. WOW i have seen addons with lore, but this!

  82. Thanks for liking the lore. I’ve already finished V2 of the addon. Lore took me two hours.

  83. Wailin says:

    this isnt just a addon its a story

  84. Guest-6306048195 says:

    i felt like i just read a whole novel!
    Looking forward to future updates!!

  85. Guest-7568486869 says:

    Dude this is beyond me! What a great addon.😲

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