Minecraft God Mod

Minecraft God adds the possibility to control mostly anything related to your gameplay. Some of the features include a weather manager, in-game web browser, add items to your inventory and mob spawning. There are too many features to mention them all so we highly recommend to try it out for yourself!

Creator: Pixeldroid, Twitter Account

How does it work?

In the top-center of the screen there will be an MCG button. Press the button to open the Minecraft God user interface.



  • In-game Google Browser
  • Add/Remove Effects
  • Enchantments
  • Fun Miscellaneous (e.g. explode, mob rider, spy, tree capitator, super knockback)
  • Item Manager
  • Health Indicator
  • Spawn Mobs
  • Weather Manager
  • And lots more!

Let’s have a look at some of the included features.

Mob Spawning

Select in the list of mobs which you want to spawn. The one you select will then spawn at your current location.



Use the weather manager to select the type of weather you want to activate. In this case, we enabled a thunderstorm.


In-game Google Browser

Want to find something out quickly? Open the in-game browser and type your search query.


There are of course lots of more things to explore! Download the mod and test all features for yourself!

Download (MediaFire)
Download (Dropbox)

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30 Responses

4 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Dragon says:

    Won’t Download 😕

  2. FunBo says:

    I don’t know how to download this I click download medifire and then click the green download button and it brings me to a bunch of coding

  3. Swift says:

    Can’t get it on my iOS not working

  4. Addicted internet explorer says:

    How do you download it when the reader view comes up?

  5. Christian says:

    How do I download it plz help me

  6. NERDYGAMER16811 says:

    I can’t download it I am iOS

  7. Jemi says:

    The keyboard does not exist on browser

  8. Aiken says:

    How the heck you can put google browser on minecraft and how do you do that!?!?!?!

  9. Pixeldroid says:

    The Update Will Be Released On Nov, 25 Only Runs On Minecraft PE v0.12.3…New Features And Lots Of Bug Fixes…Effects Menu And Much More Is Added…I Learned Java…Last Month And Now I Will Be Using My Java Knowledge On This Mod…Also New Bugs

  10. Pixeldroid says:

    Thx For The Awesome Review

  11. ALIV says:


  12. Sam Taylorson says:

    Everything works perfectly and this is my favorite mod ever you cant access it on local server multiplayer :/

  13. Sean says:

    how to Download It?

  14. Sean says:

    Nice Mod

  15. I want to download this so I can like u notch having POWER!!

  16. Robert says:

    i cannot download it..

    • Editor says:

      Click the grey download button in the bottom of the post and then click “Download” on Drive.

    • Matthew says:

      I can not iv done every thing yes I’m in 5th grade but I’m good with phones I fixed a computer so now what do you think ?

    • Sayed Ehtead Shahabi Soykot says:

      This doesn’t download in iOS and there are no gery download button. It says that download mediafire or dropbox . I click mediafire it shows some letter . How do I download it . Please Help. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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