Minecraft Legends (SkinPack)

Throughout the life of Minecraft, various mysterious entities have been rumored that were supposedly within the game and did harm to the player, in this pack of skins are all of them.

We have all heard of at least one of these entities, the best known of which is Herobrine, although these characters are not in the game, you can play a prank on a friend using one of these masks.

This is what the imported skin pack will look like:


Entity 303



Green Steve

I made this package in around 2017 or 2018 as I was practicing creating skin packages. I recently decided to upload it, maybe they were expecting an addon to add these entities but those are already created by other people.


The original link only contains a shortener, adding your own shorteners and captchas is prohibited.
When entering the download you should only skip all the advertising, avoid it and not allow notifications of this, for your safety.
If you are going to make a video about this add-on, you must leave the link to this page and not to the direct download, because when there is an update the previous link will be deactivated.
And please give me credits.

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-Small modification in the package files.

-New download links.

-Improved picture.

-Fixeds on the page.

- Small modification in the package files.

- New download links.

- Improved picture.


To install the ZIP file you just have to go to your Downloads folder, unzip the file and move the texture folder to the path "games/com.mojang /skin_packs", so that you will have the skinpack available in the game.

To install the MCPACK file you must go to your Downloads folder, touch the file and in the options to Open you must choose Minecraft, this will open the game and automatically import the texture.

It is necessary that every time you update the plugin you delete the previous folder so that there is no problem with Minecraft detecting duplicate packages.

You only need to download one file, they both work the same, it's just up to you how you want to install it.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Wai Min Paing says:

    How to delete the previous one cuz they said failed to import duplicate pack detected

  2. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    I think you are a legend for making this skin pack! 😀

  3. i should’ve seen this before making the same skin pack on youtube..

  4. GBM_04 says:

    How do you make your file into a mcpack? Mine are always .Zips and i don’t know why :((

    • You only have to rename the file, change the .zip to .mcpack, it is important that if you are going to do it in mcpack they should be the compressed files and not a compressed folder, if so you will not be able to import it.

  5. clexll official says:

    I don’t know what to say about it it’s too awesome it left me speechless. You did some fine work 👍

  6. But wut about the SirenHead

  7. Guest-4314413604 says:

    Very epic! 🙂

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