Minecraft Manhunt

You generate a seed on a world. There is one Speedrunner and one Hunter (or more). You should play this game in complete Survival Vanilla Minecraft. 

The Speedrunner’s goal is to beat Minecraft, if they beat Minecraft or before the timer ends which you haven’t got killed by hunter(s), the speedrunner wins. If the speedrunner died, they lose instantly.

The Hunter’s goal is to kill the speedrunner by the end of beating Minecraft or the timer ends. Hunter(s) has/have a compass which can track the speedrunner. Remember the compass works only in the overworld dimension, or last location if the speedrunner is in the Nether. Also a reminder, hunter has unlimited life, each time they died they will receive a compass once they respawn.

Custom features only applied on this addon:

1. This game should have chosen one of the player of become speedrunner, rest of them are hunters or spectators.

2. We created a Competitive version of manhunt when we are creating the game, the competitive version is currently still on beta right now, feel free to submit any bug reports or any suggestions on the comment section.

3. There are options on this game, like:

Healing: Instant heal in certain amount of time

Duration (timer): 30 minutes or 60 minutes

Guides: Teach you how to play the game (its still on beta and it cause lag for some devices.)

Scoreboard display: if you think the scoreboard is annoying you may change it in the settings

Timer (Requested by a lot of users): Disabled (default) and Enabled (normal or long duration)

Differences between Normal and Competitive:

1. Guide option (opitional)

2. Normal health (10 hearts / 20 hp)

3. Immediate respawn, but you spawn on near 0,0 (unless you set a spawnpoint by sleeping on a bed)

1. Enabled guides all the time

2. Health: Speedrunner: 40 hp (20 hearts)

                 Hunter: 20 hp (10 hearts)

3. Speedrunner and hunters have starter kits

4. Respawn animation for hunters (30 seconds) , but you respawn near the speedrunner.

Installation guides:

1. You import the behavior pack in Minecraft  

2. Create a world (Activate cheats and enable education edition for best experience gameplay) with that behavior pack  

3. Choose the resolution you want to play with Normal Mode / Competitive Mode (Default setting in Normal Mode) 

4. Do /function setup to setup the addon

4.5. (Optional): If you want to track a specific player as a speedrunner, do /tag [player] add track and it should track the player you want. (If you tagged 2+ players with track, the game will select one for you)

5. Do /function start once you have more than 2 players

Frequently asked questions:

1. Why is there a timer in this addon which is originally not existed on the game?

We tried to keep this short as possible, you have a maximum of 1 hour to play the game. Instead of using over 60 minutes to beat the game. (Since there are a lot of users requested, I excluded the timer. Still you can still enable the timer, it’s opitional.)

2. How can I change the settings?

You may do /function settings which there are 4-5 options including healing, scoreboard, timer, grace period or guide (only on normal mode).

3. The addon makes the world lag, what should I do?

If you’re playing this game on mobile, turning on the guide option might cause the world tps (ticks per second) drop down because of many commands are working at the same time. Especially playing on competitive mode, you cannot disable guide but you can in normal manhunt. I recommend you to play on normal mode if you don’t have a good device.

4. Can I restart the game?

Yes! You can restart by /kill the speedrunner, redo /function setup and /function start.

A video on how to download the Manhunt addon:

This is a video of me playing with the addon, just to clarify that the addon I used in that video is version 2.0.0 which it’s not up to date (This is a bad gameplay video, not a trailer).

Inspired by:

Dream – YouTube, Twitter

GeorgeNotFound – YouTube, Twitter

Addon created by:

Aliom (Fixing bugs and add features into the addon.) – YouTube, Discord, Twitter

skybird2333 (He worked mostly on competitive pack) – MCPEDL, Discord, YouTube, Twitter

ItsMeJacob21 (Font Designer on the pack icon) – MCPEDL, Discord

Info of recording Manhunt using our addon:

If you use our addon, please credit the addon and please do not use the thumbnail on the addon page as your video thumbnail.

Changelog View more


Fixed 2 bugs we have discovered:

Hunters don't have a compass when the game starts in v2.2 and it's fixed.

Zero speedrunners at one game and it has been fixed.

Featuring in both resolutions:

Limited to only 1 speedrunner at the game while the other one gets disqualified.

Featuring in both resolutions:

Changed player format version from 1.8 to 1.13

You can track players manually by doing /tag [player] add track

Updated death messages

When the game setup you will stay where you at

Give people better instructions to start the game


We updated this addon only can runs on or above 1.16

You cannot track more than one person in this version, if you track multiple players, the game will select from one of them.

Featuring in both resolutions:

Added timer - Disable / Enable timer (30 or 60 minutes)

function help command - description changed

Only in Normal Minecraft Manhunt:

 Hunter spawnpoint fixed - Respawning feature is not locked at 0,0

Only in Competitive Manhunt:

 Health - Hunter: 20hp, Speedrunner: 40 hp

 Hunters' starter kit is added into this version.


You can direct download into your device from Mediafire without any advertisements.

Previous versions of the addon (Highly recommend to download the latest one below the download section)

Version 2.0 (2020-06-10)

Version 2.1 (2020-06-12)

Manhunt 2.2. (2020-07-03)


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Dreamwastaken says:

    I watched everything and the add on doesn’t work for me I did everything the video said but every time I do /function start the game ends when I didn’t even play at all please help me

  2. Guest-5897513539 says:

    I cant get the compass to actually track the runner when playing ive added the track to the runner and it didnt work so i tried adding hunter and taking it off but nothing works any help would be much appreciated.

  3. Guest-8295431146 says:

    Hey can U change the place where we download the file cause its not working for But tthis is Awesome

  4. DeathMoon65 says:

    How do you track the hunter? if its the compass it isnt working

  5. Guest-4559132094 says:

    how many players can you have?

  6. Guest-6397075680 says:


  7. Guest-1386820766 says:

    Please put the updated version on the Addons App b/c ya pal can’t for the life of them figure out to to get this to work on her phone. Looks super fun though and would love to play with their siblings!

  8. Guest-8064417840 says:

    Ye, Dream’s Fans Is here

  9. Guest-6770143411 says:

    Sapnap, George, and BBH: Ohhhhh, DREEEEEEAAAAAMMM
    Dream: *thinking to himself* (Imma outsmart these fools)
    Hunters: FOUND HIM!!!
    Dream: *throws invis splash pot on ground*
    Sapnap, George, and BBH: WHICH ONE IS DREAM???

  10. Guest-1747787208 says:

    3 other people have created a manhunt also lol 🙂 well done

  11. Guest-8283523668 says:

    Can you make another addon like when you get a wood, the chat will message “Getting Wood”. That kind of achievement thingy like in java, so that in this manhunt it will be fair, coz you can’t tell if the speedrunner beat the game or go through the nether already, Would appreciate ur response!

  12. Guest-2311425257 says:

    Hey could you make it an official mcpack/addon so I dont have to go through so much pain to move the files I gave up cause I didnt want to do all that

  13. Guest-1520061053 says:

    Is there the ability to add multiple runners/hunters ?

  14. Guest-8150971623 says:

    THIS IS GREAT! Amazing addon for Dream fans who only have access to bedrock edition.

  15. Guest-6194512217 says:

    Hi… Can you make a speedrunner vs. terminator from dreams video and make it playable for single player and you cant kill the terminator..hope you can make it.sorry bad english

  16. Guest-1121425982 says:

    How do i choose the speedrunner?

  17. Gamershy says:

    Perhaps add a way to specify who you want to be the speedrunner? I plan on doing this for a stream so that people are against specifically me

  18. Guest-9206315141 says:

    thank you for using media fire instead of

  19. Remove timer and scoreboard again this is the 3rd one on mcpedl we don’t need more

  20. Guest-2928614136 says:

    Pls remove the timer because it’s so unfair for the speedrunner when they are being hunted, the hunter can just wait until the timer goes to zero… Pls remove the timer

  21. Guest-3303192538 says:

    Remove timer please thank you

  22. Guest-4821021741 says:


  23. Guest-6573911667 says:

    oh god please give us a feature without the time limit it would be so perfect <3 great work man, also is the speedrunner chosen randomly or can we choose who is the speedrunner, i would love to be able to choose, thank you

  24. Guest-2975324002 says:


  25. Guest-4862577235 says:

    How do you beat Minecraft?

  26. Guest-2636818964 says:

    Dream:Drinking a Fire Potion
    The Hunter:Ohh no his Drinking a Potion RUNNNN!!!
    HAHA who else remember that momeng?

  27. Guest-3996309927 says:

    “I see your beautiful green body”

    Who else remembers that video of dream lol

    oh drREAAAAAMMMMMm!!!!!?!?!?

    “NO!!!!!!!” – George

    Who remembers the video when dream fell into the ravine with the pool of water and he put blocks on top of it and killed bad, sap, and George XD

    • Guest-3495708215 says:

      btw the speedrunner could easily kill the hunter everytime because they have so much hp plus tools unlike the hunter who has nothing….

      If you fix that then it would be a automatic 5 star

      • Aliom says:

        Hi, thank you for your reply. That feature is only on competitive version, you can scroll it to normal version on the button next to the “deactivate” button. And yes we will see if it’s worth it to change, thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  28. Guest-9568531002 says:

    Your suppose to complete minecraft before the hunter kills you not survive as long as possible

  29. Guest-5089446872 says:

    oh DREAAMMMMM!!1! this is a nice addon

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