Minecraft Menagerie – Earth Update

Hello there,

Have you ever been bored about the minecarft fauna?

This Addon will change that…

Introducing Minecraft Menagerie, an Addon that changes some of the vanilla mobs models, behaviors, and also nem mobs!

List of Resources Tweaks:

PS: If you don’t like the changes of the vanilla texture, you can disable then in the Resource Pack configurations


  • Birch Tree/ Birch: color change


  • – Chickens

  • – Cows/Mooshroom

  • – Pigs

  • – Llama

  • – Sheep

  • – Squid

  • Iron Golem (yes, you can shear it!)

  • – Skeleton(and variants)

  • – Creeper

  • – Zombie/Husk: 50/50 spanw chance for zombie versions of Steve and Alex

  • – Ender Dragon 

List of Behavior changes:

  • Spider(neutral) : drops string, and are tameble with rottem flesh, can be controlled with Charged Amber Staff

  • Wolf: spawns during night, and are hostile in low light levels. Drops raw mutton and raw rabbit upon death

  • Phantons: increased HP and spawn in 2 nights isted of 3, and should spawn in The End

  • Polar Bear: are breedable with fish

  • Pigs don1t need saddle

  • Llamas can be controlled

  • Chicken: drops feathers

  • Turtle name tag “Jennika” 🙂

  • Tamed Cats: drops string, and atack creepers

  • Creepers: can see through walls

  • Shulker: now drops up to two shulker shell

ps: some of the mods listed and all of the new mobs are stackable, wich means that they beahave similar to blocks and can stack up one another. Coming to other mobs a well.

List of NEW mobs:

  • Horned Sheep: based on Minecraft Earth game, is a variante of the Sheep, but is neutral until atacked. Drops horns upon death

  • Grizzly Bear: is a bear variant that spawns in Taiga biomes, and are neutral but will atack to protect a cub. Are breedable with honeycomb and drops leather, fish and honeycomb upon death

  • Scorpion: is a spider variant that spawms in deserts biomes and are hostile in low light levels. When atacks it aplies an effect of nausea. drops scorpion sting upon death

  • Mastodon: is a brand new mob that spawns in snowy biomes and are neutral but will atack to protect a calf. Are breedable with leaves and drops leather, string and tusks upon death. Ah… and you can tame and ride them with leaves.
  • They will also break blocks of vegetation that are in their way.

  • Duck: based on yhe white headed duck, is a chicke variant that spawns everywhere, but mostly in swamps, are breedable with seeds and bread and can fly. drops feathers and raw duck upon death

  • Birds: A new mob to better the ambient of the overworld, they avoid players and monsters, can be feed with seeds, but can not be tamed. Drops feathers upon death

  • Dragonfly: A neutral mob that spawns in swamps and jungles, they can be be used as mounts and can be controlled with a Charged Amber Staff. Drops nothing upon death

  • Nautilus: an new underwater mob that spanws in ocean biomes, it’s passive and drops ink sack and nautilus shell upon death

  • Raptor: A new neutral mob based on the famous dinossaur velociraptor, spawns in mesa(badlands) biome, neutral during day, hostile during night, they can trust you if born by breeding with raw mutton (just like foxes). they drop feathers, raw mutton and raptor claw upon death – Name tag = “Blue” 🙂

  • Cluckshroom: A new passive mob that spawns in mushroom islands, When fed with certain types of mushroom it changes its state, it can also be sheared to become a duck. Drops duck and feathers upon death

  • Moobloom: a cow variant that spawns on Flower Forests and leave a trail of yellow flowers where it goes, Drops meat upon death

  • Glow Squid: a squid variant that has mysterious aqua glow, spawns in deep oceans and in swamps. drops ink sack and glowstone dust upon death

  • Jumbo Rabbit:  just  a big rabbit… or, is it?

New Items!

  • Amber: drops from scorpion    

  • Amber Staff: like the ambe (item) it atracts arthropods towards the one who holds and it can be charged with 2 blaze powder.

  •  Charged Amber Staff: when held none of the arthropods nearby will attack you, unless provoked, it’s also used to control Dragonflies and Spiders

  • Raptor claw: drops from raptor, used to make Ivory spear

  • Ivory: drops from mastodon, used to make Ivory spear

  • Ivory Spear: weapon +7 damage, and apply Jump Boost effect when held

  • Sting: drops from scorpion, used to make Sting Staff

  • Sting Staff: weapon +3 damage, apply Jump Boost effect when held and apply poison to monsters nearby

  • Duck/Cooked Duck: food (slightly better than chicken) dos not apply any effect

  • Horn: drops from horned sheep, used to craft bone meal

  • Mastodon Saddle: a new type of saddle specifc for the mastodon, comes with a container

More features to come!

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese(Brasil)

Changelog View more
  • New:
  • New mob Moobloom
  • New mob Glow Squid
  • New mob Jumbo Rabbit


  • The llama can be cotrolled with a corrot on a stick now
  • Fixed Nautilus animation
  • Fixed Nautilus drops


  • New mob cluckshroom
  • Name tag "Jennika" for Turtle
  • Name tag "Blue" for Raptor
  • New raptor variant texture
  • New Golem models
  • New Minecraft Title
  • New recipe for Horns
  • New container for the Mastodon
  • New item Mastodon Saddle


  • Can now ride pigs without saddles
  • Changed Tamed Spider controls
  • New model and texture for the Squid
  • Chages in the Spanish(MX) Language


  • New mob cluckshroom
  • Name tag "Jennika" for Turtle
  • Name tag "Blue" for Raptor
  • New raptor variant texture
  • New Golem models
  • New Minecraft Title
  • New recipe for Horns


  • Can now ride pigs without saddles
  • Changed Tamed Spider controls


  • New mob Raptor
  • New mob Nautilus
  • New items Amber and Amber Staff
  • New Iron Golem and Snow Golem Textures
  • Llamas can now be ridden and controlled


  • Ducks now spawn in rivers
  • Dragonflies are naw controlled with amber staff
  • New scorpion model
  • New Ender Dragon Texture


  • New mob Dragonfly
  • New mob Bird
  • New variants of vanilla mobs


  • Tweak Vanilla subpack
  • Update mob Duck to be able to fly
  • Update staff and sear textures


Mastodons now break vegetation blocks

Mastodons are now tamed with leaves isted with golden apples

Removed stackble entities

Fixed Download Of V1.0.2

What's new:

New Mob: Duck

New weapons: Spear and Staff

New Birch Texture

Spanish language support

Added a "Vanilla" subpack in the Resource Pack Configurations


  • Mastodons now break vegetation blocks
  • Mastodons are now tamed with leaves isted with golden apples
  • Removed stackble entities

What's new:

  • New Mob: Duck
  • New weapons: Spear and Staff
  • New Birch Texture
  • Spanish language support
  • Added a "Vanilla" subpack in the Resource Pack Configurations
  1. New Creeper texture
  2. New Skeleton(and variants) texture
  3. New Squid model
  4. Mob heads work with the new textures (try the skeleton one ;D)
  5. Now Mastodon are tamable, with golden apples(fancy!) and rideable with saddle 


Download .mcaddon file for the full version of the addon

Download  .mcpack for just the texture pack

ps: this Addon was only tested on Minecraft 1.16, so it might not work well in previous versions of the game.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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150 Responses

4.47 / 5 (72 votes)
  1. Steve Jd says:

    please add narwhal

  2. Guest-8679597666 says:

    Please add bulls

  3. Beam006 says:

    Plz make remove knockback resistance behavior of squid

  4. Guest-2545670566 says:

    alligator it’s very cool add in menagerie

  5. Guest-1398901728 says:

    I have a suggestion, you could make bears hostile at low light levels like the wolves!

  6. Guest-9810502955 says:

    Wow this is sooooo cool, will you add more fantasy mobs?

  7. RansNSZ says:

    please create a version for the official versions the addon looks great but since it doesn’t work in the official versions like 1.14.60 pls

  8. alieoftruth says:

    The Jumbo Rabbit really creeps me out ..I really like this add-on though. I just wish it worked for 1.14 !!

  9. Guest-5475124439 says:

    PLEASE ADD MORE MINECRAFT EARTH ANIMALSSS. ✌🏻😭❤️😎 TTHEY ARE SOOOO CUTE. The only animal that needs work is the elephant otherwise really good! So Yes add more Minecraft earth animals please.

  10. Guest-5475124439 says:

    PLEASE ADD MORE MINECRAFT EARTH ANIMALSSS. ✌🏻😭❤️😎 TTHEY ARE SOOOO CUTE. The only animal that needs work is the elephant otherwise really good!

  11. Guest-5559546842 says:

    Can you add megaloceros, a big strong deer that spawns in birch forest. They’re neutral mobs and quite rare. And maybe make them tamable and rideable using golden carrot. Or even could attack mobs for you.

  12. Steve Jd says:

    Hi developer. I found one bug in the new version is that the texture of the parrot changes to the texture of the Zombie

  13. Guest-1505617936 says:

    Hi, developer, when I downloaded Project management 1.0.8 I launch Addon and minecraft writes a duplicate of Project management 1.0.6 is detected.

  14. SirSinisterSquid says:

    Nice addon! Awesome to see you add more mobs, loving the regular updates!

  15. Guest-5407259777 says:

    Great addon. Here are some animal suggestions: For Dessert biomes: Camels, Rattlesnakes, Vultures, Jackrabbits, and possibly Geckos? For oak/birch Forest biomes: Deer, Wild boar, Owls, Squirrels, Moose, Tortoises?
    For Savanna biomes: Elephants, Hippos, Lions, Zebras, Giraffes, Rhinos, Koalas?
    For Jungle biomes: Toucans, Chimpanzees, Gorillas?
    For Marsh biomes: Alligators, Frogs, leeches, snails?
    For Snow biomes: Penguins. Just penguins. xD
    All I have for now. Hope to see at least one of these suggestions added in the future. 🙂

  16. Guest-6002788947 says:

    5 Stars from me, even though It won’t let me rate for some odd reason

  17. Guest-4985108564 says:

    First of all, this is a great addon. It’s honestly not far from perfect! However, I have discovered a couple flaws that I’d like to point out. For 1, Scorpions don’t drop amber like they are advertised, only their stingers. So it makes it impossible to obtain in survival mode. 2, (This is just a strong recommendation) While riding on a dragonfly, you should be able to control it vertically too. Say I’m riding above some trees, and there’s a mountain that I’m heading towards, being able to fly over it would be nice. Having the ability to fly high up in the sky and back to ground level would be huge. Another thing… With Jumbo rabbits, being able to jump while riding them would be nice. Since they don’t jump automatically when they reach a block 1 high. All I have for now, I’ll keep you updated with any other bugs or small flaws that I may find. Great job on this addon though, love how you often you come out with updates for it, looking forward to the next!

  18. Guest-7107104590 says:

    Idk why, but this addon doesn’t work for me. When I spawn the mobs, they just disappear!

  19. Guest-8521555792 says:

    No funciona el name tag de blue

  20. MaheenTheAnimalLover says:


  21. Guest-4132210760 says:

    PLS make for 1.14 and also can you make a link for ad fly plz??

  22. Guest-5156462606 says:

    A Make a link for adfly

  23. Guest-9827400017 says:


  24. M.M.16 player says:

    Cool I love this update! Can you add saber tooth

  25. Guest-9852586031 says:

    Ok this is so cool!,but i have a great idea for a new mod i really wish you would make it,since no one has made this addon yet how about you make it?trust me if you make this mod every one would download,trust me! The mods name is “Rl Craft” this is my idea its your decision to accept thank you so much!

    • Drags says:

      Wow nice way to try and convince someone to make a rip-off of a java modpack

    • Guest-1604913427 says:

      woooooowww you’re really desperate enough to get the op to make a fake java pack?

    • Guest-7854048168 says:

      It’s not even a mod, it’s a modpack.
      Ripping it off not only rips off ONE mod, but multiple well-made mods that, from actually being in the communities for a few of them, do absolutely NOT like it when their mods are stolen.

  26. Guest-7175116404 says:

    Man, thanks for put in Brazilian portuguese your work is great! Good luck.

  27. Guest-6834441108 says:

    It wont work I tried to download and it kept buffering

  28. Dip says:

    This addon is impressive and great for people who are bored of the vanilla minecraft, but the only thing I dont like is the raptor’s behaviour it seems like you just copy and pasted the behavior and animation, anyway great addon!

  29. Guest-5119384055 says:

    Please make a new update: make the horns blowable and sounds like the raid horn. It affects all nearby mobs slowness for 15 seconds. That should be OOOSSSOOOOOMM!

  30. Guest-9417756720 says:

    Can you change the nautilus behavior when it’s not in the water, because we all know that shells don’t hop or move right? 😂

    I hope you’re also planning to add Mooblom, Muddy Pig? Please. ❤

    • Guest-5119384055 says:

      Please make a new update: make the horns blowable and sounds like the raid horn. It affects all nearby mobs slowness for 15 seconds. That should be OOOSSSOOOOOMM! I can’t put this comment btw.

  31. Guest-3338462912 says:


  32. Guest-1727336181 says:

    1.14 PLEASE

  33. Guest-6360953055 says:

    Bro this is a great addon but, i can’t cook the chicken raw

  34. Guest-1644620740 says:

    This is a very great addon! The mobs blend in and nearly perfects the vanilla feel that the regular minecraft mobs gives of. Overall it has a lot of potential!

    Would you try and add in a komodo dragon? I feel like it would be a great addition to swamps since swamps are a bit empty and boring. They could drop leather or a new item which is poison spit, a crafting material used to directly make poison bottles without the use of a brewing stand or lacing the Ivory spear with it to make additional poison damage!

  35. Guest-5280628369 says:

    Request: can the dragonflies be able to fly up or down with similar controls to when swimming. Thanks

  36. Guest-4726773250 says:

    Hey sir, this is a really great add-on, I love using it, but can I make a request?
    Since you have a horned sheep can you make a bull, that when you attack it it attacks you back and when you attack other cows the bull gets mad at You?
    I really love your add-on, but unfortunately when I use this add-on with the cave update add-on the 3d mobs glitch.

  37. Guest-9401189561 says:




    • Guest-5172994531 says:


    • says:

      First of all, Thank’s for the report, really appreciated.
      Second, could you be more specific with the issues? I couldn’t really reproduce then, for instance, the name tags works correctly when I tested, so its probably a Minecraft bug.
      Tird, I also used it with other add-ons and textures packs, so in wich add-ons does it glitch?

      • Guest-6535972294 says:

        I guess it’s the vanilla tweaks and the textures of some other mobs are like bug… Especially the texture of the dragon… What i experienced too

  38. Guest-5811180309 says:

    Please make a version without vanilla tweaks!

  39. Beam006 says:

    Could you please​ add t-rex​ and triceratops.

  40. Irish Jevil says:

    Good addon, but could you remove the giant feather crest on its head and make the feathers go all the way to the snout? That’s not accurate, and it seems that you’re trying to be accurate. Other than that, they’re pretty accurate.

  41. Anonymous says:

    i dont like the raptor but good addon

    • Guest-1644119637 says:

      Sorry for ya, but it’s probably what real life raptors looked like.
      Small, packed with feathers, different colours.
      Sorry lad.

  42. Guest-8778652856 says:

    Everytime I try to spawn a mob it just appears for a split second and then disappears. Please fix this

  43. Guest-3677868454 says:

    a question, can I use it in realms?

  44. Beam006 says:

    Plz add t-rex and triceratops​

  45. Guest-7002692165 says:

    Good addon but…..pLs Fix tHe link it’s horrible

  46. Guest-8292393323 says:

    pls add some swamp mobs like frogs and crocodiles

  47. Guest-7965730976 says:

    There’s a bug in creative where you can’t spawn any of the animals 🙁

  48. Guest-1694313918 says:

    The add-on has a bug at the time to cook chicken raw, plz solve it

  49. Guest-7939472334 says:

    Pls add some of the unused mobs like the mincon vote mobs, killer rabbit, illusioner

  50. Guest-6046816667 says:

    Finally, an add-on without over-complicated models, bad textures and un-minecraftly ideas.

    • Guest-2909160686 says:

      The textures are good and the models don’t look complicated

      • Guest-4250794787 says:

        Dude, I said WITHOUT.
        That means this add-on DOES NOT have bad textures and overcomplicated stuff.
        I even gave 5 stars.
        This add-on is amazing, you simply misinterpretated what I said, which is fairly hard to do since I literally stated that there is finally an add-on WITHOUT these negative things, that should’ve been enough to make that clear.

  51. DarkNeko says:

    Este complemento esta muy bueno y es genial que los mobs usen texturas similares a los animales de minecraft.

  52. M.M.16 player says:

    Good addon ! Keep making it can you next update add more prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs ?

  53. Drags says:

    A perfect add-on! I am so impressed by the modelling, texturing, and even presentation on this! I’d love to see how this turns out! By the way, are you planning on adding some sort of block or anything? Or maybe even a carnivorous frog!

  54. Beam006 says:

    Plz add tyrannosaurus rex and triceratops​

  55. Guest-1155702991 says:

    Just a request , make the 1.14+ version , ill rate

  56. Beam006 says:

    Plz add goat

  57. Guest-3802013090 says:

    The addon Don’t work with other addons and texture packs

  58. Guest-7846488873 says:

    Amazing addon! Five Stars for you! Just wish it was for 1.14 🙁

  59. Flintycellar991 says:

    Download the first version of this mod and this version is my favorite, each one seems better than the previous one for when the next one? 🙂

  60. The Gaming Baryonyx says:

    Becuz U using 1.14 it doesn’t work on 1.14

  61. Guest-1400485124 says:

    I hate this addon beacause when every time i spawn a new mob it immiediently despawns……

  62. Beam006 says:

    Plz add duck egg same function​ as chicken egg but when hatch it will spawn baby duck

  63. Bubbles06 says:

    Can u make it so every new mob u added, make them drop there specific meat example, scorpion = scorpion meat, grizzly bear = grizzly bear meat, etc

  64. Guest-8715673947 says:

    Exactly the kind of mod i wanted

  65. Guest-6307200531 says:

    Works in 1.14 ?

  66. Bubbles06 says:

    Very good looking add-on, downloading RN but can u unless u already do, make a discord for this Add-on, I’d like to help with suggestions and so… Thank u

  67. TheHouse027 says:


  68. JustB00red says:

    i wanted to play it on 1.14 :(, but the addon looks great

  69. M.M.16 player says:

    Can you add more prehistoric creatures at next update? or some underwater prehistoric creatures?
    Wich one you will add?

  70. Beam006 says:

    Plz add drowned alex​

  71. Beam006 says:

    Plz add goat that spawn in mountain, sound like sheep, can be milk with bucket when milk you will get bucket of goat milk, when die will drop chevon and horn, wolf will attack and kill goats, can be bred with sheep by wheat will get geep that is mixed feature and appearance, can bred with their on species by wheat will get baby goat.

  72. Guest-9856593616 says:

    Si amigo no se puede importar

  73. Guest-8547060091 says:

    Ni se puede importar, ninguna de las 2 verciones se puede importar

  74. Guest-9837675442 says:

    Ni se puede importar, ninguna de las 2 verciones se puede importar

  75. TheMinecraft Whale says:

    Could you make ducks fly?

  76. Guest-7374783031 says:

    Hey after I got the addon instaled some mobs weren’t spawning anymore, such as zombies and polar bears, hope you can fix this issue if so your addon would be between the greatest in the whole community, I’m not the best programmer ever but I’ve created some java mods so, if you want some help just answer this commemnt.

  77. Guest-6525357795 says:

    help tell me error when i install it in minecraft

  78. The Gaming Baryonyx says:

    Nice addon. Can U plz make scorpions Tameable? it will be cool to tame & ride them.

  79. Guest-3532715286 says:

    Could you make a resource pack with only the mobs that had their design changed? I think they look SO much better. Great addon by the way.

  80. Guest-7811884743 says:

    I want to start developing addons what app or software do you use can you help me i am new and your mods great it inspired me to start making addons

  81. Guest-6600487555 says:

    i have to download the three links?

  82. Guest-3789520593 says:

    a LOT of mobs are not even spawning, here are some of the examples: Creepers, Wolves, Cats, Ocelots, Spiders, Scorpions, Polar bears, Grizzly bears, Mastodons, Big Horn sheep, And all of the Zombies variations

  83. Guest-2985265542 says:

    Good Addon but maybe leave the skeleton and wither skeleton head texture to how it was originally was? It looks kind of Weird. Also please fix the alex zombie textures so they fit better with regular minecraft.

  84. ALEXYSSSJ4 says:

    Good add-on but you could make the scorpion when attacking inflict poison effect and not nausea (or both effects) and also why did you put the piglin feet on a pig? (it looks super strange like that). Finally, could you do a version of the add-on for version 1.14 or 1.15? (I do not understand why you did it for the 1.16 beta, the beta versions are not very stable and have many bugs).

    (Also could you add the Spanish translation to the add-on? I could do it)

    Greetings and keep up the great work

    • Guest-2700043962 says:

      On 1.14, a LOT of mobs are not even spawning, here are some of the examples: Creepers, Wolves, Cats, Ocelots, Spiders, Scorpions, Polar bears, Grizzly bears, Mastodons, Big Horn sheep, And all of the Zombies variations

    • Guest-9044813221 says:

      I agree on the skeletons having their original texture, and the scorpions should inflict both effects (nausea and poison). Also, I would suggest that the horns could be crafted into a battle horn (i.e. if you long press on them, they would give monsters around you weakness and slowness, or make them panic).

  85. Guest-5483807516 says:

    The spider should have realistic legs. Great add on this is so cool:)

  86. Beam006 says:

    Plz add ice age dimension, mammoth, smilodon, giant ground sloth, woolly rhinoceros, terror bird, move mastodon to ice age dimension, dinosaur dimension, t-rex, raptor, stegosaurus, triceratops, parasaurolophus, corythosaurus, gallimimus, carnotaurus, allosaurus, pachycephalosaurus, indominus rex, indoraptor, styghimoloch, ankylosaurus, sinoceratops, brachiosaurus, apatosaurus, troodon, compsognathus, mosasaurus, pteranodon, dimorphodon, baryonyx, spinosaurus, ceratosaurus, nasutoceratops, dilophosaurus (for how to add dimensions just ask bendythedemon18 for permission and how to add dimensions)​

  87. Beam006 says:

    Plz make Dinosaur addon

  88. Guest-6780327151 says:

    from all the mops my favorite was the Scorpion it is so fiting in the game

    also can you make a version without the texture changes

    and also You made a lot of typos

  89. Beam006 says:

    Plz make mastodon drop meat

  90. Jeremy2001 says:

    Amigo, tengo muchas ideas que puedes ponerle al mod, por ejemplo, si podes, podrias poner una nueva villa con npc, que sea de misiones, puestos de venta o compra, generacion de masmorras, etc, estaria bueno

  91. Guest-8885239718 says:

    This is a great addon!, but can you enchance another minecraft vanilla mobs?

  92. Guest-5923123182 says:

    For some reason all of the new mobs (plus the spiders) are not spawning like at all, even using the spawn eggs.

  93. Red Fan says:

    Thank you so much for adding my sugggestion! Now the Mastodon is even cooler than before!

  94. Guest-8086596134 says:

    I like how the skeleton looks surprised.

  95. Beam006 says:

    Plz change mastodon to mammoth and add mammoth meat other things are the same as mastodon

  96. Guest-7707087329 says:

    Well done, creator. However, your new skeleton model looks a bit weird for me. So if possible, can you please revert it bakl to a normal skeleton?

  97. Guest-8126052459 says:

    normal sheep:its innocent

    horned sheep

    me:YoUR HoRnY

  98. Guest-6557084028 says:

    What does the tusk and horns do?

  99. Guest-4116609692 says:

    Some mobs when spawned in with a spawn egg disappear almost immediately.
    Some of the ones doing this are Zombies, cats, Horned Sheep, chickens, spiders and possibly others.
    I’m on 1.14.60

  100. Donimos G says:

    hello bro, if apparently at 1.14.60 it is not worth the mods disappear

  101. Guest-2760471939 says:

    Works on the 1.16 beta?

  102. Guest-8041610899 says:

    Could u add cave mobs like cave scorpions and giant bugs and undead zombie miners

  103. Red Fan says:

    Amazing! It would be cool mastodons where tameable and rideable and possibly being able to put chest on them. They could break leaves like the Ravager to get to a opponent when attacked. Just a suggestion.

  104. Guest-2582643355 says:

    Could you make boar/buffalo?

  105. blood eye says:

    great job

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