Minecraft Myths (Add-on)

Most people say that myths like Herobrine are fake but now they come to your Minecraft world with this add-on.

This add-on adds in Minecraft Myths like Herobrine, Entity 303, NULL and a few other entities to your Minecraft world.

These Minecraft Myths spawn in different places of your world.

All of them are hostile towards the player.

They will haunt you!


  • .Hes…..There are 6 different Minecraft myths.

Here’s a description on them:


  • Spawns in caves.
  • Flys around.
  • Can teleport.
  • Drops a bunch of tnt on the player.
  • Has 200 health.
  • Drops diamonds on death.

2.Entity 303

  • He spawns in the nether.
  • He’s very powerful.
  • He shoots Fireballs at you.
  • Has 100 health.


  • It spawns in caves.
  • When you directly look at it, it will start creating a Earthquake.
  • It can delete your world.
  • It is hard to defeat.
  • It can throw you out of the world (bedrock coordinates).
  • Has 100 health.

4.Red Steve

  • He spawns in forests.
  • He shoots a large number of Arrows at you.
  • Has 60 health

5.Green Steve

  • He spawns in deserts.
  • He shoots a large number of Arrows at you.
  • Has 60 health.


  • The Grim Reaper is a very powerful mob.
  • He spawns in the nether.
  • Flys around.
  • Once he sees you, he gives you either effect and makes you levitate till you die.
  • Has 100 health


  1. Install the mcaddon file.
  2. Open it with Minecraft PE.
  3. Apply both resource and behaviour packs to your Minecraft world.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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63 Responses

4.58 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-7654569651 says:

    I think you should make another addon and have all the steves or/and add blue steve, diamond steve, gold steve, purple steve, rainbow steve, bedrock steve, lava steve, fire steve and maybe enderbrine

  2. Guest-2813239251 says:

    Thanks for making this. It’s a great pack, continue the great work!

  3. Guest-9217467112 says:

    Where is the b pack and the r pack

  4. Guest-2600489881 says:

    Where is the new update??

  5. Monster gaming says:

    Hey. Can you increase the hp of all legend creepypasta because it’s kinda easy to defeat them all

  6. Guest-2254366570 says:

    Hey Can You Add Lick?

  7. jackrules5225 says:

    I can’t get it can you make it so that you can download rp bp please

  8. Guest-2841769011 says:

    Can You Add Alexbrine!!!

  9. Guest-3561490096 says:

    Does null only delete the world he’s in or all of your worlds? I just want to know before trying the addon. Null’s description kinda worries me, thank you in advance

  10. Guest-3640491767 says:

    Can You Add Entity404 Entity505 And Faceless Steve

  11. Guest-3303130084 says:

    It will be good if Null can teleport please fix that.

  12. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Cool, but needs original skins of Herobrine and Entity 303. And needs to add more myth personages like Entity 505 etc

  13. Guest-3599328228 says:

    Bro you got to fix the herobrine model he looks so derpy in my opinion it’s not even scary

  14. Guest-2015000864 says:

    Can you make a NPC addon like the customNPC on pc version

  15. Guest-5371633730 says:

    Can you make a creepypasta addon

  16. Guest-4009808450 says:

    Wait here a little bit is this a april joke please answer me.

  17. Guest-8457719795 says:

    Can you add Jeff the killer and the stalker.
    Find it on YT at Darkcorners and Itsfreyr.

  18. Guest-7590338482 says:

    Can you add Bobby 1545 and make null teleport faster and make Herobrine look like real Herobrine and make him aswell faster to teleport.

  19. Guest-4513595913 says:

    Can you please add the npc and the ghost.
    Check out AlongCameJosh on YT.

  20. Guest-6051936798 says:

    can they also spawn like that or do you have to spawn over a command or mob egg?

  21. Guest-3063282222 says:

    Can You Add Lick Blue Steve Enderbrine And Netherbrine

  22. Guest-5917283175 says:

    Can You Add Lick!

  23. Liam TDP says:

    Hey bro i think you should add The Far Man also change Herobrine Texture

  24. Guest-5610592276 says:

    You should change the texture of herobrine and entity 303

  25. Guest-8963758399 says:

    You should change the texture of herobrine and entity 303

  26. Dammit. I was going to make minecraft myth addons!

  27. ThisJobYT says:

    Also, Null doesn’t seem to delete my world at all.. How will he do it??

    • NinjaSlime says:

      He can fill everything with air if you keep running around

      • Guest-8631917649 says:

        It’s ThisJobYT here.. has problems trying to recognise my account, thinking I haven’t logged in at all… 😭😭😭
        By the way, not that I’m saying about removing chunks of the world until I fell to bedrock level, what I mean was, I thought Null can actually delete the world, what I’m saying is that Null was supposed to be able to completely delete my world, as in he would remove my world completely from the world selection tab in the MCBE menu.. If he could do that, I’m impressed and I’ll review it for a video!

  28. ADRIANCRAFT06 says:

    Um I’m not being a hater herobrine, entity 303, and null are real in minecraft but I still like the addon

  29. Guest-6546904915 says:

    Herobrine looks terrible

  30. Guest-3851675397 says:

    How do I go about spawning them via commands?

    • NinjaSlime says:

      /summon newmob:herobrine

      Entity 303
      /summon newmob:entity_303

      /summon newmob:null

      Red Steve
      /summon newmob:red_steve

      Green Steve
      /summon newmob:Green_steve

      /summon newmob:reaper

      That’s all it
      In the next update I’ll be adding more 😉

  31. Guest-3623932584 says:

    Can u make herobrine more tougher and deadlier like he effects u with blindness and can summon lightning ina second phase and shoot dragon balls and surround himself with hero mobs

  32. Guest-3740337798 says:

    Herobrine looks weird

  33. THE_BLUE says:

    Nice addon, i love it

  34. ThisJobYT says:

    Please add the following mobs I mentioned here!
    – Frost Girl
    – All different types of Steve. Eg: Purple Steve, Yellow Steve, Test Steve, Rainbow Steve etc etc.
    – You.
    – Zimber
    Please! Add them!! I will enjoy this Addon as much as I can for now. But, please!! Take my opinion as always!!!

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