Improve Nether (Nether Upgrade)

Do you think that the nether update is missing more things? Would you like to extend the fun time with new things in the nether? Well Minecraft Nether Upgrade is for you.

Minecraft Nether Upgrade it’s a Add-on that improve the nether update adding new things to the gameplay.


Basalt (Overworld)

You can find the basalt in the cape y=50 to down.

You can craft:

Basalt Bricks

Basalt Smooth

Basalt chiseled

Rose quartz ore

You can find in the nether. This ore drop rose quartz (3-5 rose quartz)

You can craft:

Rose quartz block

Rose quartz pillar

Rose quartz smooth

Rose quartz chiseled

Nether gold ore

They can drop 5-7 gold nuggets

Lightning Block

If you walk in this block, it will shoot lightning bolt and lose its energy

Crimson Obsidian

If you put in this block, they will give you fire resistance for 10 seconds

Warped Obsidian

If you put in this block they will give you speed for 10 seconds

Soul pumpkin

If you put a soul pumpkin and there are piglins nearby, these will freak out and leave the place

Warped Bricks

It’s the counterpart of crimson bricks


Seven new weapons

Wooden Dagger

Makes 5 attack damage

Stone Spear

Makes 6 attack damage

Iron Hammer

Makes 8 attack damage

Golden Sickle

Makes 9 attack damage

Diamond Katana

Makes 10 attack damage

Rose Quartz Sword

Makes 10.5 attack damage

Netherite Battleaxe

Makes 11 attack damage

Power book

This item awake the secret power of the new weapons

Wooden Dagger

Makes 6 damage

If you use the item, it’s give you speed for 45 seconds

Stone Spear

Makes 7 damage

If you use the item, it’s give you speed and jump boost for 45 seconds

Iron Hammer

Makes 9 damage

If you use the item, it’s thrown lightning bolts to the mobs in a radius of 24

Golden Sickle

Makes 11.5 damage

If you use the item, it’s give slowness, poison and weakness for 45 seconds to the mobs in a radius of 12

Diamond Katana

Makes 12 damage

If you use the item, it’s give you speed, jump boost and invisibility for 20 seconds

They teleport you in a random site (7 blocks of distance)

Rose Quartz Sword

Makes 11 damage

If you use the item, it’s give you regeneration 3 for 10 seconds

Netherite Battleaxe

Makes 13 damage

If you use the item, it’s give you strength, speed and night vision for 10 seconds 

Warped wart

You can make a lot of things Whit this Add-on, you can transport more crafting Warped wart block. This item can be obtained trading with piglins

Other mechanics

Piglin trades:

Now, if you trade with piglins, you can obtain the next things

Netherite chest

To put the chest, you need to use the item in the place that you wanna put the chest, once make this, they will give you the key and the remover of the chest

You can lock and unlock with the netherite key, to remove you need the remover

Netherite key


You can see the next videos to see how this Add-on works:

Changelog View more

Correct the images of the Dagger and spear crafting

Minor bugs solved

The add-ons has renamed like: Improve Nether (Nether upgrade)

Correct minor bugs

-The download link has been changed

-Translate to Spanish (Mexico y España)

-Change the UUID


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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32 Responses

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  1. Guest-5154213997 says:

    great mod, ads lots of new content, but do you have any idea why the ores aren’t spawning in the nether? -~-

  2. Guest-5675050633 says:

    Dose this work onn xbox one?

  3. Guest-8705079833 says:

    Will you adds mobs aswell in the addon

  4. Guest-7932214985 says:

    Does this addon require experimental gameplay??

  5. Guest-4401999828 says:

    Guy’s stop it that is not his fault. He just want make it better. Just don’t blame him guy’s what’s wrong to you guy’s. Why are you so mad quickly when you see the addon’s is different. If you edited an addon’s and if it’s different. They won’t like it. Now stop blaming

  6. Guest-7402968685 says:

    Esto es la oshtia

  7. Guest-6243763865 says:

    I have MinecraftPE

  8. Guest-4793591104 says:

    Its his own. Not from snapshots or any thing.

  9. Guest-6472010246 says:


    No where did he say this was supposed to be the update this is obviously his own take on it. read better before you comment.

  10. Guest-9824292431 says:


  11. Hi, I correct the error with the UUID, tomorrow has been the fixed, version, my apologies for the mistakes

  12. Guest-6073706084 says:

    do the real things

  13. Guest-7863783384 says:

    Fake addon. This is just a dumb trick that when you download this, it thinks that you have a duplicate pack. And I think this only works when you have no addons. Stupid.😡😡😡😡😡😡

  14. Guest-1348709865 says:

    Plz update Minecraft Reborn

  15. Guest-4829788487 says:

    Cool but could you consider making a version that doesn’t have the weapons? Thank you!

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