Minecraft PvP Edition (Animations & Variants Public Beta)

Tired of using a texture pack that eliminates the default essence of your minecraft because the problem is over since Minecraft PvP Edition arrived, this resource pack will keep the default appearance of the game but with the PvP touch

For now, the resource pack doesn’t change much, but in future updates it will

Old (3.0):



Enchanting Table



Crafting Table

Improved Axes Textures

Improved Hearts and Armor slots

Texturas de minerales mejor delineadas

New Outlined Ores: Gilded: Blackstone, Nether Gold Ore, Quartz Ore

and better soul sand and soul soil variants

Better Wools Textures

New Game Title


New Game Title and Panorama:

Improved Wood and Stone Tools:

Improved Swords Textures:

New icons for Tipped Arrows and Potions:

Improved Trident Texture (In the Inventory):

New Icons to identify Enchantments:

New Icons for Creative, Recipe Book and Inventory:

Animations And Variants Content:

New Barrel Side Variants ( in total there are 10 counting vanilla)

The first is the barrel full of Cod

The second is Salmon

The third is Tropical Fish

The fourth is Puffer Fish
And the others are axolotls and they are the rarest

Smaller Shield:

It would include the animations but I tried to make a gif but the image gets bugged :/

and the transparent interface if it works in pocket interface

Added new subpacks for Desactive the Animations, Variants and Put on all Animations & Variants 🙂

Thx For dowloading my Texture pack  (remember the variations were created by Derp craft)

Derp Craft Discord ID (Variants Creator): rafa0103 # 7098 

Derp Craft Server:

My Discord ID: SpiderGamerYT1843 # 3512

My Discord Server: In Progress (Again :P).

I am open to suggestions and Derp Craft as well.

Changelog View more


-Added new variants  (for now all the variations have been removed some were added since they were experimental)

-Added New Icons for Potions, Tipped Arrows and Enchantments

-Improved Wood and Stone Textures

-Improved Swords Textures

-Added new sprites for Creative, Recipe Book and Inventory Icons

-Improved Tridents Textures (In the Inventory)

-Added New Title and Panorama

-Added Animations for some blocks

-Smaller Shield

- Improved colors when selecting a button in the game

-Added the Terrain_Textures.json game file for add the variants

Bugs Fixes:

-Fixed a bug with Barrel variants

-Fixed a bug with the Shield

The description was modified a bit. and Merry Christmas (again xd)

And Merry Chrismas :)

Removed everything new that was in 2.1 

Added an important announcement about the next update

3.0 Changelog:

-Transparent Inventory

-Revamped Axes

-Revamped Outlined Ores

-Revamped Soul Sand and Soul Soil Variations textures

-Revamped Hearts and Armor Bars

-Revamped Game Title

-Better Wools

-RGB Hit color

-Revamped Hotbar

-Better Hearts and Critical Particles

-New Outlined Ores: Nether Gold Ore, Gilded Blackstone, Quartz Ore

Bugs Fixes:

Fixed Armor Stands Textures

Fixed Zombified Piglins Textures (Now is pre-1.16 textures)

New textures for emeralds, bow, hotbar, hunger bar, hearts and armor bar, iron helmets and boots up to that of netherite, armor and trading icon in pocket interface, enchantment effect, Zip file option


Android & Windows 10:

Mcpack File

to install the resource pack, just run the .mcpack file and it will automatically open your minecraft and install the pack

Zip File (IOS And Xbox):

Here a video for Download my texture pack in Xbox and IOS:

Minecraft Xbox how to install texture packs

Minecraft IOS how to install texture packs


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100 1.16.101 1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)



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38 Responses

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  1. Kirby420 says:

    If you really think about it… pvp texture packs are said to increase performance but since you downloaded it, it will take up storage in a folder and this one file will get edited to make sure you own it. So in reality, doesn’t it permanently affect the performance by a slight amount?

  2. DoguiSCA says:

    Definitivamente una de las cosas más increibles y completas de esta pagina

  3. Supercoolguynot1 says:

    Why is there no pictures for the pocket GUI or was it not changed like most PvP packs

  4. CubicPlayzMc says:

    Bug with mcpack download link it keeps giving me zip file

  5. Febrian_CraftYo says:

    Please make wool more simple but 16×16

  6. DoguiSCA says:

    Ya probé la nueva actualización, me encanta este pack, su ui y las variaciones.
    Felicidades por tan buen pack, 5 estrellas bien merecidas

  7. EN:
    Guys I realized that the link I published was from v1, excuse me, the good thing is that in a few hours the v3 of the texture pack will be released!!!! 🙂 (and I repeat excuse me).

    Chicos me di cuenta que el link que publique era de la v1 disculpenme lo bueno es que dentro de unas horas saldra la v3 del paquete de texturas!!!! 🙂 (y repito disculpenme).

  8. Hey bro !!!
    I can use your texture to put it in my shader that I’m going to put out very soon !!
    I will give all the credits to Derp Craft and you bro, don’t worry !!!
    Do you give me permission ???? please!!! :3

  9. Me gusto mucho gracias :3
    Pero quisiera tener esa gui :c

  10. gracias me pero me equivoque en ciertas cosas no mostre la barra de armadura me equivoque en ciertas partes cuando estaba escribiendo pero bueno (me equivoque en ciertas cosas porque tenia prisa de sacar la actualizacion).

  11. DoguiSCA says:

    La actualización de UI está brutal¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  12. DoguiSCA says:

    Me encantó esto, al fin no tendré que descargar 2 paquetes de texturas para esto y además por lo general chocan entre si (no funcionan entre si) así que agradezco mucho es 5 estrellas

  13. Kamu says:

    What is shaders you use?

  14. Derp Craft says:

    5 Stars. Thank you for using my texture pack!

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