ReTold – Minecraft Story Mode Add-On

This add-on has the purpose of bringing story mode exclusive features to your Minecraft world. It is an add-on that will add new entities, blocks, and items that will make your worlds more enjoyable or challenging.

DISCLAIMER: This Minecraft add-on is not approved by or associated with Microsoft, Mojang Studios and/or Telltale Games. 

This add-on brings the following features


This hostile mob can blow you up and it rarely spawn anywhere at night. The explosion is bit stronger than the creeper. It can also climb walls. Can be charged.

Prison Golem

It behaves just the sames as the iron golems. Spawns underground. They have a red variant.

Prison Zombie

Withered prisoners. Inflicts wither. Doesn’t burn in sunlight. They spawn underground.

Prison Slime

Just like slimes. They spawn underground.


They behave just like vanilla wolves. They spawn in villages.

Icy Spiders

These mobs spawn in cold biomes. They can inflict slowness status effect. Also have jockey versions. Drops icy shards and icy cores.

Icy Ender Creeper

This mob can teleport and explode. They can’t carry blocks (add-on limits). They spawn in snowy biomes. Can be charged.

Icy Golem

They look like iron golems but hostile. It throws snowballs and will use melee attacks when closer. They spawn in cold biomes.

Icy Golem (Boss)

Large version of the icy golems. It has a health of 500. It has stages. Projectiles and explosions doesn’t do much damage to it.

Giant Enderman

A giant version of the enderman. It has a health of 500. Can’t pick up blocks. The behaviour can no longer be improved due to addon limits.

Prismarine Foes

These mobs have the same health as the golems. They have prismarine weapons that rarely drops. Not spawning naturally.

Giant Ghast

This three headed ghast is a boss. It shoots fireballs that can still hurt you even if you have fire resistance. It can also summon multiple ghasts. They rarely spawn in the Nether. 

Prismarine Colossus

A large animated prismarine statue. It has a health of 500. It is immune to knockback. It drops prismarine blocks.

Wither Storm

Players can spawn it by giving a wither a command block. Command blocks can be obtained by fishing or looting mansions.

It will transform in to its next stage after a few minutes.         

In this third stage, it shoots wither skulls that deals high damage and can set everything in fire.

Fourth stage


Prismarine Blocks

Can be crafted with prismarine/dark prismarine in a stonecutter.

Prismarine Runes

Can be crafted with a blank prismarine rune in a stonecutter

Baked Clay Block

Can be made by putting a clay block in a blast furnace.

Baked Clay Bricks

It’s just bricks without the white colours. Can be crafted with baked clay block in a stonecutter.

Dark Cobblestone

Just a darker version.

Dark Smooth Stone

Just a dark version of smooth stone.

Ice Tile

Can be crafted with four packed ice in a crafting table.

Ice Lantern

The recipe needs 8 icy shards and a icy core.


To use them, just tap/click and hold while holding their respective items. You can only obtain them by commands. Make sure the items have the suffix “full_armor”.

/give @s storymode:

There are still features that aren’t included in this page.

The prefix of the custom entities, blocks and items is “storymode:

This add-on have 3 subpacks

New Vanilla, Bare Bones, and Old Vanilla (Programmer Art)

This addon has two versions

The first version has mixels (pixel inconsistency), changed vanilla models and edited vanilla textures. It adapts the style of Minecraft Story Mode

The second version doesn’t have mixels, nothing is changed in vanilla. It stays faithful to vanilla.

Version 1

Version 2

Make sure to turn on Experimental Gameplay.

Special thanks for RobotPantaloons for letting me use his pack in the screenshot and for letting me make a bare bones support in my addon.

Here’s a link to Bare Bones

Special thanks to JujuStyle7 for the wither storm. 

Thanks to dakonblackrose for the armor templates.

Recommending ESTN by Eldeston to use with Bare Bones.

Custom blocks are in a separate pack.

Changelog View more
  • Added 1.16 support for custom blocks.
  • Added an overlay that reduces lags. Make sure it's layered on top of the main resource and behaviour pack.
  • Golems are now their own entities.
  • New texture for baked clay bricks. No longer resembles vanilla bricks.
  • New textures for the armors.

Wither Storm and Wither

  • No longer stays idle.
  • Fixed projectile offset.
  • Now instantly heals after changing states.

Giant Ghast

  • Only spawns in soul sand valleys.
  • No longer dies instantly when hit by its own fireball.
  • New texture.

Icy Golems

  • Now switches attacks between ranged and melee.
  • Large icy golem now has stages.
  • Large icy golem are now a bit resistant to projectiles and explosions.

Giant Enderman and Prismarine Colossus

  • Reduced their damage.
  • Changed sea lantern back to its original texture.
  • Creeders and icy ender creepers can be charged.
  • Added icy shards and icy core item.
  • Crafting recipe for ice lantern now uses 8 icy shards and an icy core.
  • Improved models for spiders.
  • Icy spiders now drops icy shards and cores.
  • New texture for icy spiders and wither storm.
  • Added a new stage for the wither storm.
  • Wither storms now have tractor beams.
  • Removed wither storm entities. Readded them as variants of vanilla wither.
  • Fixed projectile offsets of giant ghast, and icy golems, increasing their accuracy.
  • Players can now obtain command blocks through fishing and looting mansions.
  • Readded sounds to all custom mobs.
  • Added prison slimes and a new type of slime ball.
  • Giant enderman is no longer experimental.
  • Increased attack reach of giant enderman and collusus.
  • Decreased damage dealt by giant enderman and prismarine collusus.
  • New textures for decayed block.
  • New textures for prison cave spider and prison spider spawn egg.
  • New prismarine foe model in version 2 pack.
  • Fixed prison spiders' texture in version 2 pack.
  • Players can now damage entities without using a weapon/tool again.
  • Players can trigger raids again.
  • Added prismarine colossus
  • Changed packed ice and redstone torch texture to vanilla
  • Improved creeder model
  • Various fixes
  • Added 3 stages of wither storm
  • Added armors
  • Fixed spider legs rotation (vanilla spiders are still bugged)
  • Various bug fixes

The Wither Storm is still not in this update. I only fixed some textures and behaviours.


  • Now chases you
  • Made the explosion stronger

Prison Zombie

  • Now inflicts wither/decay effect
  • Made the attacks stronger

Icy Golem/Large Icy Golem

  • Now attacks you without having to provoke it
  • It throws snowballs now instead of using melee attacks

Prismarine Foe

  • Their attacks are now stronger
  • They have a higher health
  • They're now resistant to knockback

Magma Golem

  • Made their health higher
  • Made the attack damage higher
  • New texture

Giant Ghast

  • Now attacks you without having to provoke them
  • Now shoots faster


  • Fixed the texture of Iron Golem in the Bare Bones subpack
  • Fixed the texture of fishes in the Bare Bones subpack


You need to delete the old version.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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249 Responses

4.38 / 5 (77 votes)
  1. S4NT1 says:

    ¿Habrán más actualizaciones para el add-on?

  2. Guest-2391068315 says:

    u should make more wither storm stages and make more blocks flying around the wither storm

  3. Guest-5949976105 says:

    Is the blocks not available for 1.16? The file gave me the resource pack but without the behaviour pack, the game either says: “error, duplicated file” or “error, file has missing dependencies”, can u fix this?

  4. Guest-6860432229 says:

    The hovering inferno doesn’t have a texture in version 2

  5. Guest-6834878928 says:

    PLEASE can you ad the chips that pama install on the zombies and humans

  6. sethcreeper09 says:

    Please add the wither storm splitting in to three

    • Guest-3075400095 says:

      Please make sounds for the wither storm that have the sound from the real wither storm in story mode

  7. Guest-1737222041 says:

    @TaxingHawk is there theres no behavior pack for 1.16

  8. Guest-6180221516 says:

    since the armor doesn’t deduct any damage, can you at least make it to give us resistance when equipped? also, the scuba diving helmet doesn’t give water breathing 🙁

  9. Guest-8757154846 says:

    im just giving permission to compare this to chinese addon

  10. Guest-3072551505 says:

    Can you please add the ultimate weapon

  11. Guest-3815380185 says:

    Cool addon yep cool

  12. Guest-5448695992 says:

    What about the secret golden armor? Are you going to add that?

  13. Guest-7891702845 says:

    Blocks don’t work on xbox 1.16 beta, They did before but don’t now. Such a shame too, I really enjoyed using them. Is there anywhere to redownload the old one again?

  14. Guest-6283695373 says:

    Can you add the magma golem,giant golem,xara,evil snow admin,oxblood,lluna,and nurm

  15. Guest-1018020840 says:

    why is there no behavior pack for retold blocks 1.16+?

  16. Guest-1852376897 says:

    Diko alam sanay pala mag tagalog ang gumawa ng favorite addon ko

  17. Swagboi7 says:

    Why did you change the Golems into their own types of entities?

  18. Guest-9900196037 says:

    I’m having a problem where the 1.16 blocks version crashes my game when it is attempting to generate world. I have reinstalled it 4 times now. The older version worked great, and the version 2 works perfect as well. But this one does not. Any reason why?

    • TaxingHawk says:

      It also does it in my low-end phone, but when I tried it in a high-end one it loads perfectly without crashes

      • Guest-7242288448 says:

        (Same Person) I’m not on a low end phone. I’m actually on a high end Xbox One. I am able to play the version 2 with no problems but not the blocks version. It worked with the blocks version before the update though. Any reason why?

        • TaxingHawk says:

          No idea, I don’t even know how to fix it
          Probably a game bug, I’ve been waiting for two game updates before uploading this
          And didn’t found fixes

  19. Guest-7195052367 says:

    PLEASE add the gauntlets

  20. TaxingHawk says:

    I forgot to add screenchots for the new texture of baked clay bricks

    • Guest-9547907941 says:

      Why the all tools and armor ia very weak? Pls update it to be use full to kill the Witcher Strom plsss

  21. A.I master says:

    Dude this is awesome addon also i have suggestion for next update:can you add reauben (pig) spawn naturally but rare. Can tame by a carrot! And also will protect you in hostile mobs (i guees) hope you read this thx

    • ClammyHornet707 says:

      i was honestly gonna say something similar except when he takes damage he gets a black eye (like in story mode)

  22. Guest-8551489609 says:

    great addon but the model for the normal Minecraft spider is strange

    • Guest-9463102037 says:

      i mean the normal model’s legs are straight on level with the torsos and not pointing down like normal

  23. Guest-9127758171 says:

    can you add the redstone lamp with colors ?

    blue redstone lamp,red restone lamp, green redstone lamp, black redstone lamp , tello redstone lamp….
    i love this addon!!!

    can you fix the humans? the hurt the others humans and can you fix a player problem?
    in my head appear the submarine helmet can you fix this?
    can you add more story mode’s blocks??
    tnt F
    can you retexure the command block with the minecraft story mode command block?
    (the old command block texture)

  24. Guest-6964648705 says:

    Wither storm does not work

  25. Guest-6019466114 says:

    I cant wear the armor

  26. TaxingHawk says:

    I already made new textures for icy golems and the giant enderman, and already fixex

  27. Guest-1589725397 says:

    Can you make the wither storm eat mobs that get in its tractor beams and make it eat blocks to?

  28. Guest-6922471681 says:

    If you put /give @s story mode: you can find the pumpkin head.

  29. Guest-2585342713 says:

    can you put the characters from minecraft story mode season 1 and season 2 on the next update?

  30. Guest-1861852614 says:

    Cool, but too many focus on season 2, could add pama or pumpkinhead

    • Guest-4298910549 says:

      How will he add pama? Tell Me. As an entity? That’s ridiculous
      It’s a structure, and besides, it uses colored redstone lamps, you can’t make custom redstone lamps because the block components is very limited

  31. Guest-2976658049 says:

    It will not work for me does it only work on a computer

  32. Guest-3460353008 says:

    Things you should add: pama (reduced size not to minecraft mine), pama core (reduced size), giant magma golem, romeo, nurm, xara, prismarine gauntlet, oxblood, snow admin, evil snow admin, super tnt, formidi- bomb, anthony the warden, lluna and corrupted prismarine colossus

  33. Guest-5623304199 says:

    I have a suggestion that all the heads on the wither storm can move not them being controlled by the center head

  34. Samuelaaron says:….sorry😭😭😭

  35. Samuelaaron says:

    Hey I know how to download it but… It didn’t work..on.ios What is my iPad

  36. Guest-8875576800 says:

    Wither storm is the best

  37. 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕄ℂℂ𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣 says:

    How do you get the map you are in whats it called could you give me the download

  38. 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕄ℂℂ𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣 says:

    What is the map you are in called and where to get it

  39. TryHardJibs says:

    TaxingHawk, someone just stole this addon and posted it on the Google Play Store. Just search up “Game Story Mod” on the store and you’ll see it, but DO NOT install the app or else you will be bombarded by ads!

  40. Guest-4077852538 says:

    My version is 1.14.60 but for some reason it says failed zip archive I am on mobile.

    • Guest-3014044057 says:

      Download an app called documents by readle from the App Store then copy it to documents then you can click it to uncompress it and then zip it again and rename it to .Mcworld

  41. Guest-4077852538 says:

    My version is 1.14.60 but for some reason it says failed zip archive I am on mobile

  42. Swagboi7 says:

    Are you planning on a Java 1.15.2 port?

  43. Swagboi7 says:

    Is it possible to fix the Wither Skull?

  44. Guest-8839944647 says:


  45. Marvelouzzz says:

    Hey while ur working on the wither storm and romeo, theres a bug where it turns any one of my items into a diving helmet! its annoying asf i hope u fix it

    • Guest-2760054533 says:

      i had this problem too. just deleted the mod, not worth the trouble. random items were disappearing too, like swords.

  46. Guest-7800618698 says:

    T. Hawk. What is the update data?

  47. Guest-3699857107 says:

    Taxing hawk. Update this addon on 20/05 and add the Romeo/Admin Put title “(Romeo) Minecraft Story Mode addon”

    Abilities: Summon lightning_bolts

    Throws small fireballs

    Fly sound

    Summons Ice ender creeper, magma filmes, all monster of this addon

    His weakness is the Crystal Gaunglet

    Attack all mobs

    He Will make the sky dark

  48. Guest-8963576826 says:

    In case anyone is wondering, the addon name was probably changed to avoid copyright issues

  49. Guest-5770442612 says:

    Herobrine Clare(it’s me):
    Can I share it with Minecraft China Edition? It will be downloaded there in the form of emeralds.
    In order to prevent a few people to send malicious bad comments or irrelevant content
    (emeralds are freely available, and people can get emeralds for free every day)

  50. Swagboi7 says:

    The Wither Storm does almost nothing after its third stage

  51. PavelDobCZ23 says:

    Can I use this add-on in modpack for my StoneBlock map project? It looks cool, I’ll definitly credit you.

  52. Guest-7520436410 says:

    It’s kind of annoying that some of the humans attack each other can they just be peaceful as i just want the wondering around my map

  53. Swagboi7 says:

    Here are some ideas

    1. More Witherstorm phases

    (Here’s a list of the current ones just to avoid confusion for when I list the other ones)

    Phase 1: Normal Wither w/ Command Block

    Phase 1.5: The back shows up

    Phase 2: The back is larger and the center head transforms

    Phase 2.5: The Witherstorm is covered in black and all the heads are black

    Phase 3: The current final form, it has loads of tentacles and it’s huge

    (Here are the ones I want to add)

    Phase 3.5: The top tentacles disappear and are replaced with a giant back

    Phase 4: The entity itself is larger (like in the current final phase), the back is larger, and there some oversized tentacles.

    2. Giant Magma Golem

    It shoots fireballs and summons Magma Cubes. It has as much health as the Colossus. (Drops Magma blocks and Fire Charges)

    3. Great Hunger and Monster of the Ocean Depths

    C’mon, you’ve already got the Hovering Inferno! These two additions would just make sense with this thing in!

    4. Glitched Colossus

    It’s like the normal Colossus, except it has its arms spread out like a Zombie, and it runs faster.

    5. Snow Golem Admin

    Shoots waves of snowballs at you. (Drops clocks)

    6. Snow Golem Romeo (Romeo’s red snow golem form with the Icy Golem arms)
    Like the normal form, but it also occasionally throws fireballs, and is much faster.

    7. Faithful Sub-pack

    Additional Notes:

    -Re-add the Hovering Inferno textures

    -Just do whatever is possible. If you can’t add some features, it’s fine.

  54. Guest-1486786800 says:

    other than the witherstorm what works in this addon?

  55. Guest-3052903700 says:

    Wither storm is so so so sick 🤑🤑🤑😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩 so cool do more like pama and v5 should fix tentacles

  56. Guest-3111179577 says:

    Could you add super tnt and a formidi-bomb

  57. Guest-5993066447 says:

    I agree!

  58. D_triss says:

    How long to wait for the next update? I can’t wait any longer😂

  59. Guest-6015422236 says:

    great add-on but can add wither storm V5
    His back Bigger and lot of wither storm

  60. Guest-1606739395 says:

    TaxingHawk, someone just stole this addon and posted it on the Google Play Store. Just search up “Game Story Mod” on the store and you’ll see it. Just don’t click on any links or else you will be bombarded by ads!

  61. Guest-1852802208 says:

    but why the wither storm dont have the purple laser at final stage?

  62. Guest-9129877456 says:

    This addon is great tho could use a few more things like animations.

  63. M.M.16 player says:

    Best minecraft storymode addon ever ! Can you add romeo and giant magma golem next update please!

  64. Guest-7884105266 says:

    Wonderful! Great job, dude. Keep up the good work! Want a speedy update

  65. Neoferi says:

    is the experimental mode absolutely necessary?

  66. Guest-8011406728 says:

    Will the swords actually do damage and will the armor have a armor value?

  67. blorpman284 says:

    Maybe you could add the admin, he can fly, summon all mobs (excluding bosses) become a mob (when you kill the mob that he is he turns back into the admin), and deal 10 damage (5 hearts). Thanks!

  68. Guest-1680184124 says:

    I can’t get any of the armor or any of the blocks

  69. Guest-4162002890 says:

    There are zombie illagers in this addon!!

  70. Guest-8857627768 says:

    Will you be adding blue nether fortresses in the future?

  71. Guest-7611095255 says:

    You guys are just checking this page to see something new
    There are features being added in experimental gameplay that aren’t listed in the changelog

  72. The stonecutter recipes don’t work in 1.16, but the addon is still great!

  73. Jeremy2001 says:

    Intenta que los mobs se generen naturalmente,gracias, lindo addon

  74. Jeremy2001 says:

    Amigo, hace un archivo aparte en el que no este el enderman gigante, voy a empezar una serie de mods muy buena, con gran variedad de addons, y el tuyo es uno de ellos, pero l arruina el enderman gigante, ya que no tiene mucho sentido, despues, esta todo bien lindo

  75. Guest-4185183047 says:

    Minecraft story mode blocks add-on suggestion I know this is a weird suggestion but the white pumpkins I believe should still have the white pumpkin pie. It’s a small little thing so it doesn’t matter if you do it or not.

  76. Ziplashsivery says:

    Hello! I have a question with you add the others? like the admin and the rest of the mobs that aren’t in the addon.
    also, I enjoy your addon

  77. Guest-6456961834 says:

    Can u make each armor have special powers and make it so u can attack mobs because I can’t attack anything and add in the gauntlet and The other characters

  78. Guest-8869334612 says:

    how it took about 20 times to kill one prismarine foe with diamond sword? lol

  79. Guest-6106999507 says:

    are we allowed to edit the files?

  80. Guest-4033329298 says:

    Everything is good but there is one problem
    We cannot attack any mobs at all no matter what fix this please.

  81. Guest-8544886207 says:


  82. Guest-6518530584 says:

    I all ready did that

  83. Guest-4912523261 says:

    Their is a wither storm add-on by redboygamer you can get V2 of V3 and I got V3 you can get it on YouTube but don’t forget you need Google chrome to do that or else it will say sorry can’t open this link

  84. Guest-6273238132 says:

    Can you make a map of the sunshine academy of story mod 2

  85. iiExotic says:

    Uhh why can’t I hurt any of these mobs? And also the texture packs gets removed when I load up my world 🙁

  86. iiExotic says:

    This update is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  87. Guest-1203692216 says:

    I have a suggestion although I know you probably won’t do it like most Addons creators, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask would you make a separate Addons for the blocks it’s not that I don’t like all the other features it’s just that I would like these blocks for vanilla building use it’s okay if you don’t obviously, because I can live just using the addon that you provided.

  88. Guest-9894382194 says:

    I couldn’t remove the armor stand when I put the story mode sword breaker armor on the stand.

  89. Guest-7233738781 says:

    Can you add jessie and other order of the stone

  90. TaxingHawk says:

    I think I will remove dark cobblestone when blackstone gets added

  91. Guest-8033852371 says:

    Guys, thhe blocks are not removed, they’re just not showing in creative menu because of a game bug
    You can still get them through commands or craft them

  92. Guest-6424510554 says:

    how to wear the armor ? i tryed everything still cant wear it

  93. Guest-8343390464 says:

    Please add the characters reuben and admin

  94. Leenie says:

    Please add the wither storm with the tractor beams and engender mod because it won’t let me install it

  95. Leenie says:

    Can you add the engender mod in it

  96. Guest-9435016064 says:

    Please add the wither storm

  97. Guest-6682464827 says:

    Awesome addon BUT PLZ next time add gaunlents so that is GOING to be best

  98. Guest-2451922072 says:

    Can you make the wither storm in this addon and can you make it absorb blocks like in the engender mod?

  99. Guest-2451922072 says:

    Can you make the wither storm in this addon and can you make it absorb blocks like in the engender mod?

  100. Guest-7216869342 says:

    Yeah the blocks are no longer on xbox 1.15 and i loved these blocks, please help

  101. Guest-2013208424 says:

    Dear TaxingHawk,

    I love your addon the mobs are soo cool and the blocks too and i builda big castel with these blocks but since the 1.15 update on xbox one the blocks are no longer there, so i hobe you can make an Update for the blocks or make it for the 1.15 because all my builds are no langer there😭and i build 5 days on my builds please help

  102. GyariSan says:

    I can’t get it to work on my any of my devices (PC, iPad, and android version). For some reason whenever I create a new world with this mod’s behaviour and resource activated, once I am in the game the resource pack is no longer shown as “active”, and only the “behaviour” remains as active. .

  103. Hayden lavarias12 says:

    Hey you should add
    Wither Storm
    Tnt bomb from Minecraft Story Mode S1
    You should add all characters from Minecraft Story Mode S1 to S2 Like the order of the stone,Jesse,Petra,Axel,Olivia,Reuben,
    And add the admin boss
    And add the command block tools from the one who kill Wither Storm and add the AxeCommand,SwordCommand,
    PickaxeCommand. and make sure they are stronger there damage is 500 damage and add the order of the sone nether star And add The Admin Red guy(Idk His name sorry). thank you

  104. TasnimAlvi says:

    1.Make the prismarine foes a bit taller.
    2.Add prismarine colusses.
    3.Improve the behaviour of giant enderman.

    • ThisJobYT says:

      The giant Enderman can’t have the behaviours remade more than this, as the custom Endermen can’t pick up blocks, as that was a Bedrock Edition Addon coding limit.

  105. José Manuel says:

    Hi, I have a question, what is the difference between Mixels and those without?

  106. pp says:

    the mod wont work all the mobs are invisable

  107. Anonymous says:

    Wow now we have a Dungeons, earth, and story mode mod so I have a minecraft universe addon pack

  108. Odarma says:

    Great addon i use it on mi Realm, but, all your non golem mobs does not make any sound

  109. Anonymous says:

    You could work with jujustyle7 to make the wither storm, he knows how to add animations to mobs. Plus he also made his own wither storm addon but it doesn’t work anymore.

  110. Mando says:

    Hi bro i want you add jesse nurm admin jack lluna and all character

  111. - says:

    Well the mods cool but id appreciate it if u added back the hovering inferno as it was SICK! Thank you.

  112. Dab says:

    Wither Storm in next update? I am too excited also are you working on it to have moving tentacles moving mouths and stages I hope?

  113. Arex says:

    Can u pls fox the skeleton design look or make a no mob texture addition. Remove it cause it looks cool but the skeletons erorror design or make a no mob texture fix adddon

  114. Anonymous says:

    I know someone can make an addon with a animated wither storm

  115. Flowey dreemur says:

    Wither storm please:3

  116. Monster gaming says:

    Hi the wither storm are still in progressing just asking?

  117. heavnlybucky says:

    really cool! it would be awesome if all the armors were implemented

  118. heavnlybucky says:

    really cool! it would be awesome if all the armors were implemented

  119. Anonymous says:

    Four stars, because this is the only one out there. Please don’t change the textures, and add custom loot. I want to use this in survival

    • Cthulhu Warrior says:

      This doesn’t replace anything. The only thing it changes is the fact the spiders look like the ones from story mode.

  120. They hovering infernal wasn’t in Minecraft: Story Mode as it was part of the Mob Vote during Minecon Earth 2017.

  121. TheGreatPanda YT says:

    Hey Mr Creator the name of the gast in MCSMS2 is Gasther and mr creator can you pls say to me what are the limitations of addons (if you don’t know all just say what you know)

  122. Addonlover says:

    Wait how about the humans like jesse petra nurm jack

  123. Alex says:

    Will be the wither storm aswell added?

  124. ThisJobYT says:

    Please, add custom animations to all of the mobs in this Addon including the upcoming Wither Storm that you promised people in the comments to add!!!

  125. LiamTheDiamondPlayer14 says:

    Hey mr creator pls add the wither storm the admin boss also some characters Like Lucas Jessie and Petra that fight different monsters also Good addon realy like it mr creator🙂👍👏

  126. zHulvic says:

    the wither storm was the first monster and u didnt add it?

  127. Hacen falta sonidos, además de buenas animaciones. Ese jefe blaze y la araña helada no están en Minecraft Story Mode

  128. LugiaGamerYT says:

    Hey who told you to grab that idea right in my mind I was gonna do that with unadded mobs and other features

  129. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay you should add the wither storm. Here are the suggestions for what it should look like and do:
    To create the wither storm you first need to create the wither and then press a button on it with a command block. It will then appear as the wither but with a command block in its ribs. It will then absorb blocks and sometimes entities thus growing it. It’s final form will appear as the largest mob in game with pitch black flesh, long tentacles, and heads with fangs and one eye for each one. It will shoot wither skulls and blue wither skulls still but will have two new attacks eye beam which it will lure mobs towards it then instant kill them and it will use its tentacles for melee if you can. It has a total of 10,200 hp. It drops a dark nether star upon death. PS: make endermen hate it.

    I know it will take a long time to create but please add this.

  130. Hiiiii says:

    Awsome work! I think it’s really cool to see mc story mode stuff in game, presented in a way where it’s not too overpowering like a lot of the previous ones. If possible though, I would love it if you could create biomes or structures as recreations of areas and places found in story mode? And if possible adding special drops and items would be fantastic 👌

  131. SlavHeister says:

    What do you do with the blue print, enchanted book, command eraser book etc

  132. Nelsinho says:

    Adorei ei amo mcsm e adorei o addon

  133. Jayden Cordones says:

    Notch Duh

  134. Dark Gato MC says:

    Creo que la textura del Creeper araña es más oscura, espero actualizaciones de este addon, me encanta

  135. ESTEBAN1303YT says:

    Noooo o :”/ yo estaba haciendo uno 😭😭😭

  136. iiExotic says:

    Cool but, where is the admin boss?

  137. Realms says:

    Noice mate

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