Minecraft Title Pack: Game Update

This resource pack allows you to use the title of different platforms from Java to even Education Edition, even the older ones like the stone title! It contains 23 different title screen to choose. More titles will be added soon!

Here is all of the lists of every title!

Apple TV:


Education Edition:

Fire TV:

Gear VR:

Java Edition:

Console Edition:

New Nintendo 3DS:

Playstation 3:

PlayStation 4:

PlayStation Vita:

Nintendo Switch:

Wii U:

Windows 10:

Xbox 360:

Xbox One:

Bedrock Edition (unofficial):

Pocket Edition:

Pi Edition

Old Minecraft Title

Old Stone Minecraft Title

Minecraft Dungeons Title (NEW!)

Minecraft Earth Title (NEW!)

If you wanted to suggest a new title screen, it would be good, especially if it’s officia! You can write a comment, and the title screen would be added!

Disclaimer: You’re not allowed to reupload this in your app or your website without my permission!

Changelog View more
  • Added two new title: Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth title.
  • Added 3 new title, Pi Edition, Old Minecraft Title (No subtitle), and Stone Minecraft Title.
  • Added 2 new title logo, Pocket and Bedrock
  • New indicator added


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100



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68 Responses

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  1. Hmm lol, changed Minelogic to TheLogicalMine

  2. BearClub Studios says:

    thank you so so much! 😀

  3. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Edit it worked after a while Thx

  4. GizmoTheCatGCT says:

    Amazing But it Says when its loading to minecraft it had a error downloading it

  5. SeedsPE says:

    why do I rate my own creation… Again

  6. NecoraKiller says:

    How to get the dungeons title? Pls tell me i always get the earth one.

  7. This is great, yet useless.
    I love it.
    Nice work!

  8. RobbyB3ll4s says:

    I think the unused logo before the stone logo might be interesting. Also Story Mode, there’s a coupe of variations of that but you can probably add them later on like the Story Mode 2, Story Mode Complete Edition and the Netflix (it’s colored differently) ones are all of them. The last couple I think would be neat would be Minecraft Mobile, Minecraft PC, Minecraft Mac and Linux. I know they are all Java but I think they’d be interesting to add. I think that’s basically all of em. I know it’s a lot so obviously you don’t have to add every single one at the same time, just some ideas rather. Also adding in like the Java & Xbox versions with the newer logo that most of the ones use might work. Similar to Education edition which could also have a second version with the logo used on Bedrock.

  9. Legendary Creeper says:

    I say nothing, is so …..

  10. Steeeeve says:

    It’s no longer a dream anymore, it’s reality

  11. Steeeeve says:

    Those Download links will give you the files to Minecraft from 2010 for Bedrock Edition, go ahead and download them! 🙂

  12. Its_Skyy_ says:

    This brings back nostalgia

  13. MGKNIGHTSS says:

    This pack is absolutely awesome! I recommend downloading this pack because i suggested it and it looks cool!

  14. Steeeeve says:

    I never thought that you would use my suggestions, but you actually did.

    Here’s a message from the Veterans of Minecraft from 2009:

    “Minelogic, we thank you for bringing back our past, It’s been an incredible journey from Tech Test to 1.16, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to make Minecraft what it used to be, we are all looking forward to your work.” – Minecraft Veteran Community

  15. Roxtro says:

    Oh my God… The last title update…..the Stone Minecraft title…is so nostalgic

    Thank you so much! This texture pack is perfect.

  16. RLPLAYZMCPE11 says:

    Can you add a template to make a custom title plss

  17. Steeeeve says:

    This pack is very useful in case anyone wants to make an addon that’s similar to some of the featured console titles so basically you could make your own Minecraft with this and it’s awesome! Imagine what addons you could make with these titles or imagine what addons you can use combined with this pack all together, You could make your Minecraft like the old days or you make your OWN Minecraft! Minelogic, everyone appreciates your work and I have another Title Suggestion. I suggest you to also add that Classic Title made of Classic Cobblestone that made Minecraft Iconic from 11 Years ago, I’m talking about Minecraft’s Version Classic title from 2009. If you add that title to the mix of this pack, mostly everyone will be crying in tears from the nostalgia.

  18. itismemayro says:

    Can you add a raspberry pi title?

  19. NextDE says:

    Can you make Android Edition and IOS Edition?

  20. Nice Job! Thanks for doing this.

  21. LACHLYN270 says:

    Can you plz tell me how you made the title texts?

  22. Legendary Creeper says:

    I didn’t say that you stole it, I just said that I had this idea for a long time and wanted to upload it too, but you did it a few minutes before me = (and I can’t upload mine anymore because otherwise all people say I copied it or stole it.

  23. Could you make one that says bedrock edition? Because the current one just says minecraft

  24. VoicefulBread66 says:

    This is quite great, but… could you add Pocket Edition as well?

  25. PrestonPlays967 says:

    Just <3 for this addon

  26. Legendary Creeper says:

    Thats whas my Idea! I make a Pack with Titles and need to upload but you was little faster!!
    Thats not fair!

  27. bestGaming132 says:


  28. bestGaming132 says:

    Minecraft Not Java Edition would be interessting

  29. Could you add one that makes the subtitle “C++ edition”

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