Minecraft Trevor Henderson Creatures Add-On Beta 1

Hello everyone, I’m JPG YT, and not long ago I made the Pac-Man Add-on on MCPEDL! Well, I’m back at it again, and now I’m bringing you all my Trevor Henderson Creatures Add-on! Introducing quite a few characters, and more! So if you have any changes you want me to make let me know down in the comments, so I can review your ideas and requests! So I hope you all enjoy the add-on and I hope to see you all again soon!

What Are We Expecting?

You are expecting many characters from the artist Trevor Henderson who makes horror art pieces that are amazing! But not all of the characters that he made are in the add-on, a chunk of them I’ve made so far. But, I plan to make more as time goes on! After all, this is only a beta so I’m trying to expand the add-on as much as I can, so for now, enjoy!

What can we expect in the future?

You can expect more add-ons coming out in the future! I have no idea what, but we’ll find out as time goes on. So I’ll see you all later, bye guys!

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Siren Head

  • Health: 100,000
  • Attack: 10,000 (Will Instantly Break Armor)

Light Head

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: Also 10,000

Cartoon Dog

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: 10,000

Cartoon Cat

  • Health: 50,000
  • Attack: 10,000

Breaking News

  • Health: 300,000
  • Attack: 100,000 (Is Going To Be The Hardest To Kill)


  • Is Used For Transportation!

Changelog View more

-Changed The Thumbnail Image For The Add-On!

-Fixed Multiple Bugs For The Add-On!

-Removed The Text That Appears Near Siren Head, Light Head, And Breaking News!

-Updated Description In The Add-On!

-Fixed The Spawn Egg For Breaking News!

-Fixed Breaking News Spawn Egg Not Working!

-Fixed Some More Minor Bugs!

-Updated The Description!

-Gave Cartoon Dog More Sounds!

-More Updates On There Way!

-Changed Some Text In The Description

-Fixed The Title

-Added More Features To Breaking News

-Siren Head Now Breaks Blocks

-Updated The Cover Of The Add-On!

-Changed Some Sounds To Cartoon Dog!

-Added Breaking News!


Warning! There Are Loud Noises In This Add-On! So If You Download Don't Turn Your Volume To The Max! Could Cause Hearing Problems!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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24 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. GAMAC YT says:

    Bruh not good add-on great add-on

  2. DU7A says:

    Yo, this is the scariest addon I’ve ever experienced, nice work 😀 👍🏽

  3. GAMAC YT says:

    Wait… Cartoon cat map? I saw it and it looks great! But I am more excited to play it myself!

  4. TCV AK says:

    Oh could cartoon cat play betty boop grapys house into

  5. TCV AK says:

    Please add dark siren head blood siren head ice siren head shadow siren head and wood siren head

  6. Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

    If you don’t know …I will love you to make costume man God of roadkill God of chickens long horse Brige worm and cartoon rabbit yoyo cartoon girl day 17 which will
    Be biggest pig g host smile room country road creature the angel.

  7. Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

    I no what he really looks like

    • Duckycat says:

      Was talking to creator not you. I know that you know what he looks like. You were the first to comment that cartoon dog doesn’t have gloves on his hands.

  8. Duckycat says:

    Yeah I just posted two comments and they are waiting for moderation so never mind about the link just look up these on YouTube cartoon dog gmod. Just tap on one of the vids and watch it. I recommend cartoon dog vs towers it shows full animations. Only use this if you don’t get my comments within the next week. Or just use it.

  9. Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

    Cartoon dog dose not wear gloves on his hands.

    • Duckycat says:

      That is true. He has gloves on his feet. And he doesn’t stand. He has this weird position where he kinda glides or drags his feet across the ground. I don’t know how to .explain it I’ll try to give you a link to show you, or picture.

  10. Cartooncatdemon1923 says:

    What? Cartoon cat according to Trevor Henderson is more dangerous than any other monster so TREVORCRAFT will be better. Watch vids on cartoon cat.

  11. CJMobile1 says:

    Your addons are so amazing also some bugs you have to fix a small problem because that you have to remove the glowing of Siren Head’s teeth because it is not inaccurate of Trevor Henderson’s design and also the small glowing of Cartoon cat’s gloves so please fix that, and bye the way can you add in the next future update in Trevor Henderson addon called day 17, costume man, and bridge worm I love to hear that and I hope you can add them and I appreciate that!☺️

  12. aaaaaaaaadotmp4 says:

    Siren Head’s teeth shouldn’t be glowing as its inaccurate to Trevor Henderson’s design and also unrealistic. Breaking News should have a head at least about 3 times the size of the current one plus Breaking News is not that skinny. Over all good addon, keep up the good work.

  13. Mr potato says:

    Add costume man he’s not actually hostile he just needs help

  14. Guys this is an awesome addon it’s not that new but it’s the most

  15. Duckycat says:

    I’ve got a few more. God of roadkill, Bonesworth, Costume man, Doorbell cam, Country road creature, Bonesworth, Ghost pig, The EEL, God of chickens, and Playground. That should be all. Sorry if I ask for to much, I just really like Trevor Henderson creatures.

  16. Duckycat says:

    No rush. I say this because people rage when you do, but can you add Long horse
    Meat horse, lil nugget, The lamb, Highway worm, Bridge worm, Smile room (and the host), Mother megaphone, Crybaby, Forgotten baby, Man with the upside down head, Lopsided grin,Train eater, Big charlie, Good boy, and Peeping Tom. Thx. Keep it up and take your time.

  17. Duckycat says:

    Thank you so much for making this. It’s amazing. So far the best. I’ve been waiting for bendy to update his, because I’ve been so board. I’m so happy. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

  18. Red Fan says:

    Great Addon! Just fix the stats though. Siren Head and lamp head 20,000 hearts of health and 40 damage. Cartoon cat and cartoon dog 10,000 hearts of health and 15 damage. Breaking news 500,000 health and 1,000 damage. This will make it more survival friendly and realistic.

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