Minecraft’s Got Talent (Fully Functional)

This is a fully functional AGT stage that has fully functional buzzers and has a texture pack to add AGT Buzzer sounds and re-textured vindicators to look like the one and only Simon Cowell You start off in Simon’s limo and enter the AGT Studio as you enter the AGT music starts playing as you pass the spectators then you sit in your judge chair as the acts start coming in

This map includes a functional set of “No” buzzers and a functional Golden Buzzer 

This Map Resets and can be used over and over again

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Changelog View more

Tested Map And Confirmed Working With Minecraft Bedrock Version 1.16.0 AKA The Nether Update

Changed Submission Details No Changes To Map There Is A Bug However I Forgot To Turn Off Coordinates So To Fix This Just Run /gamerule showcoordinates false in game chat

Added Red Fireworks To 3 X's

Only On RolePlay Version not on filming becaus minecraft fireworks dont mix well with green screens

Changed Download Link Text So That It Is More Comprehensive No Changes To Map Itself Except The Green Screen Enjoy :)

Added Second World Download For A Stage With A Green Screen Instead Of A Star For Video Makers So They Can Achieve The Same Results As Us In Our Video

Add Submission Tags No Changes To The Map Itself Please Subscribe To DCU Studios On Youtube

Added play through video to submision and rebuilt the star on the bacl of the stage

Fixed Submission Details and rebuilt the god awful star on stage so it looks much nicer now 

Fixed The God Awful Star And build a new one


The Texure Pack Must Be Installed However We Have Noticed People Are Not Activating It Please Please Please Activate The Pack Or The Map Will Not Make Sense 



Supported Minecraft versions


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9 Responses

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  1. Guest-6592054334 says:

    Fave act got to be tape face this just reminded me a grate performance

  2. Danieal550 says:

    you can make a simon addon. it’ll be more interesting😆

    • Guest-6923348319 says:

      Well Vindicators Are Retextured With A Simon Skin But What Do You Mean By A Simon Add-On? btw its me DCU Studios but the login glitch happened and I cant prove I am DCU studios

  3. Guest-5505307039 says:

    this is great, the only problem I have is the separate links.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Very impressive and well-created. I can’t wait to see more from you in the future!

    • TryHardJibs/ MahDestiny says:

      But my only complaint is that players have to download the texture pack separately from the map. Will you be able to fix this slightly annoying issue in the future?
      By the way, anonymous is me.

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