Mined Prison: Test Subject (Chapter 2) [Adventure]

After your previous failed attempt of escaping the prison you’ve been put in isolation for two weeks. The old warden has been replaced by a new one. Apparently he got a new use for you inside the prison as a test subject. The adventures which lay ahead might cause you to think that isolation probably was a whole lot safer than going through all this.

In the map you will be put on a test through a series of the different experiments. It makes for a varying adventure with lots of different minigames to experience.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone


For two weeks you’ve been stuck in an isolation cell. A key twists in the keyhole and the door opens. Light lands on your face but a shadow quickly overtakes it. The first face you see isn’t exactly pretty.

It’s the new chief warden. Chief Warden: “How’s the cell mr Smith? You getting comfy in there yet?”. You can’t help but grin when you look up at the enormously fat warden. Not because he looks funny, but the feeling of seeing a face after such a long time is incredible. So whether it’s an ugly face or not, doesn’t matter.

The uncontrollable grin quickly changes to a grunting and annoyed face when realizing it’s the chief warden. You: “Who are you?!”

Chief Warden: “I’m the new chief warden. The previous one got fired so I replaced him. Now, get out of the cell. You’ve done your time in there. I’ve got someone I’d like you to meet…”

You push yourself up against the wall, stumbling out of the cell.

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  • Don’t break/place blocks unless told so
  • Change difficulty when to do so

screenshot-2015-05-10-12-29 screenshot-2015-05-10-12-30 screenshot-2015-05-10-12-31

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26 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Sam black says:

    Every time I put a key in the hole nothing happens please help

  2. ArmorPowerYT says:

    Best map ever!!!!

  3. Aidan says:

    So fun. When is was looking for the slime ball, the first chest I opened had it in. Talk about luck

  4. Rosie says:

    This map is awesome!!!!!!!!!🐱

  5. KilladroneXX says:

    Playing this in 2017 and this map is incredibly awesome 😀

  6. Mack says:

    How do you get out of the cell in the first place??

  7. GlowingOre says:

    Can’t do it

  8. Ender24109 says:

    I can’t download it. It says that download failed it has no name in the downloads


    Nice Map

  10. The Obsidian Gemstone says:

    Hey guys, just saying, almost finished Chapter 3. It’s been cut short at the end and some things I haven’t built yet because I’m getting too much lag to build it. So basically I have built two activities whereas there should be more but since there is a lot of lag, I can’t build it quickly so in Mined Prison 4, you’ll be able to complete the other activities that weren’t implemented in Mined Prison 3. Thanks!

  11. THE_DIAMOND_KING says:

    PLS 🙁

  12. jmmajaducon says:

    Look Cool Can You Make Part 3

  13. MichaelVeritas says:

    I can’t download it 🙁

  14. Nathan says:

    Why is the third not out yet what happened?

  15. The Obsidian Gemstone says:

    The third chapter of Mined Prison is being built. It’s got a lot of stuff in it and it’s been delayed quite a lot. With the amount of things going on in real life and in Mined Prison, it may take a couple of weeks for me to finish and test it. Thanks guys for waiting!

  16. Winelle says:

    I like this map its cool

  17. Winelle says:

    I like this map it cool

  18. gamergirl17 says:

    This map is awesome. Other maps I have downloaded are too short are confusing. But this one is not to short and not to long and it had a good story line. I can’t wait till part three!

  19. xAndromonx says:

    part 3 pls

  20. Thank God it got a part two! Looking forward to part 3 if u could 🙂

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