Mined Prison: The Beginning (Chapter 1) [Adventure]

Mined Prison is prison break adventure map. The story goes that you’ve been framed for a murder and put in prison for life. Now you want to escape and get your freedom back.

The map offers choice based decisions which will affect the continued situations in the map (such as interactions with guards). The adventure goes on for a long while and follow a great story. As you progress in the map your desire for freedom will grow and the end of your adventure will unwantingly feel closer.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone


You have been framed for murder and put in a high security prison called Mined Prison for life. Your chances of ever seeing your family outside the prison walls have been reduced to zero the moment you stepped inside the prison. But you have no intention to stay in there any longer than necessary so you are planning a prison break. Try to find an exit..

screenshot-2015-04-19-11-02 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-04 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-05 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-06


  • Don’t break blocks (except for clay blocks!)
  • No mods
  • Don’t turn clay into clay blocks to place them
  • Try to find all the emeralds (a fun little extra mission!)

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50 Responses

4.27 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-1642570715 says:

    That means that you win!! 👍XD

  2. SpikeThePhantomGhost says:

    There is a glitch, I think, yea it is. So the cart ride to the canteen is long right? But when I got off I was outside of the map.

  3. Mcgamerm3 says:

    Still my favorite map can I remake it with commands?

  4. Horsegirl_66 says:

    I love the map in general although the Redstone needs to be updated but that is the only flaw! Good job creators!!!

  5. lilyyyy says:

    I love this map 🙂 just want to let you know that everything that had gravel/sand wasn’t working (where you place the gravel in hole, other gravel falls to open pathway) so I had to break those myself 🙁

  6. Niamh says:

    Very good map but the rails were not powers so it was slow getting to places, but over all very good👍

  7. Not important says:

    I’m stuck in a cell at first level how’re u supposed to get out I cant break the blocks

  8. Rex says:

    Awesome challenging but I finished it

  9. Firekid5788 says:

    THE GAMES AWESOME!!!!!! 😀👍😁⚽️😃😎

  10. MadTutorzII says:

    Can I play it in Peaceful???

  11. DatGuy/GirlOverThere says:

    What version of MCPE is this for.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The powered rails are not on they need a redstone signle

  13. Peyton says:

    Amazing map This Is So Fun!😀

  14. TheCraft says:

    I don’t have a computer how do I download it without it?

  15. TheCraft says:

    Is there an app for mcpedl?

  16. Thecraft says:

    It looks so awesome but how do you download it?

  17. pro_uminus says:

    cool map

  18. Brittany says:

    How do I download this information not clear

  19. Dillon says:

    I can’t download anything it want let me

    • Editor says:

      What happens when you try?

      • TheDiamondBattleAxe says:

        I don’t know about Dillon, but when I try it NEVER works either theirs a long list of GIBBERISH, it tells me to download on my computer, or it has an app I has to get either that or I see in the comments u saying that it doesn’t work on iOS which makes me sad knowing I got this app for NOTHING and got exited for NOTHING I’m gonna go cry in a corner now… * sobs*

  20. Chapter 2 is out! Just type into Google: Mined Prison: Chapter 2 – Test Subject
    Thanks to everyone for playing the map and thanks to the Editor for putting this map up!

  21. Xdboy says:

    When i open it on iphone it says that there isn’t an file

  22. Strangely enough, when I downloaded the map, the minecart was still there. It may have been a glitch and the minecart despawned or something along those lines. I think you’ll have to re-download the map or you could just be quick and cheat around it 🙂 Anyways, have fun guys!

  23. dark says:

    The zip fil is empty

  24. The Obsidian Gemstone says:

    Hey guys! Map maker here! Just came to say thanks for playing my map and the positive reviews! Chapter 2 is coming out soon!

  25. Who cares? says:

    Can’t get through the second room ;_;

    • The Obsidian Gemstone says:

      Do you mean Drake’s cell? If it is Drake’s cell, there is an air vent with a minecart in it. Get into the minecart to get out of Drake’s cell. If it isn’t Drake’s cell, reply and ask me how to get through where you are stuck.

  26. Minejumper767 says:

    The Zip file is empty

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