Mined Prison: Training Complete (Chapter 4)

Mined Prison is a series of adventure maps which takes place in and around a prison. In the first few map chapters you completed certain tasks to escape the prison which kept you in there for invalid reasons. Now you’ve come so far to escape the prison and joined a group of lawful agents to bring some justice to the prison and hopefully imprison the corrupt management.

Creator: The Obsidian Gemstone, Twitter Account


In the last chapter you completed Syco’s and Haxr’s training missions. You’ve learned a lot since first meeting the team but you still have some training left to be completed before you can bring down the management of Mined Prison and bring some justice to the system.



  • Don’t break blocks (only clay blocks allowed to be destroyed)
  • Don’t place blocks
  • Read all signs

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31 Responses

5 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    This map is really good but I kept getting rekt because of the mob spawned overflowing the room so I you /effect I also found all the secret Armor and weapons 👍🏽

  2. Diamond the Alchemist says:

    Can I blow it up when I’m done with the map? I want to blow up the evil people of mined prison!!!!!!

  3. Omgdude says:


  4. Rachel herring says:

    Great map can’t wait for chapter 5 😀

  5. player 99934 says:

    I loved this map soo much i turned it into a maximup security prison roleplay! (part 2)

  6. player 99934 says:

    I realy loved this and in my edition i was in a version where glowing obsadian existed! (part 2) Still awesome!!

  7. JaythePowerful says:

    OMG I am seriously in love with this series! I love it soooo much I am so grateful for u making these maps lol the 3rd one drove me insane but it was all worth it… thank you for solving my boredom 😝

  8. Troller2.0 says:

    lol.Map is awesome dude.Playing on 15.0 and still awesome

  9. Rayan says:

    I wish you all luck I hope you have a good time with your friends

  10. SensialFever says:

    Keep this work as much as you can.And part 5 plz.

  11. Gamer crazy says:

    Best map every!!!! Your a geunis!!!!!

  12. Gamer crazy says:

    That was the best!!!!!!! Chapter 5 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Deadj says:

    These are great but the pvp is getting kind of old

  14. The Obsidian Gemstone says:

    The Obsidian Gemstone doesn’t mind xD. Share it if you want! Let all of China know me ?
    BTW idk if I’m using the right email xD forgot which one I used on MCPE DL ?

  15. JADE_JP says:

    where is the chapter 5?

  16. Kyanova says:

    I really enjoy all the chapter its very fun even there s no command block thank you obsidian gemstone

  17. Qing Ran says:

    Such a wonderful map!Two choice make it so good!so…… could i share it in mcpe+,a stage in that more people can enioy it!And know you!Of course, i won’t change the creator.
    Thank you for supporting us!

  18. The Obsidian Gemstone says:


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