The MineKart mod turns ordinary minecarts into go-karts but with a max speed of ~250 km/h which is way past a go-kart in real life. The fun thing about the kart is that it can travel on ordinary grass blocks, cobblestones and so on and doesn’t require rails.

Creator: MehrzadR

How to control the minekart?

Begin by crafting a minecart with 5 iron ingots. Place it down on the ground and ride it.

Controls are much the same to the normal walking controls except for the minus and plus buttons in the bottom corners of the screen which are used to control the speed of the minekart.

The faster you go the harder it will be to control the minekart so make sure to keep it at an appropriate speed based on in which terrain you are traveling in.

Note: The kart can’t jump at the moment but it will be a feature soon to be included.

ScreenShots001 download

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26 Responses

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  1. Goku 1 says:

    Ok now I’m like hitting my head on my fridge so of thes aren’t really ADD-ONS that
    Aren’t reale

  2. Qeis says:

    Hmm.. I have an idea! Do you can edit the MineKart to cars?

  3. Bensen247 says:

    Plz Update For 14.0.Thanks, This is the only minekart mod i can find.

  4. ENTAH LAA NAK says:

    Plz Update it i really want this mod

  5. Drayven says:

    Update this to beta 0.13.0

  6. Dani says:

    Does this work on iOS

  7. Jared says:

    works fine and it’s the best mod ever I have a city world I made with me and my sister its huge and we can drive around in them its awesome

  8. SaaD101 says:

    Does This Mod Supports the Latest Version (0.11.1)?

  9. Adil Rizvi says:

    It says i have the mod but when i try it, it wont work
    Can you help please??

  10. Jacob says:

    Gives me a .bin file

  11. spider z says:

    THANK YOU very much !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. spider z says:

    I can’t download it from this site, please make a link on it’s the only one that I can get it

  13. awesomedude says:

    Iam trying the on on how to install minecraft pe mods in android.i used this and it isnt appearing in the download on import.HELP


    Could it ride mobs to it ganna be great or maybe not?

  15. MCPE PLAYER says:

    What aplication do i need to use it, i have the free version of block launcher and it doenst work

  16. Drayven says:

    It doesent work I turned on manage addons and imported the mod but It doesent work why is that

  17. Akkusetto says:

    Now someone should make real life flat race tracks to scale
    like Sebring International Speedway for example

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