Miner Improvements

This addon seeks to improve Minecraft in as many ways as possible. More bosses? Check! More Weapons? Check! Chickens laying eggs like a real chicken should? Check! We’ve worked hard to make high-quality textures, models, and behaviors, for a fresh, enjoyable Minecraft experience.

Crafting Recipes: Credit to xR4NS0Mx351x on our Discord Server

This Addon Adds (so far):

-5 Bosses,

-8 Swords, each with their own special ability,

-10 Mobs,

-More difficult AI for new and existing Mobs,

-New Biome, with new structures,

-New Decorative wood type,

With more coming in the future!

Notable Changes:

-Creepers will search for blocks to destroy, mainly targeting structures,

-Powerful Golems spawn and drop diamonds, and other goodies when they die, which is required to craft more powerful weapons,

-Zombies will bust down doors no matter the difficulty,

-Skeletons may or may not also bust down doors,

-Eggs taste good, so why not cook some?

For help with crafting, join our discord server! We post each of our updates there, as well as discuss possible new features. Maybe we will add your idea next?

Changelog View more

Updated the Discord invite link. It should work correctly now.

-Added a video for that crafting recipes,
-Made Obsidian Swords absorb less knockback.


-Fixed Roosters laying eggs,

-Cinderwood now works with most wood crafting recipes,

-Golems are no longer cheesable,


-Siege Zombies now have 40hp instead of 80,

-Siege Zombies take twice as much damage from the sun,

-Frogs now have a chance to spawn on waterlilies, but will they? I don't know.

-Made a previously un-spawnable mod spawnable.

Removed a link to a bugged version of the addon.

Fixed a few things that I didn't quite get right the first two times.

The first version of the add-on. More is sure to come soon!


Just download off of Mediafire and you're good to go! No ads, just add-ons!


Supported Minecraft versions


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36 Responses

4.81 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Theidotsrebel says:

    Maybe some smoother animations or more detailed colors will impact this other than that 10/10 I was gonna say for a boss that drops diamond level items there spawn rate should be down but they are impossible to kill without armor unless you get lucky so that’s good

  2. Inkzilla11 says:

    Are the golems aggressive to everything because they don’t attack anything but soon start attacking mobs and when mobs are attacking the golems, they don’t fight for 5 mins or so until they begin doing so

    • ItzBraden says:

      In the behaviors I have it so that they only attack players, villagers, and illagers. But sometimes they decide to smack some unlucky fool, and if the thing they are chasing gets into some wierd spot the golems will freeze. I have no clue why they do this.

  3. saitamaaaaaaaLOL says:

    Nice new bosses, but I beat them all in 1 punch… (you need to know who saitama is for this to be funny)

  4. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    Does this work for realms in 1.16.2? 😀

    • ItzBraden says:

      If you use realms you will have access to everything except the Obsidian Crystal Sword, The Scythe of Malignus, and the Frozen Flameblade. The new Biome won’t spawn, and neither will Obsidian Golems. Everything else should work, but I haven’t tried using realms myself, so I cannot say for sure.

  5. xschwanz says:

    I can’t seem to find any of the special golems?

    • ItzBraden says:

      They each spawn in a special Biome. The Obsidian golem spawns in a new custom biome, the ice golem spawns in frozen biomes, the lava golem spawns in the nether, and the Ender Beast spawns in the End.

  6. iiPlasma7 says:

    For some reason only the behaviour pack will load onto minecraft and the resource pack wont show up even after ive extracted and pasted ect. Try fix this i am on xbox.


    Una pregunta tienes algún video tutorial del addon
    Por que no se craftear las espadas

  8. Sub2Pewdiepie69 says:

    Whenever I try downloading it, it says “Copy To Minecraft” instead of the average “Minecraft”. When I click it, it just opens Minecraft and nothing else happens. Did I do something wrong? Your pack looks awesome.

  9. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    Please fix the download link when I click it it takes me to drive, idk how I can download this please use mediafire.

    • ItzBraden says:

      To download off of google drive, click the arrow pointing down in the top right side of the page. I will add a link to mediafire to make it easier, but it can take a few days to verify updates.

  10. Ender_Philip says:

    In lava golem, ice golem, obsidian golem, and ender beast

    Their skins glitch looking like

    Block textures as in random blocks texture

    Elements, end portal, bubble colums, dyed water, and may stuffs
    Please fix i like this it just needs improvement and good job

  11. ItsMaxo says:

    hey just wondering how long does it take to find the lava biome in 1.16.1? just wondering other than that i love the mod!

  12. AleGamer930i1 says:

    Este addon se ve muy bueno, cuando tenga una nuevo celu con el que jugar minecraft supervivencia sera uno de los addons que pondre, pero me gustaria que aqui pongas la info del addon ya que no tengo discord, igualmente se ve exelente y tengo muchas ganas de probarlo

  13. FiGiLU says:

    What are you using to make this addon?

  14. Snaga_-_ninan says:

    do you have to put on exp. gameplay?

  15. I_Will_Judge_You says:

    Will there be another update? 😛

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