Minerals Biome Add-on

Have you ever wondered if there will be an add-on in which you can find several minerals in the same biome?

This complement is for you, the minerals are completely together and the best of all is that it reaches the base stone





(Although the latter is a bit more difficult to find) The truth is that you have everything in that Biome, Armor, Tools and Many More!

This is a New Biome where you can find the above, the truth is that you will spend Minecraft in a super easy and super epic way, I hope you like this add-on, it will completely change your style of play

Remember that if you appear on an island (or you don’t see the biome) you can erase the world and create a new one.

Changelog View more

I will not upload more Biomes or add-ons that have to do with Biomes

I changed the details and now it's better understood, and that's it

I changed the Language from Spanish to English, and now


Remember to activate the experimental game option so that the add-on works well


Supported Minecraft versions


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7 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. NeolRyong says:

    Please make it work on version 1.16.

  2. Thunderhorse99 says:

    Best damn add-on ever

  3. A Doggo says:

    It seems a bit overpowered
    Like full netherite armor just from one biome

    • TSplatscraft says:

      Umm its an addon its not like diamon is powerfull
      Cmon addons arent meant to be balanced they are ther just to add stuff
      And the entire point of the biome is to get ores

  4. A Doggo says:

    I’ll check it out

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