Miners Detector Mod

The Miners Detector Mod adds an extremely useful (and not overpowered) ore detection tool also known as the compass. A good thing to make it not too overpowered is that you are required to be within a reach of 4 blocks of a valuable ore to be able to detect it.

Creator: Kraynor, Cesarneitor7

How to use?

The tool (compass, ID: 345) searches for coal, iron, gold, diamonds, redstone, emeralds and lazuli that are at least within a reach of 4 blocks in any direction.

This means that the tool is as most useful if you are deep underground, e.g. in a tunnel, as that’s mostly during such situations you are close to ores.


[download label=”Download (MCPE DL)”]http://mcpedl.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/minersdetector.js[/download]
Download (Spanish Version) (MediaFire)

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17 Responses

  1. Azmarin says:

    Yeah me too

  2. Furchbar says:

    do I need blocklaucher for this to work?

  3. TheRedWizard says:

    The download doesnt work i get a 404 error

  4. Madison says:

    But cool mod!

  5. eff says:

    does the compass still point to spawn if no ore is nearby?

  6. ヽ( ¬ ﹏ ¬ )ノ says:

    Hey, what should I click, the Download (MCPEDL) or Download (Spanish Version) (Mediafire)????

  7. Firepiglet says:

    How do you get the mod from Dropbox into MC

  8. ty says:

    is this for ios?

  9. AndrOyuN says:

    Mate you did a problem in (72. line) clientMessage(ChatColor.GREEN+”Coal”+ChatColor.WHITE+” – “+CoalNumb+”.”);
    “+CoalNumb+ should be “+coalNumb+

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