Mineworld v1.3.2 Add-on

This addon adds several features to your Minecraft world, from hostile mobs and mythological creatures, to animals that exist or existed in the world.

It also adds several new features, such as variations in the colors of some animals, turning animals into legendary creatures, etc.

In this Addon you can find many animals and various enemies, in addition to being able to create potions and weapons that can give you extra effects.

Red Panda

The red panda is a pacific mob that you can tame with apples, bamboo, eggs, sweet berries and mushrooms, once domesticated you can equip any of the backpacks and the carry the objects you put inside. The red panda appears in the mountains and forests with a slightly less chance.


There are 4 breeds of dogs (soon more will be added), the Husky, the Black Mouth Cur, the Chihuahua and the Cocker Spaniel. Each dog appears in a different biome, the Husky appears more frequently in the cold plains, the Black Mouth Cur appears in the plains, the Chihuahua appears in the savana and the Cocker Spaniel appears in the plains and in the savana. They can be found in more biomes but very infrequently. They may also have variants of color in the eyes and the color of the fur.

They can have 3 behaviors, aggressive, happy and weak, when it is aggressive attracts other dogs and the player, when he is happy he can give gifts when he is of day and when he is weak walks slower and has less life.


The whale can be found in non-cold oceans, can appear from 1 to 4 and when dying loose blubber, which can be used as food or create torches and lamps


The jellyfish can appear in non-cold oceans, can appear in 4 variants and can have 2 behaviors, aggressive against all mobs or passive. One of the 4 variants at death can drop its poison so the player can create poison potions.


The hunter is a illager that flys over and attacks the player, can drop silver dust, strange meat or hunter essence.


The betelgeuse is a monster that does not damage its fire, appears in the mountains and has a larger variant, the primal Betelgeuse. The Betelgeuse hunts at night and has a roar capable of throwing back all the animals that are close to it. They can release scales and can sometimes release their heart, the primal betelgeuse can loosen schizophies which the player can use to create a knife.


The wolf dog is a hybrid and can be obtained by crossing a husky with a wolf. It has the same characteristics as a dog except that you can not breed more wolf dogs.


The nautilus is found in all oceans, from it you can have the nautilus shells


The nectocaris is an extinct marine animal in real life, here in this update the nectocaris will walk through all the oceans


The phoenix appears in the mountains, constantly attacks the pigs and the player. When the phoenix dies, it drops an egg from which another phoenix will soon come out, which is advisable to destroy that egg. Phoenix can drop feathers which can be used for phoenix elixir


The kitsune must be summoned by giving a mysterious stone to a fox, when given a mysterious stone will become a kitsune, depending on the type of fox could come out a kitsune of fire or the original kitsune (the kitsune of fire comes out by giving a mistic stone to the red fox and the original kitsune to the arctic fox). The fire kitsune can be tamed with the fire opal, the normal opal or a blaze stick. The original kitsune can be domesticated with water opal, normal opal and compressed ice. If you give stardust, it can give you a valuable reward.

The fire kitsune hurts the water, so keep it out of the water!!!


The coyote can appear in the mountains and can be domesticated, unlike dogs the coyote has no variation in eye color or fur.

Shadow bird

The shadow bird appears in the shadow forest and attacks rabbits and chickens. It can be domesticated with wheat seeds or beet seeds. When you die you can drop a DarKrystal that can only be used for eating, you will soon have more uses.


The alligator can be found in the swamps, attacks all the mobs that are close to it, taking more priority to sheep and players. Sometimes he’s going to go to the water for a swim and sometimes he’ll be on the ground walking around the muundo looking for food.

  • Bag, Improved Bag & Improved Bag II
  • Base essence
  • Hunter essence (Normal, Improved, Legendary & Heavenly) + Slow falling effect 
  • Zombie Pigman essence (Normal, Improved, Legendary & Heavenly) + Fire resistance effect
  • Skeleton essence (Normal, Improved, Legendary & Heavenly) + Night vision  effect
  • Zombie essence (Normal, Improved, Legendary & Heavenly) + Saturation effect 
  • Betelgeuse essence (Normal, Improved, Legendary & Heavenly) + Strength effect
  • Drowned essence (Normal, Improved, Legendary & Heavenly) + Water Breathing effect
  • Base elixir
  • Phoenix elixir + Slow falling, regeneration & absorption effect
  • Shadow Potion + Invisibility effect
  • Strange Meat
  • Blubber
  • Berry Wine
  • Onyx
  • Peridot
  • Sapphire
  • Shungite
  • Aquamarine
  • Opal (Fire, Water & Normal)
  • Silver Ingot & Silver Nugget
  • Mineral powder (Silver, Iron, Gold, Onyx, Peridot, Sapphire)
  • Crystals (Argentite, Calaverite, Limonite, Magnetite, Siderite & Sylvanite)
  • Betelgeuse items (Flake, Splinter & Heart)
  • Mystical stone & Fragment for Mystical stone
  • Beacon
  • Beef jerky
  • Bleach
  • DarKrystal
  • Shadow Cookie – Only commands
  • Swords (Betelgeuse, Silver, Shadow & Aquamarine)
  • Double Swords (Iron, Gold & Silver)
  • Hammers (Iron, Gold, Silver & Diamond) + Slowness effect
  • Betelgeuse knife
  • And much more!!!
  • Ores ( Silver, Aquamarine, Onyx, Peridot, Shungite, Sapphire, Argentite, Calaverite, Limonite, Magnetite, Siderite & Sylvanite)
  • Shadow blocks (Log, Planks, Leaves, Grass & Dirt)
  • Red dirt
  • Asphalt
  • Stellar block
  • Bassalt
  • Peridotite
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Mountains
  • Plateau
  • Shadow Forest


Essence core

Monster essence

Improved Essence

Legendary Essence

Heavenly essence

Elixir core & Phoenix Elixir


Berry wine

Beef jerky

Torch & Lantern


Mystical Stone

Shadow blocks



Double Swords

Betelgeuse knife



All blocks

All items

All Ores

All Weapons

Mobs before 1.3

Generation of ores

Mountains & Shadow Forest

New Mobs

New Functions

Now you can report errors in my discord: Mineword discord official

Changelog View more

Mineworld - Bug fixes

  • Red panda changes - Bag can now be reused, can no longer sit
  • New model and texture of the small machine
  • Updated download links

Mineworld 1.3.2 - Bug Fix


  • Changes in the generation of biomes are now a little more rare to find
  • Alligators now swim a little faster and walk a little slower

Bug fixes:

  • The onyx ore already releases onyx again instead of the onyx block

Mineworld 1.3.1 - Bug fixes


  • New variant of the crocodile - Gray
  • New variant of Coyote - Belize
  • Animations of sitting for the kitsune and the red panda
  • Shadow Ingot name change to Sombrite
  • Elimination of some animations that were not used

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug that some recipes were not working
  • Fixed gold dust texture

Mineworld 1.3 Shadow Update


  • Coyote
  • Shadow Bird
  • Aligator
  • Small Machine - Only Creative


  • Shungite
  • Aquamarine
  • Opal (Fire Opal, Water Opal & Opal)
  • Mystical Stone & Fragment for Mystical Stone
  • Double sword (Iron, Gold & Silver)
  • Sword (Shadow & Aquamarine)
  • Hammers (Iron, Gold, Silver & Diamond)
  • Betelgeuse Knife
  • Machine Core
  • DarKrystal
  • Shadow Ingot, Shadow Cookie & Shadow Potion
  • Drowned Essence (Normal, Improved, Legendary & Heavenly)


  • Opal ore
  • Aquamarine ore
  • Shady ore
  • Marble
  • Shadow blocks (Log, leaves, planks, grass & dirt)


    • Dogs can be tied with a rope
    • 1 to 4 of the following items can be found: 1-5 Silver Nuggets, 1-2 peridot powder, 1-5 silver ingots, 1-4 peridot, 1 diamond hammer, 1-3 onyxs or 1-3 shungites
    • 1-3 fragments of mistica stone or a mistica stone can appear in some sunken ship chests, guard posts, sea ruins and treasures.
    • All variants of basalt, peridotite and slate are only obtained from the stone cutter
    • Added new tutorials for recipes, can be found by typing in the /function chat tutorial_
    • Changes in fenix animations
    • Changes in jellyfish animations
    • Texture changes from: Essences, elixir, argentite, sylvanite, bleach & betelgeuse sword
    • Changes in the mineral generation - Now it's more Vanilla
    • Changes to all loot tables

    Bug fixes:

    • The peridotite is already reappearing in the world
    • The nectocaris reappears in the world
    • Fixed many compatibility bugs from version 1.15 to 1.16

    V1.2 - Core Update

    This new version is loaded with many features and many changes.

    The most important thing to note are the new mobs, the Betelgeuse primigeneo and The Phoenix, which will give you a tough battle when you try to get their recomensas.

    There are many changes, including:

    Changes in all dogs - The color of the eyes has changed, now only the husky can have eyes of different color

    Minor changes in all mobs

    Changes in jellyfish, nauncles and nectocaris - Now they no longer die instantly when out of the water

    Changes in Red Pandas - They now have a chance to load more items depending on their strength

    Betelgeuse Changes - Now Your Roar Has Less Reach

    New biomes - The plateau and the mountain

    New Objects - Jellyfish Poison, Primal Betelgeuse Splinter, Heavenly Essences and Elixirs

    Feature pack, use them to get all the things that have been added.

    Beastly - Find information about some monsters and animals (In the future all missing animals and monsters will be added, at the moment they are only: Betelgeuse, Phoenix, Hunter, Nectocaris and Nautilus)

    Now you can get the bacon from the pigs

    You can cook beef cooked in an oven to get beef jerky



    • The red panda has a new inventory
    • The character can now attack again with custom swords


    V1.2 beta



    •  Cocker Spaniel
    •  Phoenix
    •  Primal Betelgeuse (boss version of the Betelgeuse) - can only be invoked or found in the primitive meadows

     Items and blocks:

    •  Fenix elixir
    •  Elixir base
    •  Base essence
    •  Stellar dust
    •  Peridot powder
    •  Onyx powder
    •  Sapphire Powder
    •  Crystal of:
      •   Argentite
      •   Calaverite
      •  Limonite
      •   Magnetite
      •  Silvanite
      •  Siderite
    •  Heavenly essences
    •  Star block
    •  Fenix feather
    •  Jellyfish poison
    •  Enhanced backpack II
    •  Peridotite
    •  Polished peridotite
    •  Peridotite paver
    •  Basalt paver
    •  Red grass block


    •  New functions for some minerals - Onyx is used to create onyx dust, sapphire is used to create sapphire powder
    •  Changes in dogs - Now each dog has a different color combination in the eyes, dogs are optimized
    •  Changes in the creation of essences
    •  Changes in the rewards of all mobs
    •  Changes in basalt texture
    •  Minor changes in all mobs
    •  Minor changes in mineral generation
    •  Changes in the biome of red plains - they are now called primal plains, primal betelgeuse may appear
    •  Minor changes in all blocks


    • Changes in the roar of betelgeuse - now its range is lower as is its damage
    • Changes in the spawn all entities
      •   Red Panda - Appears more in mountains than in low-lying areas
      •   Betelgeuse - Appears only in mountains
      •   Chihuahua - Appears more in the savana than in flat places, and appears less in cold places
      •   Husky - Appears more in the tundra than in flat places, and appears less in the savana
      •   Black mouth cur - Appears more in flat places than in the savana, and appears less in the tundra
    • Changes in the destruction time of all blocks

    • Sounds for all dogs and jellyfish

    • Added nautilus and nectocaris spawns

    • Fixed the roar animation of the betelgeuse

    • Now the jellyfish, the nectocaris and the nautilus die automatically when out of the water

    • Nautilus shell can be obtained by killing a nautilus

    1.1 Wild update

    New mobs:




    New items:

       •Betelgeuse essence

       •Betelgeuse flake

       •Betelgeuse heart

       •Betelgeuse sword - Deal 10 damage points (5 hearts)

       •Silver sword - Deal 8 damage points (4 hearts)

       •Silver nugget




       •Beef jerky

       •Bag +

    New blocks:

       •Sapphire block

       •Sapphire ore

       •Argentite ore

       •Limonite ore

       •Magnetite ore

       •Siderite ore

       •Sylvanite ore

       •Calaverite ore


    New biome:

       •Red plains


    Changes mineworld:

       •All blocks can appear naturally in the caves - only 1.13 beta

       •All dogs can have two shades of color in their eyes

       • All dogs have textures for each type of behavior

       • Red pandas sleep in the day and wake up at night (Improved in 1.13 beta)

       •The bags can be equipped with red pandas

       • New models for the red pandas

       • Changes in the texture of basalt blocks

       • Minor changes in the spawn of all mobs

       • Changes in the movement of the jellyfish

       • Changes in the animations of all mobs

       • Jellyfish and whales can already be found in the seas

       • Changes in the creation of essences, now the thick potion is used instead of an empty bottle

     • All essences have a time to be able to use them again, and this time is reduced by improving the essence

     • All essences can apply an effect

    Changes vanilla:

       • Wolves can be tamed again

       • The wolves can mate with the husky and a wolf dog can come out

       • The nautilus shell can be achieved by killing a nautilus

       • Gold and iron nuggets can be obtained from the 6 new minerals

       • Minor changes in water color

    • Updated for minecraft beta
    • New version for the ios devices to use
      • This version only contains the entities why the items and perzonalized blocks are only in the beta version
    • All animals have been optimized
    • New crafting recipes
    • All blocks are generated in extreme mountains


    Please activate the experimental game button to have all the features of this addon


    Before installing the new version, remove the old version of this add-on


    Supported Minecraft versions

    1.14 1.16

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    3.86 / 5 (50 votes)
    1. Guest-4501897227 says:


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    3. Guest-4968739189 says:

      How does the bag work?

    4. Guest-1864362114 says:

      Hey Night_Angel can you add a sitting animation for the Red Panda, Kitsune and the Shadow Bird? I am a huge fan of the Kitsune but I don’t want it following me everywhere. Also the wolfdog and other dogs have sitting animations. Why can’t the rest of the pets?

    5. Guest-9600519362 says:

      Are the ores spawning? Because i have searched in mines for a while, and i haven’t found any of them.

    6. Guest-7455637275 says:

      Great add-on but I can’t craft essence core

    7. Guest-8825920423 says:

      i was wondering if the bags will ever have a function? you could make it like a shulker function, where you can carry it around and even put it on your back and the ground, would be great thanks. love this addon

    8. Guest-8544006367 says:

      Hey, this addon is amazing me and my friends are loving it. But I really think you should make the site/description more detailed and easier to understand what does what and what is needed to make it, but I really like the function tutorial aspect! It would be a lot of help, also does anyone know how to get stardust

    9. Guest-6851682234 says:

      Hi does this addon work on realms?

    10. Guest-1407276649 says:

      hi, ive just downloaded the addon and i cant seem to find ANY ores, it would be nice if they would spawn more frequently depending on how useful they are, it would also be awesome to have armour to match the weapons 🙂 over all great addon, doesnt lag which is great

    11. Guest-2182459555 says:

      Do the swords work for every one else?

    12. Guest-3877630790 says:

      Hey uh I just want to ask, the function command do you have to type in and execute every function to activate the rescource pack because, in my world I had to type in the functions before the pack applies to the world, pls reply

    13. Guest-8056033007 says:

      I think the ores should stack in 64 instead of 16 but overall its a great add-on!

    14. Guest-1068803803 says:

      Como funciona el bolso minecraft pe

    15. Guest-8656822899 says:

      Do weapons remove damage?
      because it seems that they remove between 2 or 1 damage

    16. Guest-8552610395 says:

      I’m Jiabailisan. I’d like to republish your Add-Ons to the China Minecraft forum. (GASPS) It’s not for commercial use. I’ll credit the original author and the original link.

    17. Guest-2053912358 says:

      The onyx mine drops you a block of onyx instead of just the onyx.

    18. Guest-6820452688 says:

      The jellyfish do spawn look in th ocean

    19. Guest-6851916332 says:

      hello, come on why maybe I have a problem Today I downloaded the addon and to see the new things I went to creative, the thing was that there is nothing new in the inventory and if I have the experimental game option activatedI really don’t know what the problem is, the version I use is 1.16 do you think that is?

    20. Guest-9642881957 says:

      how do i craft/get the bag improved bag and improved bag 2?

    21. WalkerPlayz123 says:

      Thnx this is the best addon I always admired DanTDM’s ultra hardcore world and was searching for a mod like it at this is like that only but it had a little more ores,mobs and dimensions
      But I could just say one thing this is the best addon
      And by the way pls see my addons and skins too it will come out soon it depends on the day u see this comment bye and thnx

    22. Hermit says:

      hello Night_Angel,
      I’m hermit ,Can I reprint your add-ons in to mcboxs?it not for commercial use and i willIndicate original author and source!

    23. Guest-1006759564 says:

      I can only say a few letters about this addon: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

    24. Guest-1368041958 says:

      The mobs in this mod function as intended and I enjoyed playing with them.

    25. Guest-6622100833 says:

      I can’t enchant the 2 new swords

    26. CwWar says:

      what is the function of the phoenix? how about you add armor to the addon I think it would be more interesting type (silver armor and betelgeuse armor) good luck you can do it !! : 3

    27. Kainikenckwnckw says:

      Awsome Addon XD just one dum question but is everything naturally generated?

    28. AgentCPU0 says:

      Just tried the most recent version, and I found a bug. Not sure if it’s this add-on or a compatibility issue with another, but a vanilla diamond sword does 16 damage, or 8 hearts, instead of 7

    29. Stevan_Turtle says:

      Nice but none of the shell fish, jellyfish or whales will spawn, only the panda and the wolf thing :((

    30. Things to improve:

      -Red Pandas do NOT look like wolves, and this one looks like a racoon crossed with a maned wolf. I suggest basing your red panda more on the actual real life thing instead of this ‘thing’.


      -Give the Betelgeuse some proper animations please.
      He looks a bit weird without them. Most add-ons suffer from this problem, big thing that don’t have custom animations, which makes their everything look a bit off.

      -Texture the white parts on betelgeuse! They look bland and white. This also seems a key point people seem to forget while texturing mobs, they don’t texture in the remaining details and just make them one bland colour.

    31. lol I can’t think of a name says:

      bruh how do I download the new mediafire is really annoying

    32. LUCAS KOEHLER says:

      In the new beta version ( the bag isn’t working. I craft it and right click with it on a tamed Red Panda and it does nothing.

    33. Austin says:

      Really Cool addon. I havent gotten to far in the addon. I’ve only tamed both dogs and seen a hunter.

      The only thing in the addon i think needs help is that the dogs need a moving animation and to be faster. Bc at the moment when theyre following they dont look like theyre moving at all just teleports. They do move slightly but its like theyre in slow mo.

    34. Logan says:

      Can’t eat items please help bacon for instance says mineworld bacon when I try to eat it won’t let me

    35. Daniel Major says:

      The silver swords is only doing 2 damage instead of 8.
      I’m with 1.13

    36. Anonymous says:

      Please answer i have all the mobs and the blocks but i cant find any of the items what do i do?
      When i break ores it gives me iron and gold ingots instead of what it should give me.

    37. Max Sawlder says:

      Es un mod increíble!, pero los ores tardan demasiado en picar, sin importar si llevas una picota o no…
      Puedo entender que por código no se puede hacer, pero lo que se me ocurre es que al momento de tocar el mineral te dé Haste por unas milésimas de segundo para que así se pueda minar rápido 😉

      (Lo he probado y si funciona)

      Google translator xD…

      It is an incredible mod !, but the prayers take too long to itch, regardless of whether you carry a pillory or not …
      I can understand that by code it cannot be done, but what I can think of is that when touching the mineral it gives you the potion effect “Haste” for a short period of time so that it can be quickly mined 😉 (I have tried it and it works).

    38. Emerald Village says:

      It’s So Awesome So Good For My Mining Minigame

      • Guest-8251685223 says:

        Can the kitsune, shadow bird and red panda have animations? It’s really annoying if the follow you everywhere. I was excited for the kitsune because I love them but now I’m not happy about this since they can sit. I think everyone else can agree that the pets all need to sit down. Please fix this.

    39. Anonymous says:

      The whale and aquatic mobs are not working on Windows 10 1.12, hope this is just me needing to redownload or it gets fixed soon, very well done with the add-on though!

    40. Anonymous says:

      It’s a very good addon but I have no clue how to use the bag

    41. Undeadzeroplayz says:

      Bro my favorite bacon is gone I can’t cook it anymore why bro!?

    42. Timingplanet says:

      Buggy bags dont work cats dont function ect

    43. Jerzy Sneezy says:

      Nice work on this mod, ive played it on my phone and i had a lot of fun playing with it, but could you make a zip file for this mod so i can play it on my xbox?

    44. Annamae says:

      This add-on is great!! One of my favorites.
      Here’s a few bugs or things I think can be improved :

      For starters, there’s something weird and invisible that keeps hurting me and my pets. I went mining and both of them died to an unknown cause and the thing will act as an explosion and you’ll be knocked back.
      Sometimes it’s completely ominous and you won’t hear anything and other times you’ll hear an explosion, I think it has something to do with the Betelgeuse (I think I spelt that correctly lol)

      This is just something small and not really a problem, just something I thought would be kind of cool. I noticed the sword that you make with the Betelgeuse scales can’t break cob webs, I thought itd be cool if it could like all the other swords in Minecraft but it’s not a problem or anything.

      The backpacks are not working at the moment. I made one and cannot open it, not sure why.

      I also have not been able to tame a red panda? I’ve seen them around and have tried giving them potatoes, carrots, wheat, beats, apples, and watermelon lol. Some of those things sound desperate but I was getting low on ideas. I’m not sure if that’s a big or if I am just an idiot.

      The last thing is, is I think that the Betelgeuse should spawn a lot less frequently. Maybe only in a particular biome or something because for how cool it is it’s just to common to find. They’re literally everywhere and I’ve died a ton to just accidentally hitting one or being chased around at night.

      Oh I guess this is the last thing. I have not found any ores?? I think it’d be nice if they spawn a little more frequently.

      Besides that, I love this mod 👍 every mod seems to have a lot of bugs and even though this one is no exception, it’s definitely still one of my faves. I think it has a bright future ahead of it. I’m excited to see what happens with the mod :).
      I haven’t come across all the mobs or items so I’ll comment again if I find anything weird!

    45. LemonQu3st says:

      When I try to put the file into the behavior pack folder on iOS, it says I don’t have access to the file.

    46. Anonymous says:

      Can you turn this into a zip file so I can get it on Xbox but on PE its great I love everything and how you respond and listen for feedback

    47. Matheus says:

      I’m sorry for the dumb question, it has nothing to do with your mod, which alias looks perfect, but is it possible to use mods in multiplayer? Not needing to be specifically yours, anyone

    48. The mine shaft says:

      i cant see the new blocks and im on 1.13pls do something

    49. Krypto says:

      Great work mate, its everything the cave update should be and more although i would like to see tools other than swords from the new materials, and its confusing when you mine something new and it drops a gold or iron ingot so I’d like to see that changed. But yeah mate great work on the mod

    50. gonzo165 says:

      hello, i just want to say that i enjoy the mod. It contains a lot of cool things, such as the betegleuse (i think i didnt wrote it correctly) and its like a mini-boss without going into any dimensions or summoning it. there is a big variety of dogs, which is cool. i love the whales and the jellyfishes, they make the oceans more active. But like some people said, the bags doesnt work, and minerals are a bit too rare in my opinion. But i like the fact that you actually listen to people and that you answer them, not like the other modders that dumps a mod and leave it without knowing if theres a bug or whatever. I really like this mod, I hope it will get more popular. sorry for my bad english, I originally speak french 🙂

    51. Henry says:

      Does this conflict with any other addon like stuff to do with
      Mobs textures and sword damage cause it has happened to me
      Before so I must ask
      Used it before great addon keep up the good work 👍

    52. Naiirdata says:

      Me and my friends enjoyed the mod! However, we kept on getting killed over a seemingly invisble mob.

    53. RTCanwind says:

      I cant let my pets sit down,thats awful

    54. alex says:

      there will be features also for the nether and end ?

    55. Demonic_Zoro says:

      its not working .. theyre just standing .. and doing nothing at all ..

    56. Geonic says:

      Hey creator, there is so many bugs and problems in this addons, I appreciate your effort on making this thank you, the addon is creative but really needs more work, here are some Suggestions:
      1. Entities should have sounds
      2. Make more tools for the new ores you made
      3. Make a new biome
      4. Make something that could make the cave more explorable and challenging like new mobs, new blocks like stalagmite those spiky things on the caves, make the cave more realistic, add some vines in the cave, add some secrets on the cave, add dangerous mobs on the cave, and more.
      This is just a suggestion if you can’t do it then don’t I’m not forcing you to do it.
      Here are some bugs I FOUND:
      1. Jellyfish can walk on land
      2. The ores can be break in anything you use example: when you use your hand it will break easily if you use diamond it can also break easily but it has the same mining power as the hand.

      There are many more bugs but I’m to lazy to find one. THANK YOU CREATOR, PLEASE KEEP YOUR WORK UP, I’ll rate it 5 stars for effort.

      • Thank you for your comment, the bugs you found cannot be corrected because it is the game that has those bugs, the perzonalized blocks are not yet well implemented in minecraft, that’s why the blocks can be destroyed with any tool, thanks for your suggestions and thanks for reporting bugs in the add-on.
        I will fix the jellyfish as quickly as possible

    57. AgentCPU0 says:

      I saw that the bag has no function. Just cause I’m curious, what is it supposed to do?

    58. SpongBo says:

      When will this be available for iOS?

    59. The addon’s not working for me says:

      I downloaded both versions of the addon, but it doesn’t work with my version of MCPE (BTW im on v1.11.4) (Not being rude, just criticism bruh)

    60. Gamershy says:

      Well, this addon breaks others I apply in the same world by causing them to become invisible, I can only assume you’re modifying the default materials and are failing to make the editted versions their own files. Also.. the watermark… *WHY* WHY WOULD YOU PUT A WATERMARK AT THE TOP OF MY SCREEN WHENEVER I WANT TO PLAY WITH THIS MOD??? That’s just annoying. It’s not cool, it doesn’t make it unique, it’s basically branding my gameplay, and I don’t even record modded worlds outside of maybe showcasing a mod I find interesting…
      All around a fairly poorly thrown together addon, I won’t lie. Half of the mobs I couldn’t even find in survival.

    61. the french guy says:

      hello so that the same i have the mobs but they not drop items and the minerals etc i don t have the bag to
      im on v1.11 this will be for that ??

    62. Super ace says:

      I love this mod! The only problem is that I can’t get the items like the bag or the potions or the ores but I got the mobs! Also plz add more items, breeds ! Add maybe a miner, wizard, ghost, vampire, robot, or teacher, gorilla, monkey (you can tame it), giraffe, lion, termites, misquotes, geckos(you can tame), snakes, rhinos, maybe dinosaurs and others. Maybe add some food like beef jerky, bacon, salad, smoothie, popcorn, and so on. For dogs breeds- German Shepherd, boxers, Saint Bernard, Terriers, golden retrievers, pug, Labradors and so on

    63. Hi, any suggestion can be left here below

    64. Yeah5 says:

      Do the ores randomly generate?

    65. hghghghg says:

      really cool! i love this mod. only downside that i’ve found so far is that you cant tame a normal dog anymore.

    66. Omg thanks! says:

      Thank you for adding my suggestion! I did not expect that!

    67. Anonymous says:

      Download link is broken…

    68. ISJSSUS says:


    69. Emman Edrian Costamero says:

      Where is the mediafire link pls

    70. Arshil says:

      Dogs not teleporting if you’re too far away is a feature of Minecraft lol not just this addon

    71. Anonymous says:

      Media fire link please?

    72. Anonymous says:

      This doesn’t work

    73. Kempy Craft says:

      First of all I’m not trying to be mean.Im just criticising your work uhmm you have to fix the crafting it doesn’t work there is a bug as well and the only thing that you can get are the mobs I can’t even get the new items up for grabs so sorry for the language just make sure that it is fix but I’m still tantative about the blocks because I don’t really know we’re they gone.😁

    74. Charlibarlie says:

      This is very cool but somehow the wolf is no longer tameable? Also the dogs don’t teleport to you if you move too far away.

    75. Readix says:

      I can’t open the bag i play on mobile

    76. REDPANDAAAAAA says:

      I need red pandas for IOS cuz I don’t have betaaaaaaa

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