Mineworld V1.1 Add-on

This add-on adds several RPG features and some mobs that will help you in your adventure, like the Red Panda, which appears in the Taiga and you can attach a bag to load some of your items, plus this bag can be improved with materials that you can Find it very easily. You can also find the husky, which will take care of the enemies that attack you.

This complement adds several animals, as well as an enemy that accompanies the Phantom: 

  • Red Panda 

    The red panda can be found in the Taiga biome, you can tame it with any vegetable and you can put a chest to load your objects. You can find it in two variants, the normal and the white-faced. 

  • Dogs 

    There are only two breeds of dogs, the husky and the Black Mouth cur, which you can tame like wolves, these dogs have 5 states of encouragement, the happy, the weak, the lazy, the aggressive and the playful. 

  • Whale 

    The whale appears in the warm oceans and can drop blubber, which is drinkable. 

  • Jellyfish 

    Jellyfish appear in the warm oceans, have 3 species and one of them is poisonous. Like the dogs, the jellyfish have only 2 temperaments, the aggressive and the docile. 

  • Hunter 

    The hunter appears at night and attacks from the sky, can loose ingots of silver or its essence in a jar 


  • Bag 
  • Bag + 
  • Essence of Betelgeuse – 3, 6 & 10 nutrition + 35-90% Strength effect 
  • Essence of hunter – 5, 8 & 16 nutrition + 25-95% Slow falling effect 
  • Essence of skeleton – 1, 4 & 8 nutrition + 35-99% Night vision 
  • Essence of zombie – 3, 6 % 12 nutrition + 10-85% Saturation effect 
  • Essence of pigman – 2, 6 & 12 nutrition + 30-85% Fire resistance effect 
  • Berry wine – 6 nutrition + 50% Nausea effect  
  • Blubber – 3 nutrition 
  • Strange meat – 4 nutrition + 25% Regeneration ,80% Blindness,50% Resistance,80% Poison 
  • Silver ingot 
  • Silver nugget  
  • Silver dust 
  • Gold dust 
  • Iron dust 
  • Peridot 
  • Onyx 
  • Sapphire 
  • Betelgeuse flake 
  • Betelgeuse heart – 6 nutrition + 10% nausea  
  • Bacon – 5 nutrition 
  • Beef jerky – 3 nutrition 
  • Bleach 
  • Betelgeuse sword – 10 damage points (5 hearts) 
  • Silver sword – 8 damage points (4 hearts) 


  • Red dirt 
  • Slate 
  • Slate bricks 
  • Slate pebbles 
  • Basalt 
  • Smooth basalt 
  • Peridot – Ore & block 
  • Onyx – Ore & block 
  • Silver- Ore & block 
  • Sapphire – Ore & block 
  • Argentite ore 
  • Limonite ore 
  • Calaverite ore 
  • Magnetite ore 
  • Siderite ore 
  • Sylvanite ore 
  • Asphalt 


  • Red plains 




Berry wine:

Essences(normal): thick potion + iron dust + mob material(

  • Rotten flesh= Zombie essence
  • Bone= Skeleton essence
  • Quartz= Pigman essence
  • Peridot= Hunter essence
  • Betelgeuse flake= Betelgeuse essence


Essences(plus): essence normal + gold dust

Essence(legendary): essence plus + silver dust

Gold nugget:

Iron nugget:

Silver nugget: 1 silver ingot

Gold dust: 1 gold nugget

Iron dust: 1 iron nugget

Silver dust: 1 silver nugget

Silver sword: 2 silver ingot + 1 stick

Betelgeuse sword: 2 Betelgeuse flake + 1 stick

Wild Update (v1.1) changes: 

In this new update a lot of things were added, more domesticable mobs, peaceful mobs and betelgeuse.  

  • Betelgeuse 

A huge peaceful monster for the day, when it is night he will go into hunter mode and kill every mob he sees. 

 This monster is very powerful, that’s why its rewards are very good, 

 you can obtain from it the scales which you can use to create a sword or leg to create an essence, and the heart, which can be eaten.

  • Chihuahua 

The chihuahua in a very small dog, has 4 fur colors, coffee, white, red and gray, plus it has 2 head variants. 

  • Wolfdog 

The wolf dog is a hybrid animal that can be obtained by crossing a wolf with a husky 

  • Red panda 

The red panda received a lot of changes in this update, such as a new model, new animations, new textures, and new behaviors. 

 Now he behaves as in real life, they sleep in the day and are awake at night. 

 You can also equip the backpack, which will give you an inventory to load objects 

  • Dogs 

All dogs received many changes, such as new textures for behavior, new animations and new areas of appearance. 

 The husky appear more often in icy areas, black mouth cur appear more in the plains and chihuahaus appear more in the savannas. 

  •  Jellyfish 

Jellyfish have new models, as well as new textures. 

  • The red plains is a variant of the normal plains, here is the red earth 
  • All the blocks can appear in the caves naturally in beta 1.13, and in the official version it appears in the extreme mountains
  • You can get gold, silver and iron nuggets of some ores
  • Nautilus

The nautilus is found in all oceans, from it you can have the nautilus shells

  • Nectocaris
The nectocaris is an extinct marine animal in real life, here in this update the nectocaris will walk through all the oceans

Changelog View more
  • Updated for minecraft beta
  • New version for the ios devices to use
    • This version only contains the entities why the items and perzonalized blocks are only in the beta version

1.1 Wild update

New mobs:




New items:

   •Betelgeuse essence

   •Betelgeuse flake

   •Betelgeuse heart

   •Betelgeuse sword - Deal 10 damage points (5 hearts)

   •Silver sword - Deal 8 damage points (4 hearts)

   •Silver nugget




   •Beef jerky

   •Bag +

New blocks:

   •Sapphire block

   •Sapphire ore

   •Argentite ore

   •Limonite ore

   •Magnetite ore

   •Siderite ore

   •Sylvanite ore

   •Calaverite ore


New biome:

   •Red plains


Changes mineworld:

   •All blocks can appear naturally in the caves - only 1.13 beta

   •All dogs can have two shades of color in their eyes

   • All dogs have textures for each type of behavior

   • Red pandas sleep in the day and wake up at night (Improved in 1.13 beta)

   •The bags can be equipped with red pandas

   • New models for the red pandas

   • Changes in the texture of basalt blocks

   • Minor changes in the spawn of all mobs

   • Changes in the movement of the jellyfish

   • Changes in the animations of all mobs

   • Jellyfish and whales can already be found in the seas

   • Changes in the creation of essences, now the thick potion is used instead of an empty bottle

 • All essences have a time to be able to use them again, and this time is reduced by improving the essence

 • All essences can apply an effect

Changes vanilla:

   • Wolves can be tamed again

   • The wolves can mate with the husky and a wolf dog can come out

   • The nautilus shell can be achieved by killing a nautilus

   • Gold and iron nuggets can be obtained from the 6 new minerals

   • Minor changes in water color

• Sounds for all dogs and jellyfish

• Added nautilus and nectocaris spawns

• Fixed the roar animation of the betelgeuse

• Now the jellyfish, the nectocaris and the nautilus die automatically when out of the water

• Nautilus shell can be obtained by killing a nautilus


Please activate the experimental game button to have all the features of this addon


Before installing the new version, remove the old version of this add-on


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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51 Responses

3.37 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Krypto says:

    Great work mate, its everything the cave update should be and more although i would like to see tools other than swords from the new materials, and its confusing when you mine something new and it drops a gold or iron ingot so I’d like to see that changed. But yeah mate great work on the mod

  2. gonzo165 says:

    hello, i just want to say that i enjoy the mod. It contains a lot of cool things, such as the betegleuse (i think i didnt wrote it correctly) and its like a mini-boss without going into any dimensions or summoning it. there is a big variety of dogs, which is cool. i love the whales and the jellyfishes, they make the oceans more active. But like some people said, the bags doesnt work, and minerals are a bit too rare in my opinion. But i like the fact that you actually listen to people and that you answer them, not like the other modders that dumps a mod and leave it without knowing if theres a bug or whatever. I really like this mod, I hope it will get more popular. sorry for my bad english, I originally speak french 🙂

  3. Henry says:

    Does this conflict with any other addon like stuff to do with
    Mobs textures and sword damage cause it has happened to me
    Before so I must ask
    Used it before great addon keep up the good work 👍

  4. Naiirdata says:

    Me and my friends enjoyed the mod! However, we kept on getting killed over a seemingly invisble mob.

  5. RTCanwind says:

    I cant let my pets sit down,thats awful

  6. alex says:

    there will be features also for the nether and end ?

  7. Demonic_Zoro says:

    its not working .. theyre just standing .. and doing nothing at all ..

  8. Geonic says:

    Hey creator, there is so many bugs and problems in this addons, I appreciate your effort on making this thank you, the addon is creative but really needs more work, here are some Suggestions:
    1. Entities should have sounds
    2. Make more tools for the new ores you made
    3. Make a new biome
    4. Make something that could make the cave more explorable and challenging like new mobs, new blocks like stalagmite those spiky things on the caves, make the cave more realistic, add some vines in the cave, add some secrets on the cave, add dangerous mobs on the cave, and more.
    This is just a suggestion if you can’t do it then don’t I’m not forcing you to do it.
    Here are some bugs I FOUND:
    1. Jellyfish can walk on land
    2. The ores can be break in anything you use example: when you use your hand it will break easily if you use diamond it can also break easily but it has the same mining power as the hand.

    There are many more bugs but I’m to lazy to find one. THANK YOU CREATOR, PLEASE KEEP YOUR WORK UP, I’ll rate it 5 stars for effort.

    • Night_Angel says:

      Thank you for your comment, the bugs you found cannot be corrected because it is the game that has those bugs, the perzonalized blocks are not yet well implemented in minecraft, that’s why the blocks can be destroyed with any tool, thanks for your suggestions and thanks for reporting bugs in the add-on.
      I will fix the jellyfish as quickly as possible

  9. AgentCPU0 says:

    I saw that the bag has no function. Just cause I’m curious, what is it supposed to do?

  10. SpongBo says:

    When will this be available for iOS?

  11. The addon’s not working for me says:

    I downloaded both versions of the addon, but it doesn’t work with my version of MCPE (BTW im on v1.11.4) (Not being rude, just criticism bruh)

  12. Gamershy says:

    Well, this addon breaks others I apply in the same world by causing them to become invisible, I can only assume you’re modifying the default materials and are failing to make the editted versions their own files. Also.. the watermark… *WHY* WHY WOULD YOU PUT A WATERMARK AT THE TOP OF MY SCREEN WHENEVER I WANT TO PLAY WITH THIS MOD??? That’s just annoying. It’s not cool, it doesn’t make it unique, it’s basically branding my gameplay, and I don’t even record modded worlds outside of maybe showcasing a mod I find interesting…
    All around a fairly poorly thrown together addon, I won’t lie. Half of the mobs I couldn’t even find in survival.

  13. the french guy says:

    hello so that the same i have the mobs but they not drop items and the minerals etc i don t have the bag to
    im on v1.11 this will be for that ??

    • Night_Angel says:

      all objects and blocks are only available in beta version

      • the french guy says:

        heyy thank for your answer now im on 1.12. 0.11 and i have all the item ( i think i just try to craft the bagpack and its work ) but how can we use it ?

        • the french guy says:

          ok sorry i just see you have already anwser this question soo thank for dev mods on bedrock im waiting for the uptade with the bag (and maybe the possibility to craft armors or weapons with onyx and silver ) ^^ great gob !

  14. Super ace says:

    I love this mod! The only problem is that I can’t get the items like the bag or the potions or the ores but I got the mobs! Also plz add more items, breeds ! Add maybe a miner, wizard, ghost, vampire, robot, or teacher, gorilla, monkey (you can tame it), giraffe, lion, termites, misquotes, geckos(you can tame), snakes, rhinos, maybe dinosaurs and others. Maybe add some food like beef jerky, bacon, salad, smoothie, popcorn, and so on. For dogs breeds- German Shepherd, boxers, Saint Bernard, Terriers, golden retrievers, pug, Labradors and so on

  15. Night_Angel says:

    Hi, any suggestion can be left here below

  16. Yeah5 says:

    Do the ores randomly generate?

  17. hghghghg says:

    really cool! i love this mod. only downside that i’ve found so far is that you cant tame a normal dog anymore.

  18. Omg thanks! says:

    Thank you for adding my suggestion! I did not expect that!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken…

  20. ISJSSUS says:


  21. Emman Edrian Costamero says:

    Where is the mediafire link pls

  22. Arshil says:

    Dogs not teleporting if you’re too far away is a feature of Minecraft lol not just this addon

  23. Anonymous says:

    Media fire link please?

  24. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t work

  25. Kempy Craft says:

    First of all I’m not trying to be mean.Im just criticising your work uhmm you have to fix the crafting it doesn’t work there is a bug as well and the only thing that you can get are the mobs I can’t even get the new items up for grabs so sorry for the language just make sure that it is fix but I’m still tantative about the blocks because I don’t really know we’re they gone.😁

    • Night_Angel says:

      In version of minecraft you can extract the blocks with the command / set block, and the items can be obtained with the / give command or by creating them

  26. Charlibarlie says:

    This is very cool but somehow the wolf is no longer tameable? Also the dogs don’t teleport to you if you move too far away.

  27. Readix says:

    I can’t open the bag i play on mobile


    I need red pandas for IOS cuz I don’t have betaaaaaaa

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