Mini Blades Resource Pack

I have made an (Overlay) pack for people who want tiny swords that are good for fun and PVP, I hope you guys found what you were looking for in this pack. enjoy.


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  1. Bluecraft88 says:

    In general, I really love short swords and I’m probably gonna edit around with it (not the swords of course!) and just make it the way I enjoy how it would look!

  2. MIKI GT man 7 says:

    Great pack for pvp. Thanks for making this

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow Theese Textures For The Other Weapons Are Really Cool

    Thanks So Much For This And Also That Orange Pack You Made It Really Makes A Difference In My Minecraft World 🙂

  4. Gtx ez says:

    Can u make it a mediafire link for us xbox users???

    • bruh8888 says:

      its possible to do on xbox instead of clicking the link u just copy the link then put it on file downloader then rename it zip then do it the same way as any other thing

  5. Longusernoread says:

    Thanks for this, I found another 1 on this site but it never worked with other texture packs but this one does. This is a great pack.

    • LUN5HTIME says:

      This, my friend, is called Overlay all I did is add the swords to the pack nothing else, you can take a look in my pack by changing the file to a .zip and see what you have inside

  6. G4BR1EL TM says:

    Realmente incrível posso postar no meu canal G4BR1EL TM

  7. AnAngryWonderer says:

    I made a tiny tools texture pack that was basically exactly like this, but ever tool was shortened. It was denied. And this got accepted. MCPEDL will always make me wonder.

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