Mini-Game Amusement Park [Adventure]

This map was made for multiplayer purposes and is good because all the maps and minigames are combined in one world/map file. It got many cool maps and has been carefully made to include the best stuff.

Creator: KoolGhettoKid


  • 1 Bomberman map
  • 2 Roller coasters
  • 3 Hot sand maps
  • 3 Spleef arenas
  • 4 Lava warriors
  • 1 Hardcore parkour challenge
  • 2 Skyblock warriors


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7 Responses

  1. Allen says:

    I would eat this park for lunch

  2. Rhett says:

    I would like to play a game with CAKE and MINECRAFT

  3. Bryan says:

    Complete the paintball

  4. josiah says:

    Dude you have least minigame I’ll make a even more big amusement park with lots of different more mini games but I think I won’t make roller coasters
    Cause I’m not good at them find my map soon in maps for Minecraft pe tom bailey


  5. Bossalonios says:

    This is truly an amazing map

  6. KoolGhettoKid says:

    Bruh…lol…I barely noticed this…

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