Mini Grave Add-on

Are you also bored dying and losing all your items?

Well, this Add-on is for you!!

Mini Grave Add-on summons a grave when player dies and hold all the items that player had!

Mini Grave Add-on summon’s grave stone after player dies and hold all the dropped items that player had

You can kill it to get back all your items

it’ll stay and not despawn until you kill it.

Mini Grave Add-on is Multiplayer Friendly

Since if version 1.16 is released you can use this Add-on on your realms

You can edit the add-on for personel use but you cannot share it.

With this add-on you can die without fearing to lose any item

Here is a video about the add-on

Changelog View more

Fixed grave doesnt spawn when player dies glitch

New things comings soon

-Nothing new added

-just fixed minor bugs

-there will be new things coming soon



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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58 Responses

4.67 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Guest-6749095451 says:

    Can u add a marker or something where the grave spawns? To make it easier if idk where did i die.


  2. Guest-1489069063 says:

    Doesnt work on realms 🙁

  3. Guest-5577993906 says:

    Please make it for realms

  4. Guest-6212381160 says:

    How can I get you to work with other plugins

  5. D507mc says:

    friend the plugin does not work, activate the experimental game and only use that plugin but it does not appear when I die and the items are not absorbed

  6. Guest-8726763213 says:

    If you die in the ocean, does the grave stay exactly where you died or does it stay on the surface of the ocean, like if you drown will it be stuck down below or will it be brought up to the surface

  7. luckydev says:

    It doesn’t work (1.16) even with experimental gameplay on

  8. Guest-1066448023 says:

    Can u think about this?

    *Where did I die?

    *If I am trying to get to my grave and I die a bunch of times I will crash

    *If there is nothing in your inventory nothing should happen

    *What if keepInventory is on?

    *What if I die in lava

    That’s all I can think of also great addon btw

  9. Guest-7896954284 says:

    Uh, you ok?

  10. Guest-2056850647 says:


  11. Hey man, this is very good, I actually want to use it as something to spawn a custom entity when the player dies in my addons, is it ok to do that?

  12. luckydev says:

    Do I need to turn on experimental gameplay? I’m on 1.16

  13. Guest-5283818152 says:

    It looks awfully like the bedrock tweaks.

  14. JesusDesmadres says:

    great but if you can make it invulnerable to fire because if there is fire it disappears

  15. Guest-7832311890 says:

    Thanks for sharing with us, I have a question, does it work in realms?

  16. AsilZade says:

    Yea, saving time.
    Youre clearly doing that

  17. Spyderrock says:

    Every time i put this on a world, it works the first 3 deaths then stops working please help

  18. Guest-3247927578 says:

    Even after you “fixed” the add on it still doesn’t even work. You seriously just don’t need to upload anymore add on like please for everyone else’s sake and time.

  19. DTechGamer says:

    Yay! It now works! This is really useful in survival maps. Thx for this add-on!

  20. Guest-3682944832 says:

    I downloaded the addon again after the update and it still doesn’t work

  21. A.I master says:

    Hello creatir can i use this for my skyblock i will try to post them and yeah i will credit you

  22. DTechGamer says:

    What device do you use? I use Cherry Mobile Flare S8 (Android). Because it doesn’t work for me. Please.

  23. AsilZade says:

    Yea yea m8 you can think what you want

  24. Guest-3321656860 says:

    Hey man, I’m on, and I’m sorry to say that this doesn’t work for me. I’ve turned on experimental gameplay and cheats enabled options, but it still didn’t work unfortunately. Let me know if I can give you any other info to help. I remember using a mod similar to this back in 1.2.5 Java, when there was another modloader than Forge, reminds me of the good ol times 😀

  25. Guest-1110908102 says:

    Just updated to 1.16 and decided to try this out, unfortunately it’s not working even with experimental gameplay on. Here are the issues presented by the content log.

    MiniGraveB/animation_controllers/summon_grave.json | animation_controllers | | child ” not valid here.

    [Animation][error]-Error: can’t find animation summon_grave

    [Animation][error]-Error: can’t find animation impulse_chain

  26. Guest-6805661868 says:

    Turn on experimental gameplay people. Also, I’m not sure about this one, but some addons ned cheats to be on to work as well

  27. Guest-4505714878 says:

    Hey dude um … It’s not working for me or that I m really stupid or something is wrong well I really need this for a private server with my friends mind helping me out?🙂

  28. Guest-5694087150 says:

    the addon is not working for me ,-,

  29. Guest-4663842080 says:

    Literally all of your add ons never work you just need to stop uploading and let the people that actually know what they are doing upload.

    • FlossingWig250 says:

      Calm down child it’s not like you’re paying this guy money to upload the addon imao. There’s no need to get your knickers in a twist over something so trivial.

    • AsilZade says:

      I didnt think i would get so many haters because of making usefull stuff.
      So strange.
      What about you make an addon and i say stop uploading youre so bad at making add-ons.
      You’re being very rude by not showing emphaty.

  30. Guest-2490559276 says:

    Why is it not working what do you need for it to work?

  31. blood eye says:

    why adfly is being secsual the add all of them just offering you grow pp size pills

  32. AsilZade says:

    What do you mean by fake?
    How can i make a fake addon?

  33. Please dont make every line of text a different color. It’s really hard to read.

  34. A.I master says:

    Perfect for skywars, bedwars.etc

  35. Guest-8597766511 says:

    Next can you add the coordinates for the graves so they know where to look

  36. Guest-2690878041 says:


  37. Guest-2690878041 says:

    wow dude amazing!

  38. Guest-4677552829 says:


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