Mini Mansion [Creation]

From the outside the mansion looks extremely small. It’s situated on an island in the water. Surrounding the mansion is a thick hedge and secure bars to protect the resident from zombies and other creatures that might want to try and break in. In other words it’s the perfect house to barricade yourself from the outside world.

The house got multiple floors and is nicely decorated with flowers, joyful colored rugs and even TVs and an old library.

Creator: Rikoz-09


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  1. Deb says:


  2. Ferdaus says:


  3. ELLA says:

    hi. my name is Ella and im making an map. i just wanted to know if you could give me permission to use/rebuild your house. if so i would have put in you credits and thanked you on the map. And aslo put the links to ur website {if you have one } youtube and social media {dont have to up to you.} and i would have put the link to this page so that others who play the map can download your house map. thank you. btw i love your creation

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