Mini Nether Mod

The Mini Nether Mod adds the possibility to go to a mini version of the Nether. The Nether is a hell-like dimension where zombie pigmen can be found and treasures obtained. It’s like going to hell, but in a Minecrafty version.

Creator: natekrell

How to go to the mini Nether?

To go to the Nether you will need one obsidian block and one flint & steel. Tap on the obsidian block with the flint & steel to activate the portal.

Entering the portal can be a little bit tricky. For us it only worked to enter the portal by going into it on the side.


When you enter the portal you will be teleported to a mini version of the Nether. In the Nether you will find an environment made mostly out of netherrack, quartz, lava and scary pigmen.

There are tons of mobs to be slain and a few treasures to be obtained. Each generated Nether is differently generated from another so it never gets boring.


To get back to the real world you came from find the little portal room and enter the portal.


Block IDs

  • Nether Portal Z (90)
  • Nether Portal X (211)
  • End Portal (119)


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  1. Mr M J Garfitt says:

    Well um when I pressed the second download button it brought me to this worldedit command thing

  2. VenTheCreeper says:

    Not Bad :3

  3. Dndbjshcbddndb says:

    It is ok :I

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