Minicopter Addon

Minicopter Addon adds a new helicopter for minecraft. It is very easy and simple to use. Travelling your beautiful Minecraft world now can be more interesting and easier with it.

The Minicopter can be spawned by Spawn Minicopter in your inventory or by using command /summon pa:minicopter. 

To fly the minicopter, you will need a saddle. Place saddle on the first slot to fly up.

remove the saddle to stay in the air.

Place the saddle on the second slot to fly down. Very Simple!

Please turn on experimental gameplay if you want to install this addon.


Supported Minecraft versions


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17 Responses

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  1. Guest-6601147500 says:

    Is there gonna be a black version of the helicopter. Like a black hawk or something like that?

  2. Guest-7552179101 says:

    Why are my friends turned into steve when i spawn one?? Pls fix it

  3. Was this made with an app?

  4. Tomekk says:

    Can you make a plane addon. Like a boeing or a cessna. If it flies like a helicopter thats fine . There is not a single plane add on that works and if you do one it will get popular!

  5. Guest-1164158366 says:

    It works great 👍

  6. Guest-9803544852 says:

    Wai wait wait

  7. Guest-7314150644 says:

    can you add a non-adfly link please, adfly usually dosent work

  8. Guest-7314150644 says:

    can you add a non adfly link please

  9. Guest-3863336829 says:


  10. FrostGamerYT says:

    I like the name of your friend 😂

  11. How did this get into MCPEDL?

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