Minicraft [8×8]

Minicraft is a low resolution texture pack which makes the world look a whole lot smaller. It’s all an illusion though because the blocks have the same sizes but their textures are more pixelated as less pixels have been used to create them.

The actual colors and design of the textures are still the same as in the default texture pack version, but as mentioned, in a smaller scale.

Creator: wolfman4343

screenshot-2015-07-01-10-28 screenshot-2015-07-01-10-29


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19 Responses

4 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Person says:

    .mcpack please! I really want this texture pack!

  2. Snsisjdnicjgdu says:

    It’s a goyla doundload

  3. SamCool939 says:

    Pls upgrade this to Village Pillage. This is good!

  4. Bruh says:

    Please update this looks cool

  5. kakkun PvP HUSTLIN'에비디 says:

    I thought it was garbage, but it was a god. It’s unbelievably light! It’s light weight texture puck! I did it!

  6. Akihiro Akagi says:

    This is what Minecraft looks like when I use 32×32 Texture pack

  7. Noob dude says:

    He is not real, Dan doesn’t use this site

  8. Ameen says:


  9. Whale Alley says:

    cam you please make an mcpack for this because I loved this texture pack but I can only download mcpack texture packs. the installation guide doesn’t work for me

  10. YY Minecon says:

    I desperately need an mcpack for this one. ITS JUZ AWESOME! But the other installation guides and so do not work for me (only mcpack do) so would appreciate one a lot! 😀

  11. xSuperMinex says:

    I can’t install this unless there’s a .Mcpack so may you (editor) please make one? I would appreciate it alot 😀

  12. DANTDM/TheDiamondMinecart says:

    Nice texture soo far!!!😉

  13. MrShoot2kill95 says:

    I rlly love this pack but I can’t see it in my own world, plz add a .mcworld download for it,
    From MrShoot2kill95

  14. Woobin the scrub says:

    Can this please be updated to 17.0 😛

  15. Billiam says:

    Can I please get a mc.pack for this? Please?

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