Minigames II [Minigame]

This map is good for multiplayer use if you want to compete against friends in different challenges. Currently there is a good mix of 9 different minigames and most of them can be played an infinite amount of times (as long you refill certain dropper blocks). The map is recommended for somewhere around 2-6 players.

Creator: studofenfield, Twitter Account

TNT Panic is basically a running competition which involves TNTs. There’s no time for any rest. Run as fast you can or risk blowing up!


Pull back the arrow and fire away at the minecart targets. See which player can score the most points.


Golf in Minecraft work a little bit different from reality. There are no golf clubs as you probably already know so instead you’ll be throwing the ball. It’s not actually a ball but you probably get the point.


Do you dare to step inside?


Duck Hunt is pretty much pretty much what it sounds like except that the ducks are in fact chickens.


There are four more games but those I will leave you to explore by yourself!

If you enjoyed this map make sure to check out Minigames City which is the prequel to this map!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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19 Responses

  1. Amayaswirl22 says:

    Your awesome keep up the good work

  2. MinerMaster203 says:

    The dropper is too easy make it harder

  3. Amazing_meerkat says:

    I won archery

  4. Acegamer25 says:

    how did u make me have 5 hearts instead of 10?! 😮 mind blown
    great map though

  5. RandomPerson says:

    This was really fun to play! I really loved it and would appreciate it if you did more!

  6. Sami_xz says:

    Its a cool map super !

  7. studofenfield says:

    All my Maps have been converted to a .mcworld. 👍😎

  8. IMW zac says:

    Awesome map but your other maps are not a mcworld👍🏻👎🏻

  9. studofenfield says:

    Hi, thanks for your comments, I’m planning on building more games, but I thought I’d release this early. Why four hp? It’s a mod used, because it makes some challenges more challenging. This map took roughly 3 months or more to build so far.

  10. ChaoticFlame says:

    Hey, I absolutely love your maps, I can just imagine how much time it took you to build the Minigame maps. Thanks for the map! 🙂

  11. Audrina says:

    Why is there only a little bit of games?

  12. Anonymous says:

    How come u have 4 hp?

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